Walk in No Shoes - Walk/Run

About This Activity

Run/Walk, Have Fun and Give Hope To The Suffering People of South Sudan!10K walk/run, 5K walk/run and 1K �walk in no shoes� event benefiting the Sudan Relief Fund a 501c3 non-profit established in 1998. Your registration fees and donations are tax deductible.Take meaningful action to support the South Sudanese people who have endured more than 20 years of horrendous persecution, enslavement, rape, torture, starvation and senseless murder at the hands of their own government.

Choose from one of three FUN walks:-10k walk/run- 5k walk/run- 1k With - NO Shoes (this is the only event with No Shoes)Bring all of your family and friends and take meaningful action to help the Sudan Relief Fund bring water, food, shelter, clothing, medical attention and education to the suffering people of South Sudan.Get started today, create your profile, and get ready to Walk In No Shoes Los Angeles!

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