6 Steps to a Successful Lunchtime Workout Routine

Step 3:  Bring the Gym to You

Create a fitness routine that you can do in 30 minutes or less at your office, a nearby park or grassy area. A yoga mat, kettlebell, medicine ball or resistance band are great workout tools to use in place of a gym. 

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Step 4: Plan Your Workout

To make the most of your time it's important to switch up your routine often and find the right time that works for you. 

Structure your workout using a timer app on your cell phone to perform 6 to 8 exercises in a sequence that keeps your heart rate up. Perform each exercise for 40 to 60 second with a short 10 to 20 second break in between. Complete three sets of the 6 to 8 exercises and you're guaranteed a phenomenal, condensed workout. Change up or rotate the exercises on a weekly basis.

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Examples for your Specific Objective

Boost Strength: Build core, upper- and lower-body strength and overall cardio conditioning by incorporating movements such as walking lunges, squat jacks, runner's lunge, mountain climbers and burpees.

Low-Impact Workout: Consider intervals of traditional plank holds, wall squats and wall pushups, V-sits and leg lifts along with dynamic stretching. Throughout all of these movements incorporate exercises with your weight equipment, using the timing sequence method, to produce a results driven workout.   

Reduce Stress: If your goal is to reduce stress and promote mental and physical wellness, consider mat Pilates or yoga.

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Step 5: Become a Scheduling Whiz

When possible, plan important work meetings mid-morning or pre-lunchtime to look your best when it counts. To manage and minimize perspiration during your workout pack a towel and utilize wet towelettes for a post-workout sponge bath in the restroom. Think...Superman transforming back into Clark Kent!

Step 6: Get the Right Post-Workout Nutrients

Lean protein and a vegetable carbohydrate combination is your magical equation to a balanced post-workout meal. Lean protein such as fresh fish, turkey, chicken or soy, provides muscle recovery benefits. Couple your lean protein with a complex carbohydrate—such as spinach, kale, broccoli, sweet potatoes, eggplant, beans or legumes—for a much needed energy replacement. 

Tip: Devote an hour on Sunday to grilling, chopping, and prepping to-go foods for the week. Pack your energy meals in a lunch bag cooler; there are many stylish options available online.

With a little planning and focus, lunchtime can be your assured segment for fitness, freeing up time for errands, family and hobbies before and after work.  

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