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Sarah and Eddie's Race in Memory of Their Dad

5 Years after his death to Lymphoma

At mile 17 last week I recalled this picture to get me to the finish. Here Dad and I are keeping our eyes on the marathon goal. For my DAD!

Welcome to our fundraising website!

We have done it!!! On Oct. 23rd, 2005 Eddie and I finished our first marathon hand in hand. It took us over 6 hours and we loved every moment of it.


Our spouses and family saw us start at 7am in the foggy dark of downtown San Francisco. By mile 8 we had climbed our toughest hills at the top were posters of Dad that Eddie's team had created for him. With the San Francisco bridge right behind us we paused for a moment to remember Dad who we were running for.

I was decked out with many of your letters and pictures as well as many quotes of Dad's that you had sent in to share. As our supporters and friends you really did bring the memory of Dad back alive. Mom just kept crying all day as she saw many runners run by who had rasied money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Many spectators kept calling to us thanking us for fighting this awful disease. They didn't realize that with Dad gone we had no choice but to fight for him.

Many others were running in memory of their family members. At mile 23 we saw a sign that said, "You are one step closer to finishing what you started." and then in another half mile another sign read, "You are one step closer to making your family proud."

Eddie and I practically sprinted the last three miles, we were so excited to get this done for all of you and for Dad. We crossed the finish line hand in hand, arms raised, thinking of Dad.

Your pictures and prizes will be coming from us soon. In the end, we exceed both of our fundraising minimums and raised a combine total of around $7,000. We only needed to raise around $5,700. Thank you all for helping us honor our Father with this endeavor. The Team in Training athletes running this race raised over 14 million dollars to help fight blood cancers. Thank you for playing your part.
God bless and keep you all!


The Elk Grove Optimist Club sent in a generous donation with a kind note sharing with us how much the loved Dad in their club. They say his sense of humor and kindness are really missed! Thank you Optimists!

This story most definately sounds like my Dad. It seems many other friends have stories of pranks, jokes, and reoccuring teases that Dad shared with them. I still remember his innocent face when he was pulling my leg, "Sairzee, would I lie to you? When have I EVER lied to you?" You didn't lie Dad you just kidded us and we loved it!!!

Please send us more notes of memories you had about Dad to our email: poorartists@kc.rr.com


You are probably visiting this site because you received a letter or e-mail from us asking for your help.

To sum it up, Eddie and I are both training to run the Nike Marathon in San Francisco on Oct. 23rd, 2005, in memory of our Dad. We will be running this marathon near the 5 year anniversary of his death with the goal of raising money to cure the disease he died from.

I remember when the cancer doctor first walked into my Dad's hospital room five days before he died. My father's first words to her were, "You are my new best friend." The people at the Leukemia and Lyphoma Society are the "best friends" of many blood cancer patients like my Dad, and are working to support medical research for a cure.

So please join Eddie and I on this five month journey to remember Ed Frutchey with your donation to the Society in his name. Or if you know someone else who has died of Leukemia and Lymphoma please give in their memory. Donating before July 31st, 2005 helps us to know how much money we need to raise before the marathon occurs, so please donate early if possible. And come back to visit this website often to see how our training is going.

In memory of our Dad's great sense of humor we've developed some suggested giving levels with creative titles:

  • The Asthma Inhalers = $25
    (around 50 cents for every mile we run)
    We'll send you a photo of Dad selling one of his many inhalers, and us both puffing relentlessly on the two that take us through the marathon.

  • The Chili Eaters = $50
    (around $1 for every mile we run).
    We'll send you the secret recipe for our Dad's Hotter Than Hell Chili and a picture of him making it and we'll make sure to eat some in your honor after the race.

  • Eagle Scouts = $100-249
    We'll write a favorite joke or phrase you remember my Dad saying on my face, arms, or legs to wear as I (Sarah) run the marathon. "It's Howdy Doody Time!" Of if you didn't know my Dad feel free to think of something else you want me to write on myself or wear as torture! You will also get the stuff from the first two levels.

  • Union Battalion = $250-499
    Well Soldier, We'll pin a picture of you with my Dad on my back, since you will definitely be pushing us forward. Or maybe you will mail me a special message to pin on our jerseys that you want only him to see. Or if you didn't know my Dad we'll send you one of my Dad's many old cookbooks to keep. If you knew my Dad you can have on of these cookbooks too, he had many to give.

  • Kings = $500-999
    We'll send you one of Eddie's videos of a classic Sacramento Kings playoff game and a video of my Dad cheating at H.O.R.S.E. Eddie will also develop some special family stationary in your honor (he's a graphic designer).

  • Abraham Lincoln= $1000 or more
    Just as our Father admired and revered Abraham Lincoln, so would we admire you. We would send you all the stuff mentioned in previous Levels and Eddie would record me reciting the poem, "Oh Captain! My Captain!" at the finish line in your honor. Oh yeah and I would wear a Lincoln Hat.

Keep in mind any amount you donate will help this cause so don't be shy about donating $1 if you like.

If you want to donate money online visit Eddie's site below and donate on his site. His account is in need of more funds than mine. Or mail me (Sarah) a check made out to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society at: 5001 Wyandotte #1, KC, MO. 64112

I will send you a tax receipt right away.

Thank you so much for your support,
Sarah (Frutchey) Woodward
Eddie Frutchey

Eddie has a separate website from me which has other pictures and information about his fundraising efforts.
Click here to visit Eddie's Website.