14-Minute CrossRope Workout for Runners

Sometimes, running alone isn't enough to help you achieve a PR at your next race. If you've hit a plateau or just want to mix up your daily running routine, an alternative training method might be just what you need to boost energy, strength and speed.

For runners, jump-rope training can serve as a warm up, an active rest activity or high-intensity cross-training exercise that will improve upper and core strength along with coordination and rhythm. 

As you improve at the skill of jumping, you can increase your interval times and rounds to meet your training goals. Here is a sample workout that uses a light and heavy rope from the CrossRope Swift Set.

By changing rope weights and pace, you will get greater benefit than a long slow session with a light rope like traditional jump-rope training.

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CrossRope Jump Rope Interval Workout for Cross-Training


This is a quick, 14-minute workout great for runners to increase endurance, boost speed, and improve breathing. CrossFit enthusiasts and people getting back into working out can benefit from jump-rope training too. Alternating speed and weighted ropes increases oxygen intake, builds muscle, and burns fat.

If you're a master rope-jumper, try incorporating double unders or other tactics that help you stay focused and on track.

The goal is to rest when indicated and keep speed, not only fast but slow as well. Endurance is built when tested, and going full-speed is a quick way to burn out.

CrossRope Types

Speed Rope: The CrossRope Speed cable ensures great performance at just less than 3.0 ounces. This weight is light enough for high-speed training and extended cardio intervals, yet heavy enough to strengthen muscles.

Explode Rope: The CrossRope Explode is 0.75 pounds and is considered a mid-weight cable since there are three heavier ropes in the CrossRope series. This rope will give you a great upper-body workout in addition to all the other benefits that jumping rope provides. The heavier weight enhances rope feedback, which is helpful in learning rhythm and timing. 

More advanced jumpers will appreciate the full-body challenge that the rope provides for high-intensity training and hardcore cardio sessions.

Always speak with your doctor before taking on a new fitness program.

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