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Hey guys I am heading out on a cycling ride from Burlington, VT to Portland, ME in a few weeks in support of raising money for HIV/AIDS research, and I need your help! Why HIV/AIDS research, out of all the causes in the world? As some of you may know, I recently spent three months working in an orphanage in Usa River, Tanzania, and this experience profoundly changed the way I see the world, in a myriad of ways. But one of them was the horrifying realities of the HIV/AIDS epidemic that has been ravaging the African continent for decades. Before this trip, like all of us, I was aware that HIV/AIDS was still a real problem in the US, and was a massive problem in Africa, but I didn't truly realize the weight of it all until I worked at an orphanage where most of the children there had lost one, if not both, parents to AIDS. I have paced back and forth across clinic waiting rooms, anxiously awaiting test results for parent-less children, and felt the seeming hopelessness of knowing there was little I could do for those already diagnosed positive. These experiences made me realize one thing above all: We need to all work together to find a vaccine for HIV. This is where you come in. For this upcoming ride, all expenses have been paid for by me. This means that 100% of your donations will go directly to UCLA AIDS Institute and Emory Vaccine Center, two organizations on the cutting edge of HIV/AIDS research. This means that, truly, any amount you donate, big or small, will make a direct impact and help pave the way for a vaccine that will truly change the world. I hope you considerer donating to me and my 5 day, 430 mile ride to Portland in the name of finding a cure to this truly terrible disease. If you have any questions about my experiences in Africa, or anything else, related to the cause or not, please reach out to me at MattShingler@gmail.com Thanks for taking the time to read this, and considering donating to the cause. Nothing but love, Matt Shingler
Pit stop at Grand Canyon during Bike and Build last summer.

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