Is a Bootcamp-Workout Routine Right for You?

Are you debating whether or not to sign up for a bootcamp? These group fitness classes are a great way to get a cardiovascular and strength-training workout in a short amount of time.

While bootcamp-workout routines are superb to get in shape, they are not for everybody. Here are some basic bootcamp tips to determine if this workout routine is right for you:

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The Benefits of Bootcamp

  • Tested Fitness Exercise Routines: Most bootcamp-workout routines rely on your own bodyweight, endurance and stamina. These exercises are designed to work your entire body and have stood the test of time. By performing them in an intense interval setting, you will see faster results.
  • Group Camaraderie: If you have trouble pushing yourself during normal exercise, then a group environment can help motivate you to push harder. You'll feel more obligated to attend every class so you don't let your fellow bootcampers down.
  • A Mix of Cardio and Strength Training: If you are conflicted on whether to spend your time performing cardiovascular or strength-training exercises, bootcamp-workout routines combine the two into one high-intensity total-body workout.

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