3 Tools to Make Your iPhone Workout-Friendly

Hitcase Pro by Iceberg Commerce, Inc.


Want to record videos of the coolest parts of your run, bike, or swim? For under $90 you can use your iPhone on the scariest, wettest workouts you can imagine. The Hitcase Pro will armor your iPhone to comfortably go where no iPhone has gone before. The unit snugly wraps around the phone and conveniently offers an extra lens that make your iPhone record wide-angle photos or videos that will rival a GoPro unit. The mounts are actually even compatible with GoPro mounts you may have in your closet or can borrow from friends.

The unit we tested came with a mount that would work on a tripod as well as an attachment with an adhesive strip that will stick on any flat surface. It's waterproof, so it conceivably could be used to analyze your stroke in the pool. For the price, it's hard to beat the additional functionality it offers.

We tested the iPhone 4 version, but the company has released a version for the 5 as well.

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Tinke by Zensorium


Are you a fanatic for keeping and analyzing workout stats? Can you rattle off your miles, elevation gain, speed, average pace, and dps for the past month? Tinke will add a whole other dimension to how you monitor your fitness throughout the day.

After downloading a free app to your phone, plug the tinke unit into the base of your phone. By placing your thumb on the unit, you can read and record heart rate, breathing rate and oxygenation level without strapping anything to your chest or arm. You can secretly maintain your fitness dedication even while at the desk in your office. It includes an interesting tool that increases your awareness of your breathing as well.

We had a few struggles to figure out a very novel user interface, but consistently and easily tracked basic readings.

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