6 Ways to Train Outdoors for Your Obstacle Course Race

When we were kids, the best part about our school day was recess. Climbing on the monkey bars, crawling up slides and swinging on the tire swing was endless amounts of fun. Fast forward to adulthood, recess time seems to be missing.

However, there is hope for all you recess lovers out there. It's called obstacle course races. Obstacle races are growing in popularity because you get to climb over things, get muddy, and have fun with your friends. It's a fun way to be competitive, but in a laid-back environment.

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So how do you get yourself ready for an obstacle race? Simple. Start training.

Like any other race, to finish strong you must train specific to your event. This principle is called specificity. Basically it means if you're going to do a running event you should run more, the same with swimming and so on.

Obstacle course races generally involve a good amount of cardiovascular endurance, muscle stamina and a decent amount of flexibility. Basically you need to train all the components of fitness.

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Step One: Do Your Research

First get on the trusty ole Internet and do some research on your particular course. Popular races are the Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder and Spartan Races. All vary in distances, from a 5K up to 15 miles and in amount of obstacles from about 5 up to 25 or more. Get a good idea of the distance you'll need to cover and the amount of obstacles you'll need to overcome.

Step Two: Start Training

Give yourself 12 to 16 weeks to train for your race. If you are in good shape and have been working out for a while, 12 weeks should be fine. If you're completely new to the fitness and obstacle course world, then you should give yourself 16 weeks.

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