Active City Spotlight: Chicago

Big Shoulders 5K Swim

In 2007, filmmaker John Dunham finished his running documentary Spirit of the Marathon, which followed five runners as they competed in the 2005 Chicago Marathon.

The stories of the runners, who ranged from professional Deena Kastor to a 70-year-old finishing in 6 hours, are inspiring enough. But one of the great aspects of the film is the various footage of Chicago.

The Windy City's love of endurance sports is on display every October at the Chicago Marathon, and Spirit of the Marathon did a wonderful job of capturing it. The marathon attracts 45,000 runners every year and hundreds of thousands of spectators line the streets of the downtown course to cheer them on.

More Active City Spotlights

Chicago's passion for the active community bleeds through at the Chicago Marathon, as well as the Chicago Triathlon in August. It's further verified in city initiatives like the Chicago Lakefront Trail and the McDonald's Cycle Center in Millenium Park.

If you're visiting Chicago, pack your workout clothes, because there's plenty for you to do. From running routes to swimming spots to triathlon events, here is your guide to staying active in the Windy City.

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