3 Steps to Zap Stubborn Belly Fat

Many of my clients see a photo in a magazine and want to know how they can target her abs to look just like those models. I tell them that you have to do more than just crunches in order to get a toned core.

Many women fall into this kind of thinking. They say, "If I could just do enough crunches, I would get rid of the belly fat I have." Unfortunately, there is no one exercise that will give you flat abs. It takes total body conditioning and healthy eating in order to see results on your stomach. The best part is, the results you get making your stomach look good will benefit your whole body.

While there's no magic bullet to flatten your belly, there are three distinct things you can do in order to maximize your workouts to get the most out of your ab routine. Those three things are: 1) Consume more protein; 2) Make fiber your friend; and 3) Whey your options.

By doing each, you will combine a healthy eating regimen with a workout routine that will get you from flab to fab in no time. Let's explore each option in more detail.

1) Consume More Protein

By now, you may know about the benefits of protein as part of a healthy diet. It's true. Adding or increasing the amount of protein in your diet will aid you in repairing your muscles and refueling your body in a healthy way after an intense workout.

Foods such as eggs, turkey, eggs, lean beef, eggs, salmon and did I mention eggs, will go a long way in keeping your body functioning at optimum levels as you continue a workout routine designed to produce results.

By fueling up on protein-rich foods, your desire to eat unhealthy snacks that may pack on the belly fat is lessened and you'll be on your way to a leaner, sexier, flatter core in no time.

2) Make Fiber Your Friend

Fiber is filling. There are other great benefits of fiber as well, but the one that will help you zap stubborn belly fat is being full longer. Adding more fiber really is a simple way to maintain your weight. When you fill up on fiber, the desire to eat isn't there. Fiber-rich foods like raspberries, 100% whole wheat bread, artichokes and more can make quite a dent in your weight over time.

The premise is basic. Imagine fiber-rich foods acting as bulking agents in your stomach. The foods are there and your stomach has to break them down piece by piece. However, since fiber-rich foods are bulky, it requires more time for your stomach to digest them and that's what keeps you fuller, longer. Being full longer generally means you will consume less calories, and the less calories you consume means weight loss for you. The great thing about fiber is that you can eat it, feel full, maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet and zap belly fat.

3) Whey Your Options

Most people don't have much experience with Whey protein but it's really easy to consume and has great belly fat zapping benefits. Whey protein is a supplement that can be added to water or sprinkled on foods. It's relatively tasteless and like fiber, it's helpful in feeling full longer. If you're looking to boost your between-meal snacks, adding whey protein to your meal plan is an excellent way to stretch the benefits of a healthy diet.

Belly fat isn't something that can be spot reduced with fad diets and certain exercises. Instead, as part of healthy eating regimen and workout routine, these three simple steps can help you zap stubborn belly fat faster and get the lean, sexy core that you've always wanted.

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