Before and After School at Wulf 2013-2014

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Are you looking for an activity for your child before or after school? Evergreen Park & Recreation District provides phenomenal childcare programs for ages 5-14 years of age. We take pride that we offer much more than childcare to our patrons and strive to provide exciting programming for your child during our program times. During the week we provide time for your child to complete homework, participate in active group games, experiment with science, create art, and we go awesome field trips to pools, the lake house, and local businesses.


Before School Care Fee - DR: $12.00 (discountable)
Before Care Fee - Multi-Child: $2.00, beginning Sep 20, 2011
After School Care Fee - DR: $12.00 (discountable)
After School Care Fee -(Multi-Child): $2.00, beginning Sep 20, 2011
Half Day Care Fee - DR: $20.00 (discountable)
Half Day Care Fee - (Multi-Child): $2.00, beginning Sep 20, 2011
8a-5 Fee - DR: $30.00 (discountable)
8a-5p Care Fee - (Multi-Child): $2.00, beginning Sep 20, 2011
6:30am-6:00pm-DR: $35.00 (discountable)
(Multi-Child) 6:30-6p: $2.00
6:30am-6:00pmThanksGiving-DR: $35.00 If Resident (discountable)
6:30am-6:00pm Thanksgiving-NDR: $44.00 If Non-resident (discountable)
Multi-Child Thanks 6:30-6p: $2.00
8a-5pm Thanksgiving-DR: $30.00 If Resident (discountable)
8a-5 Fee Thanksgiving - NDR: $38.00 If Non-resident (discountable)
Multi-Child Thanks 8a-5p: $2.00
6:30am-6:00pm Winter Break-DR: $35.00 If Resident (discountable)
6:30am-6:00pm Winter Break-NDR: $44.00 If Non-resident (discountable)
Mutli-Child Winter 6:30-6: $2.00
8a-5pm Winter Break-DR: $30.00 If Resident (discountable)
8a-5 Fee Winter Break - NDR: $38.00 If Non-resident (discountable)
Mutli-Child Winter 8a-5p: $2.00
6:30am-6:00pm- Spring Break DR: $35.00 If Resident (discountable)
6:30am-6:00pm- Spring Break NDR: $44.00 If Non-resident (discountable)
Mutli-Child Spring 6:30-6: $2.00
8a-5pm-Spring Break DR: $30.00 If Resident (discountable)
8a-5 Fee - Spring Break NDR: $38.00 If Non-resident (discountable)
Mutli-Child Spring 8a-5p: $2.00
Employee Discount: 50.00% of discountable charges
8:00am-2p: $25.00 (discountable)
6:30a-2p: $30.00 (discountable)
Assessment 8:00am-5:00pm: $30.00 (discountable)
Assessment 6:30a-6p: $35.00


At least 5 but less than 17




Child Care

Registration Dates

Standard registration - Apr 10, 2013
By Internet - Apr 10, 2013

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