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Regional Command Southwest (Afghanistan) C-7 Engineer Mt Everest Pull Up Challenge
On Saturday, August 10, 2013 a small team of US Marines, Navy Seabees, a British Royal Engineer, and civilian engineers of the Regional Command Southwest Coalition-Joint Engineer staff section, plus a couple of select friends, will undertake a physically arduous challenge by “scaling” Mount Everest in pull ups within a consecutive 24-hour period to raise both awareness and donations supporting brothers and sisters in arms wounded in Operation ENDURING FREEDOM. We hope to raise a $ for every foot we must climb. To do this our 14-member team, ages 25-49, will collectively execute 14,518 standard United States Marine Corps pull ups with each one accounting for 24 inches of the 29,035 foot Mt. Everest. We’ve been training diligently here in Helmand Province since March. On game day, we must maintain an hourly pace of 75 pull ups individually, and over 1,000 collectively, if we are to achieve our goal in 14 hours. We will succeed and ask you to consider supporting us in this endeavor. Please donate whatever you can today; every penny of your contribution goes directly to the Wounded Warrior Project. Help us help those who gave most! Note: All computations based on the 1999 National Geographic Society GPS measurement of Mount Everest that increased height above sea level from 29,029 to 29,035 ft.

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Total Donations: $12,699

Goal: $29,035

$0 44% $29,035

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