EMAC Fall A/BB/C Invitational Swim Meet

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This meet is held under the Sanction of USA Swimming and sanctioned by Middle Atlantic Swimming, Inc. It is open to any 9 & older swimmer registered with USA Swimming for 2012-13. Swimmer’s age is as of 11/9/12. Swimmers with a disability are welcome to enter this meet. Entry fee is $4 per event. A $15 surcharge/swimmer is levied against those who do not use an electronic file for entry. Swimmer may enter a maximum of 4 individual events per day May only swim 1 event Friday night in his/her age category. Subject to space availability, and at the discretion of the Meet Director, deck entries will be accepted on the day of the meet, prior to the start of the meet at the cost of $8 per event. Entry deadline is Tuesday, October 30, 2012 by 11:59PM. Awards are based on times achieved at this meet. Current short course yards time standards published by USA Swimming will be used to award times achieved at this meet. “A” Individual Events - Medals 1st - 3rd, Ribbons 4th - 6th. “BB” Individual Events - Ribbons 1st – 6th. “C” Individual Events - Ribbons 1st - 6th. No awards given to 15 & Over swimmers.

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