4 Exercises to Get You Ready for the Mountains

Winter is here and it's that time to hit the slopes—embrace the season. Your enthusiasm is ready to ski, but is your fitness?

Follow these four tips to get your legs and core ready for the slopes.

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Wall Squats

A great leg strengthening exercise to help keep your form all the way down the mountain.
  • Lean your back against a wall.
  • Keep your feet about 12 inches away from the wall.
  • Carefully slide down the wall until you're sitting at about chair height.
  • Walk your feet out if your knees are going over your toes.
  • Press your back against the wall.
  • Make sure your body weight is in your heels.
  • Hold for one minute. Work up to two minutes.


A great leg strengthening exercise to balance strength in the front and back of your legs.     
  • Step your right leg out 1 foot in front of you.
  • Step your left leg 1 foot out further behind you.
  • Make sure your toes are pointing forward and your shoulders are stacked over your hips.
  • Slowly lower your back knee towards the ground without letting your front knee go over your toes.
  • Come back up.
  • Do eight on each side. Work up to two sets of eight reps.

Cross Pattern

  • A great core exercise to keep your form with every turn.
  • Stand with arms straight up overhead.
  • Bring your right elbow and left knee as close together as possible. You're crossing the body and meeting the elbow and knee at the waist line.
  • Continue to alternate with your left elbow and right knee.
  • Contract the abs each time.


A great strength exercise to avoid low back pain at the end of an active day.

  • Use a mat or towel, lay on your stomach.
  • Lift your arms, chest, and knees off the floor.
  • Hold for one minute. Work up to two minutes.
  • Contract muscles all the way down your back to the back of your thighs.

These exercises are a great way to increase your strength for winter fun. However, a full strength training program for all muscle groups is important for overall fitness.

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