Elizabethtown Dolphins Sprint Triathlon

About This Activity

This sprint triathlon is ideal for both beginner and advanced athlete. Relays are offered (all female, all male and coed). Youth that is under 15 will be allowed to compete in the relays or individual event with the Event Director's discretion. The Event Director will contact the parents to discuss the fitness level of the youth.

Charity Donation

This triathlon is a fundraiser for the Etown Dolphins Swim Team. This fundraiser will help pay for swim team equipment that is always needed and offset costs for kids traveling to sectionals, junior nationals and senior nationals. In addition 10% of the proceeds will go to Project Fit America. The local chapter of this foundation is working at the grassroots level with schools and front line educators to create new opportunities for kids to be active, fit and healthy in central Kentucky.

The swim is 400 meter at a great facility with a 50 meter pool. The 13 mile bike ride is through the scenic backroads of Elizabethtown. The 3 mile run is through a residential area.

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