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Armory Track
Keeping Kids on Track

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Armory Track & Field Foundation. We are a NYC not-for-profit and home to the premier indoor track & field center in America, and the largest afterschool program in the City. We are comitted to serving youth by promoting excellence and fitness through a broad range of athletic, educational and community programs.

If you would like to make a donation by check, please make it out to:
Armory Track & Field Foundation
c/o Armory T & F Foundation
216 Fort Washington Avenue
NY, NY 10032

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Fundraising has ended.

Total Donations: $380,920

Goal: $360,000

$0 106% $360,000

Contributor Amount Comment
William McInerney $25.00 "Good luck!"
Jeri Easterling $100.00 "You go girl! The best of luck to you in this run for kids. xoxo Jeri"
Will KElly $26.40 "Strong work Pete, and I hope the wind is at your back for the last five miles!!!!!"
richard edwards $100.00 "good luck peter.pablo would be happy .love rick"
Michael Keating $26.20 "Good luck, PPP."
Bonnie Pedraza $100.00 "Go, Go, Go #1 son! I hope to be there when you cross the finish line!"
Thomas Durkin $50.00 "Good Luck, PPP."
Terrence Finneran Hidden "run, Kyle, run!"
Kenneth Aguirre $100.00 "LOSER!!! You can do it babe! Just 2400 left to go. LOL!"
Stacy Hirsh Hidden "Good luck, Kyle! "
Mary Uslander Hidden "Kyle - Good luck!! Once you're in the park you're in the home stretch!!"
Michelle Sawyer $25.00 "Good luck training! I wish I was running the marathon with you!"
Shari Chiarulli Hidden "Good luck! Good deed!"
Roger Alexander $50.00 "This year NYC, next year the Ironman. Good Luck! "
RACHAEL ANDREOZZI $50.00 "Just a walk in the park for you. You are awesome! Love ya!"
Rachel Weaver $250.00 "Bruce, Isabella, and I wish you the best with the race and with school. We all would like to call you Doctor Natalie in the future."
David Posner $50.00 "Way to go Michael. I won't even run for a bus.... let alone a marathon. Good luck! from Dave and Elaine "
Stephen and Freda Lehrer $50.00 "A little extra incentive to do the run - not that you need it. Good luck."
John Turner $50.00 "Go getting um- Good Luck- Great Work!! Go Pats!!"
Marilyn Muffs $150.00 "GO DAD GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are truly an inspiration :-)"
Andy Espey $75.00 "For those of you who don't me, I will have the pleasure of running side by side with Mike the whole race. We will have a great time, Lets "Break a Leg" Mikey!"
Lisa and Michael Arnoff $100.00 "It's awesome that you are running in the NYC Marathon! We admire your strength and determination and that you are doing this on behalf of a really great cause. Best of luck! Lisa and Michael"
Sheryl Muffs $50.00 "Good luck running dad! I'm proud of you!"
Rita & Lew Sims $75.00 "Lots of Luck on your run Mike. Love Rita & Lew"
Megan McCarthy $25.00 "Good Luck with your fundraising and with the MARATHON! "
Albert Yeh $25.00 "Way to go Nat! Behind you all the way--"
Larry Kosowsky $25.00 "Congratulations for making this effort on behalf of others. "
Jonathan Taylor $100.00 "Win."
Bob & Susi Stone $50.00 "Run Forrest, Run !!"
Patricia Brown $50.00 "Go Mikey Go!! Patti and Wibble"
Edward Sullivan $100.00 "Thank you for helping children. Good luck!"
Polly Sparling $25.00 "Good luck in NYC from a fellow Sunday morning slogger! I'm happy to support your efforts and this very worthy cause. Hope you run a p.r."
Jana Nurmukhanova $25.00 "GO NATALIE!!!! "
Nicole Caputo Hidden "Go Nick!"
Tracey Acevedo Hidden "This is Awesome! Good Luck and "break a leg" HA!"
Joe Jannicelli $25.00 "Go get em Nick!! "
Brian & Kerry Ladouceur $25.00 "Go get um! Best of Luck."
Tara Young $25.00 "Good luck, Scott!"
Anonymous $100.00 "Go Natalie! You can do it!"
Stan Rosenzweig $300.00 "Congratulations on being a a great person and humanitarian. Ronna, Dara and I have always been proud to know you and now even more so. "
