How to Avoid Holiday Stress

Based on her number one value, Nicole made some simple rules for herself:

  • Plan her day by her values first, not what the list demanded.
  • Multitask only if it helped her feel more productive and more present. She knew trying to carve herself up often led to clutter, chaos, and confusion.
  • Spend money only if it contributed to a sense of connection with loved ones and would not create debt stress.
  • Let go, delegate, or outsource projects that kept her from living her number one value: to create a sense of connection with others.

To climb into her BMW mind she practiced some easy tools:

  • Micro smile. She'd let a tiny smile come to her lips and noticed a wave of well being flow into her body.
  • Breathe. She did the 7-11 breath: seven seconds in, 11 seconds out, and pause.
  • She made a SoulCollage? card for her family and placed it remind her of her number one value (to learn more about a SoulCollage visit
  • Used a special light for her SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

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Your Recipe for the Holidays

Perhaps you want to avoid Mt. Stress this year. To create a memorable, enjoyable holiday, make use of your value compass. Let it chart your course as you sit behind the driver's wheel. Let speed work for you.

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