Swim Lessons-Session 2-Level 1 11:00 a.m.

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All Parks and Recreation Department swim classes are designed to teach individuals how to swim more proficiently using each participant?s current abilities.  Our instructors encourage participants performance through positive interaction based on student comfort in a safe and fun aquatic environment. The fee for all swimming lessons are $25.00 (Resident) and $35.00 (Non-Resident). Classes are held at the Elkhorn High School Pool.  All lessons will be held on Saturdays.


Level One

(ages 5 & older)

Introduction to Water Skills

Skills include: enter & exit water safely, submerge mouth , nose & eyes, exhale under water through mouth and nose, open eyes underwater & pick up submerged object, float on front and back, explore arm and hand movements, swim on front and back, using arm and leg actions, follow basic water safety rules and use a life jacket.













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