3 Squat Variations and Proper Technique Tips


For beginners, try squats with no weight and up the pounds once proper form is nailed down. (We don't all have to be like this guy). When using more weight, it's more difficult to squat deeper. But deep squats with less weight trump shallow ones with heavy weight when it comes to making us stronger. While there are many ways to squat, we dove into three of the most common weighted squats: Goblet, back and front squats.

Goblet Squat

These squats do not in fact include a goblet full of wine (though we've found no studies disproving their effectiveness). Instead, hold a kettlebell, dumbbell, or medicine ball at the sternum (the center of the chest) while performing the squat detailed above. When performing a Goblet, drop the elbows in between the legs inside the knees, for a full range of motion. Goblet squats are great for beginners (and also experienced lifters) since they keep us from leaning forward (holding weight in front of the chest is very stable compared to other placements).

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