Road Rage 2014

About This Activity

The Road Rage: The Ultimate Race for Dominance will feature runners vs roller derby stars in a 5k race. The runners will get a head start! The team who has the 25 finishers to cross the finish line first WINS!

Road Rage will benefit the charitable foundation, the Woodrow Wilson Foundation. The Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center Foundation raises funds to support job training and medical treatment for Virginians with disabilities. Each year, over 3,000 people come to the Center to overcome obstacles to their employment. While living and attending classes at the Center, students gain the skills find and keep a job, acquire the best assistive technology for their needs, and learn to live on their own. Established in 1947 as the first facility of its kind in the nation, the Center has enriched the lives of over 75,000 people with disabilities, helping them gain employment, independence and dignity.

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