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PARAGON MARTIAL ARTS AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM What are your kid's doing after school? Paragon Martial Arts After School Program is a highly rated program (receiving a federal grant to help with the Extended Learning Programs linking martial arts to better grades in school) and provides your child with exciting activities, exercise, and a safe, caring environment! Instead of leaving your child home alone and unsupervised or put them in a day care where they get no attention and bullies terrorize them. Enroll your child in an after school program that teaches courtesy, self-control, integrity, respect, perseverance, discipline, and self defense. Paragon's After School Program blends two important programs into one. We are dedicated to the scholastic achievement of our martial arts students and teaching them valuable life skills that will stay with them for a lifetime.  The Martial Arts will improve your child's grades: Our unique children's programs offers a lot more than just self defense and physical fitness. Our martial program and unique achievement program will teach your child history, introduction to a new language, safety, and much more. But the best part of all is that the Martial Arts will give your child the discipline to study. This leads to increased concentration at school which pays off in the form of better grades. Kids will be walked over to Buchanan Recreation Center where the classes will be held. Please pick your child up at Buchanan Recreation Center at 4:45pm.

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