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Team Suss & Us
My name is Shari-Beth Susskind and I am a 48 year old married woman with 3 gorgeous blue eyed boys. I have never felt better. Of course, I didn’t always feel this way. After turning 40, I started to feel more confident, secure and most importantly a feeling that I could create my own future. On July 7 2006 I was diagnosed with stage 1A ovarian cancer. When I tell people that I had ovarian Cancer the conversations usually come to a screeching halt! Soon after they catch their breath they ask the question. How did you find it? I tell them that I had vaginal discomfort and I had to go back to the doctor many times because I was not feeling better. At first they thought I had a bladder infection so I was being treated for that. Because I was not getting any better they thought I had a yeast infection. This went on for 4-8 weeks. Finally after an exam my doctor felt a cyst which was confirmed by an ultrasound. He had given me a blood test, the Ca 125. The CA-125 is an important test, it unfortunately is not always accurate. Some ovarian cancers may not produce enough CA-125 levels to cause a positive test, which is why my results came back in the normal range. After the cyst was removed the biopsied confirmed that I had Ovarian Cancer. Because the cancer was confined to the ovary, my 5-year survival rate is over 90%. It has been five years since my diagnosis and as of today I am cancer free. After I was diagnosed I partnered with Northern New Jersey of The National Ovarian Cancer Coalition and the Downtown West Orange Alliance. My love for fitness and running led me to the idea of a 5K - a natural for me. Each year this event gets more successful. This year the 5K is Sunday, September 29th, 2013. We are hoping for 1000 runners/ Walkers this year. The biggest one yet!

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Total Donations: $13,422.00
Goal: $5,000

$0 268% $5,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Eric Gott $50.00 "So glad to hear that you are cancer free. Stay strong, stay healthy and stay well. "
Vivien Orbach-Smith $36.00 "Because you bring health and hope to so many!"
Amy Rosenberg Hidden "You are such an inspiration!"
Dorothy Vuono $100.00 "Continued good scans and health! "
Pamela Pagan $36.00 "Cheers to making a difference! XO"
Debbie & Allan Janoff Hidden "You Go Girl!!"
Susie and Kalman Fishbein $36.00 "Here's to good health!"
Stacey Davis Hidden "Wishing you continuing good health...."
Sharon Nessel $100.00 "Sending you love and good health today and always!!! "
Melissa Salmanowitz Hidden "In memory of my Grandma Fritzi. Have a great run, Shari-Beth! "
Jill Yaras $25.00 "So happy to hear you are still cancer free !!!!!!"
Jennifer Budlow Hidden "Shab - you are truly an inspiration to us all"
Debra Kaplan $100.00 "All the best!! Debbie, Neil and the girls Kaplan"
Lucy Hahn $50.00 "Congratulations on your 5 year milestone! "
Donna Wach $25.00 "You continue to inspire!"
Marilyn Bielory $18.00 "Good Luck on your run and Shana Tova!!"
Marty Lapidus $50.00 "You're amazing!! "
Mindy Klaus Cehelyk $50.00 "Wishing you good heath and lots of love xxoo"
Emily and Seth Josephson $54.00 "With love from Cousins Seth, Emily, Isabel and Louis"
Michelle Berger $100.00 "You are always such an inspiration!!!Best of luck!!!"
Wendy & Steven Fein $100.00 "Full of admiration for your work battling this disease. Thanks for your dedication to your own health and the health of others. "
Linda and Justin Weissbrod $118.00 "Thank you Shari Beth for all that you do. We celebrated 37 more birthdays with my mom after she beat stage 3 ovarian cancer way back in 1975 ! "
Randi Tarter $50.00 "Good luck on the run! Wishing you good health and happiness always. xo"
Elena & Ed Meinhardt $72.00 "Hope we can make it this year - looking forward to seeing you soon! Elena & Ed"
Jill Gropper $50.00 "You are a true inspiration!!! Your light shines on many people and I am blessed to have met you many years ago, I remember when you were first diagnosed... Living your healthy life and spreading wellness is your calling! Namaste xoxo"
Shari Stark $50.00 "Wishing you continued good health! Best of luck with the event!"
Rona Kessel $25.00 "May you continue to be an inspiration to all! Wishing you continued good health always!"
clifford newman $180.00 "Maggie and I are so proud of the work you have done for ovarian cancer. Keep up the great work."
Jen Rothberg $50.00 "Happy and healthy New Year!!!"
Ellen and Scott Loventhal $100.00 "Keep inspiring with your positive outlook and active lifestyle !"
Jamie and Steven Eckstein Hidden "Wishing you and your family health, happiness and love ...always!"
Eleanor and Marc Kramer Hidden "Yasher koach and wishes for continued good health, success and joy in your life"
Millie Heckman Hidden "Wish we could be there to run with you.....maybe next year!!!! Good Luck!!!"
Lenni Sue Perry $100.00 " Shari-beth, You are a true inspiration!"
Karen Aaron Hidden "We are thrilled you are Happy, Healthy and Helping others!"
marian stern Hidden "Wishing you a fantastic event, Shari-Beth. We're sorry we will be out of town, but will be with you in spirit. Love Marian and Rob"
Susie& Eric Kipperman $118.00 "GO Shari-Beth GO!!!!"
Lori Gottsegen $100.00 "Wishing you continued health and happiness always! "
Stacey Lieberman $50.00 "You are truly an inspiration!!"
Anne & David Farber Hidden "You and your boys continue to inspire us all! Anne & David Farber"
Rachel and Zev Scherl Hidden "Shabs, you rock. Keep up the good work. We love being part of Team Suss and Us."
Andrea Lagowitz $50.00 "You are an inspiration to all!!! Keep up all the amazing work. Andrea and Jack"
Tom Whelan $100.00 ""God Bless You and your Beatiful Family,Keep All that Good Energy Going" "
scott freeman $500.00 "Go Team Suss"
Karen Grubber Hidden "Thanks for all you do to raise awareness of this horrible disease. Karen Grubber, Terp '87, Ovarian Cancer Survivor '08"
Robin Weidhorn $100.00 "Thanks for inspiring us all! xo"
Anonymous $25.00 "Good luck this weekend!"
Robin Leitner $54.00 "Wishing you continued good health..."
Karen Kahn $50.00 "Keep up the great work! Glad The Mood Swings can be part of this special event!"
Judith Lentz $180.00 "Looks like you've attracted a very impressive team, not to mention a well deserved fan club. David and I wish you the best of luck on Sunday!"
Lori & Mitch Peipert $50.00 "Wishing you continued health & happiness!"
Marlene Tepper Hidden "Wishing you the best of health!"
Phyllis Cohen $50.00 "Best Wishes, your old friends, Phyllis and Judy Cohen"
robin nekrasovas Hidden "So proud!!! Love you!"
Ellen Hanauer $82.00 "You go Shari - so proud of you!"
Susan & Jim Magaziner $100.00 "Wishing you all the best! May God Bless you and your beautiful family as you do so much for others. "
Sandra Warren $36.00 "In honor of Shari-Beth and in memory of my Aunt Naomi."
Ali & Joe Oakes Hidden "Congrats Shari-Beth on an amazing fund raiser! So sorry we missed the race...we'll be there next year for sure! Love you guys"
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