6 Mat Pilates Classes During January

6 Mat Pilates Classes During January

Kick start the new year with a Pilates class. Drop any holiday weight, flatten your abs, build strong muscles and make 2012 a healthier year with these six classes.

Pilates Power Sculpt

Alexandria, Minnesota - January 3 to January 31, 2012

Strength train, build muscle, and improve balance in this full-body Pilates class. Every exercise can be modified to fit your fitness needs—start your new year goals on the right foot. Read More

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Abs, Back/Pilates

Hamburg, New York - January 3 to January 31, 2012

No matter your skill level, everyone can benefit from Pilates. Flatten your abs and strengthen your back with these invigorating exercises that this class offers. Read More

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Columbia, Maryland - January 5 to March 29, 2012

Beat the winter blues this year in a fun and relaxed environment. Try new unique combinations that will help you sculpt your body to reach your New Year's resolution. Read More

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Lunchtime Pilates

Hockessin, Delaware - January 9 to January 30, 2012

Break up your day and squeeze in an afternoon Pilates class. A lunchtime workout can help you focus through out the day while improving your fitness level. Read More

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Pilates Mat Class

Belvedere, California - January 13 to February 24, 2012

Pilates is the ultimate mind-body exercise program. Increase flexibility and gain muscle strength while you reduce stress and build mental clarity. Read More

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Pilates Tone and Trim

Rosemead, California - January 14 to March 3, 2012

Don't let cooler weather stop you from fun workouts. Head indoors to build a better posture and stronger core while moving to mixed tempos. Read More

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