30-Day Lunge Challenge

Side Lunge

  1. Follow the forward lunge steps, but take a large step to the right or left instead of forward.
  2. Again, make sure the knee does not extend past your foot and keep the other leg relatively straight.

Reverse Lunge

Follow the forward lunge steps, but take a step backwards instead of forward. When in position, this lunge looks exactly the same as a forward lunge. Backward movement challenges your balance and is easier on your knees.

Switch Lunge

This is a plyometric and cardio move—and is somewhat advanced. Follow the forward lunge steps, but instead of the up and down movement you jump and switch legs. Try to do as many as you can.

Injury Prevention Tips

  1. Make sure to use proper form, take your time, and stay focused. If you feel pressure on your knees, then take a smaller step to reduce the range of motion.
  2. If your knees still give you trouble, then limit the number of lunges. Talk to a personal trainer at your gym to have them review your form and make recommendations.
  3. Listen to your body. If you are in severe pain, then back off.

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