11 Moves for Toned Arms

Upper Cut Punch

  • Stand with legs hip width apart.
  • Elbows bent at 90 degrees and tucked into the side.
  • Punch your right arm up—bring back to starting position.
  • Punch your left arm up—bring back to starting position to complete one rep.

Do a set of 20 reps.

Triceps Push-Up

  • Hands should be under your shoulders with your elbows tucked into your side. Keep your legs straight out (or go on your knees with your feet up in the air) and lower down so your elbows are at 90 degrees.
  • Push up to starting position.

Do a set of 12.

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Fly With Bridge

  • Start lying flat on the ground face up. Feet are in close to your rear.
  • Arms start straight in the air (holding dumbbells in each hand).
  • Use your hamstrings and lift your lower body off the ground. Hold.
  • Lower arms to the side—should make a straight line.
  • Lift arms back to starting position.

Do a set of 15.

Climbing Plank

  • Find a bench or low step.
  • Start in a plank position. Hands should be under your shoulders. Keep your feet stretched out. You should be on the balls of your feet. Keep your abs tight.
  • Take your right hand and lift it onto the bench. Left hand follows.
  • Put your right hand back to the ground. Left hand follows. Go back to starting position.

Repeat seven times with your right hand leading, then switch for another seven with your left hand leading.

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Reverse Curls

  • Stand tall. Keep your shoulders back, and your pelvis tucked in.
  • Dumbbells are in each hand, palms face back. Tuck your elbows into your side and bend to 90 degrees. Palms will face downward.
  • Lift your forearms towards your bicep creating that curl.
  • Slowly lower to 90 degrees.

Do 15 reps.

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Lawn Mower Pulls

  • Start in a lunge position: Right leg forward with knee bent, but do not have knee over the toe—left leg straight back.
  • With one dumbbell in your left hand, place your arm straight down. Palm faces backwards.
  • Lift arm up, elbow is even with your shoulder. Dumbbell comes under your armpit.
  • Lower to starting position.
  • Do a set of 15 and switch to other side.

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One-Minute Plank

  • Hands are under your shoulders, feet are stretched out—you're on the balls of your feet. Abs are tight—hold for a minute.

Cool Down

Take a five-minute walk or jog and then stretch.

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