Starf Pattern HR Courses (Dubai)

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Starf Pattern HR1 In the HR1 course, participants learn Starf?s best practice model that enables identifying unique behaviours a job must have for successful performance (how people do what they do as well as technical skills) and also how to assess a person to ensure they have the right behaviours to be successful in the job. The technique is highly valid, making managers more capable, whilst reducing risks for the organisation. Starf Pattern HR2 In HR2, participants learn how to use the Starf? behavioural model to identify performance deficiencies and engage the employee in generative learning to improve both individual and organisational performance. The technique inspires employees, reducing costs and improving efficiencies. Starf Pattern HR3 In HR3, participants learn how to use the Starf Cloud based software to develop unique behavioural performance job descriptions. The result is in an extremely powerful structural support tool (Starf?s online software) where 360 degree performance appraisals, job interviews, goal setting and objective setting tools for people and individual jobs. The Starf? system is designed for the maximum engagement of the human resource for the best ROI (Return on Investment) possible on your human capital.

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