3 Shortcuts to Reach Your Weight-Loss Goal Faster

Sprints for Weight Loss

If you want to boost your metabolism, burn fat, and add muscle mass, then add sprint workouts into your fitness program. In fact, if you've been a proponent of long and steady cardio workout, you might need to ditch them for good, as more scientific research has proven that shorter and more intense workouts are the way to go for faster fat loss and fitness gains.

In a study from the University of Western Ontario, researchers found that subjects who opted for a 35-minute interval runs lost 12 percent of their body fat after six weeks of training. They also noticed a boost in HDL, the good cholesterol, by 25 percent.

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To get the most bang out of your fitness program, try the following 35-minute interval workout:

  • Start with a 5-minute slow jog to warm up your muscles and joints. A proper warm-up is key to prevent fatigue and injury.
  • Do your first 30-second high intensity interval at 70 to 80 percent of your max speed.
  • Take one full minute to recover.
  • Repeat the cycle 8 to 9 times
  • End the workout with a cool down. Jog slowly for 5 minutes and then stretch.

Of course, the length and intensity of each interval, depends for the most part, on your fitness skill and goals. Do too much and you risk injury and/or burnout. Do too little and you won't see much results. Therefore, make sure to find your sweet spot and build on that.

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