December- Capoeira - Fall 2012 Session

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Capoeira in an Afro-Brazilian martial art. It is a rhythem-based form of combat with deep-seeded roots in various West African cultures. Music is an integral part of its practice and its movements of attack and defense are dance-like in execution. It was persecuted to near extinction, then later revitalized and is now practiced in over 80 countries with mor than 120 million practitioners around the world.

Through dedication and rigorous training, self-discovery is acheived as Capoeira increases strength, flexibility, and endurance. Over time, the words "limitation" and "I can't" begin to fade from the student's way of thinking, regardless of their age, sex, or prior atheltic experience.

Contra Mestre Malandro has been traching Capoeira both nationally and internationally for over 10 years. He creates a positive atmospher of community and demonstrates how Capoeira, as a way of life, leads to inner peace that comes with personal liberationof the mind and freedom of expression of the body and soul. Check out for more information.

Visit, watch, try, and enjoy Capoeira!

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