3 Shortcuts to Reach Your Weight-Loss Goal Faster

Losing weight shouldn't be hard. But lots of people struggle. In fact, in today's developed world, society is fatter than ever before. The obesity rate has reached such an endemic levels that governments are pouring billions into health care, but to no avail.

If you're serious about losing weight, here are a few shortcuts to help you reach your weight-loss goal.

Low Expectations

When it comes to losing weight, managing your expectations is key. See, weight loss is more of a marathon than a sprint. According to a study from George Washington University, dieters who thought they'd shed weight quickly and easily were more likely to run into fluctuations of 20 pounds than those who anticipated a steady slim down.

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Setting unrealistic goals leads to bitterness and setbacks, thus losing the confidence you need to stay on track. As a result, make sure to set small goals and build on them. Your goals need to be realistic and set within a firm deadline. They also need to be challenging. If your goals are not that compelling, you won't have the drive to push you.

Low G.I Breakfast

According to most studies, opting for a low-glycemic index (G.I) diet is the surest way to losing weight and keeping it off for good. In fact, Chinese scientists found that a morning meal that has a low-glycemic index curbs hunger pangs and cravings, thus preventing unhealthy snacking and overeating.

Therefore, get a list of low-glycemic foods and plan your meals according to it. To add more icing on the cake, make sure to consume protein with your breakfast as it's been shown to regulate blood sugar levels, leaving you feeling fuller for longer. Opt for low-G.I. mini meals to ward off hunger pangs and cravings.

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