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Lupus Foundation of Northern California | 2014 Fund Campaign
Our Vision: Life without Lupus
Since the LUPUS FOUNDATION OF NORTHERN CALIFORNIA (LFNC) was established in 1978, we now know much more about lupus than we did more than three decades ago. More and more people are being educated about this devastating autoimmune disease and the research community has had significant inroads in discovering new and better treatment, and hopefully a cure, for lupus. Our task is far from over. Diagnosis is improving, which means more individuals, unfortunately, are finding out that they have lupus. Through the programs and services provided by LFNC, we have become an important resource for newly-diagnosed lupus patients and their families in Northern California. We have partnered with the research and medical communities to keep our clients, members and supporters abreast of new developments that play a role in ensuring their quality of life. LFNC has managed to maintain its programs and services and to keep up with the rapidly changing times largely because of the support of our members, clients, families, friends and others who believe in our mission. We hope you will continue to keep us in mind as we continue to sprint towards our 36th year of service. There are different levels that you can choose for your support. We have included examples of how your dollars benefit our clients.

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Total Donations: $60,380

Goal: $50,000

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