Preschool Level 2 Thursday

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Preschool Swim Level 2: For children ages 3-5 that have demonstrated the completion of requirements in Preschool Aquatics Level 1.

Objectives of Preschool Level 2

Enter water by stepping in; Exit water using ladder, steps or side; Bobbing; Open eyes under water and retrieve submerged objects; Front and back floats and glides; Recover from a front or back float or glide to a vertical position; Roll from front to back and back to front; Tread water using arm and leg actions; Combined arm and leg actions on front and back or back; Finning arm action on back; Learn how to stay safe, including recognizing an emergency and knowing how to call for help; Learn how to stay safe in, on and around the water, including the use of a life jacket, recognizing lifeguards and sun safety.

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