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Big Fix in -06!

Thank you for helping me raise funds for the Big Fix--riding across the US to help find a cure for Histiocytosis. Riding across the country is hard enough--riding without gears and without coasting is even harder, but it pales in comparison to the daily struggle faced by the families fighting this deadly disease.  That's why we chose fixed-gear bicycles for the Big Fix--we're hoping that the hardship and suffering we're imposing on ourselves will encourage you to donate.
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Thank you in advance!

The goal of the Histiocytosis Association's Research Program is to establish better treatments and a cure for those affected with the histiocytoses, ultimately effecting the prevention of such diseases.
Eric Norris, the "Campy Only Guy"

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Total Donations: $6,905.00
Goal: $5,000

$0 138% $5,000

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