Twisted Turkey Trail Tussle

About This Activity

10K or 10 mile Trail Run:Whining and whimpering are ok, it means we did our job!No gobbling about the trail - it is a trail with rocks and slippery stuff. No complaining about finding the route - it is a tough course - we designed it to be "twisted" - The 10 miler is not recommend for Jakes or Jenneys (your very first race), unless you are in good condition.

Race Day Timeline8:00am - Open registration 9:35am - Course review9:55am - Runners to the line10:00am - Start time10:06am - Runners start complaining about the course12:15pm - Awards Awards start 2 hours and 15 minutes, after the race begins-essentially 13 minute miles. At mile 7, if you are not averaging a 13 minute mile, you will be directed back to the finish line.Music provided by Brittnay Oppermann Turkey Dogs and Coffee provided by the Ragged EdgeTiming provided by York Road Runners

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