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University of Minnesota Law School Public Interest Programs
Benefiting U of MN law grads and students pursuing low-paying public interest careers...
It is a common myth that all lawyers live with a "healthy" income. In fact, there are many lawyers that struggle to make ends meet. Public-Interest lawyers, while doing some of the most rewarding legal work available, are often in this category. The University of Minnesota Law School attempts to help through a variety of programs. Proceeds from the Race for Justice go to support LRAP-MN and the Minnesota Justice Foundation PIC program. LRAP-MN provides a level of student-loan repayment assistance to law school graduates who choose public interest work. The PIC program alows current students to develop and fund summer employment in public interest law that would otherwise be unpaid work. 100% of your donations, and 100% of the proceeds from the Third Annual "Race for Justice 5K" will go to support both of these worthwhile programs, and in turn, directly support many of the University of Minnesota's finest public interest lawyers across the country...........Your contribution will be considered a part of the "Race for Justice" proceeds. As a result, for tax purposes, your donation will be considered a donation to the University of Minnesota. Rest assured that your donation will support the above listed programs. All donations will be tax-deductible. Unless requested otherwise, all donors will be acknowledged at the "Race for Justice" on April 18, 2005. All questions regarding your donation or the "Race for Justice" proceeds account should be directed to Amber Fox, Assistant to the Associate Dean of Students, at 612-624-9721. THANK YOU for your interest in public interest and supporting the Race for Justice!

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Total Donations: $105

Goal: $1,000

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