Session 3 Time B 10:00 Level 3

About This Activity

Child must be able to do the following in order to pass:


  1. Jump into deep water, from side
  2. Head first entry from the side in a sitting or kneeling position, 9'
  3. Retrieve an object from bottom in chest deep water
  4. Front and back glide 2 body lengths using 2 different kicks
  5. Survival float in deep water, 30 seconds
  6. Change from vertical to horizontal position on front and back in deep water
  7. Tread water 30 seconds in deep water
  8. Front and back crawl, 15 yards
  9. Butterfly kick and body motion, 15 yards
  10. Pool and safety rules. safe diving rules, reaching assists and how to recognize a swimmer in distress

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