Jack Posner $75.00 "Good Luck on the run, Michael. Love, Jack and Marilyn"
Daisy Varela Hidden "One step at a time, Nick! Use your head, move your feet and go, go, go. Good luck! Love Ati and Rups"
Mark Donovan $250.00 "Let's knock this $2500 out STAT!!!! Runnin' a marathon in NYC with my sis for our 40th...bring it on!!! md"
Melissa Williams $50.00 "Good Luck!!!! "
Carol D. Randall $325.00 "Good Luck Scott!"
Leigh Gaudiosi $25.00 "Good luck. You've inspired me to pursue my mountain climbing : )"
Allison Horvath $25.00 "Best of luck!! Allison Busch"
Robert Doherty Hidden "Good luck Nick!"
Anonymous $500.00 "WVU is going down!!!!!!!!! RU in a laugher on 10/27!!!!!!"
Adrienne DiSisto $25.00 "Good luck!!!"
Anonymous Hidden "Wait Al....we are late for our speed training with Slaton, White and NOEL DIVINE. RU...ha...whatever. Who's afraid of Rutgers??? Not those three."
Scott Falick $25.00 "Good Luck Nicky Knuckles ! "
Stacy Drude $50.00 "On 10/27/06, WVU goes down on the “Banks of the Old Raritan”! It’s Time!! There will be pandemonium is Piscatway once again at the expense of the Mountaineers! By the way, good luck with the race. If P Diddy did it, so can you! "
Elliot Ratzman $25.00 "Best wishes and good luck!"
David Thoener $150.00 "Dear Scott, We're very proud that you are entering this race and we wish you the best of luck. We love you, Dave. Tamera and Austin"
Erica & Kevin Savage $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Franklin Lawson $100.00 "Hope Team 530 does well in the marathon and you reach your goal.Good luck."
Michel Green $75.00 "Best of luck Mike. Have a great run!"
Ryan Jones Hidden "You know, for kids. "
Keith Finerty $150.00 "Good Luck, I'm so proud of you. I'll be cheering for you and Dad all along the way and at the finish line! "
John Foley $50.00 "Ray, You do know that you are as mad as a March Hare!"
Sue Orsulak $50.00 "I love your dedication to get in the race! Best of luck! "
Jack Baer $100.00 "David Who?"
Jonathan Martin $50.00 "Yeah, who's Dave?"
Regina Fitzgerald $100.00 "The Fitzgerald's"
cathy and frank duffy-heller $250.00 "go get em dave!"
angela blasse $50.00 "Way to go, Allison. Hope you reach your goal."
Julie attea Hidden "I want you to run your heart out....almost like Peanut butter and Banana are waiting for you at the finish line with roses. GO WVU!!!"
Ross Felix $100.00 "You better kick some butt :)"
Theresa Donofrio Hidden "Go Ali! "
Dan Huddleston $10.00 "Alexander Hamilton sez: Jake, don't embarass me. You'd better win this."
Patty & Tom Tomaro $50.00 "Best of Luck Allison, We're proud of you. Love Patty & Tom"
rebecca sciance $50.00 "Good luck, Reed!"
Mary Bonneau $100.00 "Good luck to Reed Whiting!!!"
Marina Denkberg $250.00 "Wishing you a great start and a painless finish (in less than 5 hrs. :-) ) "
Anonymous Hidden "Rutgers? Not a chance. Let's GOOOOO Mountaineers!! Good Luck Dr. Wiz!"
Karen Hurst $25.00 "Hi Carolyn, I am rooting for you and praying for you. Hang it there. I know you can do this. Love, Karen"
Howard Goldman $100.00 "Scott - Run hard! Howard, Lois, Eric, and Jeffrey"
Leigh & J.C. Muro $50.00 "Good luck Allison & Caroline!! Try not to fall down and get trampled by the masses... Love you both!!"
Kelly Gardner $50.00 "Good Luck Allison. Maybe you can run with Joan Rivers! I hear she is going to do it too! "
Alan Hawes $52.40 "Good luck!"
David Bunis $150.00 "Good luck with the marathon Jake. "
Helen Marrow $25.00 "Break a leg!"
Karen and Kevin $50.00 "Good for you!!! Best of luck!"
Claudia Silva $100.00 "Good luck and have fun!!! Love, Claudia"
Anonymous $25.00 "Good luck Natalie! My dad ran the NYC marathon a few years ago, and it was a lot of hard work, but he was just happy to finish! Good luck with your training"
Jeffrey Posner $100.00 "Mike, We are all in very proud of you. Good luck in the marathon. Susan, Jeff, Joel and Andrew"
Dolores & Matt Miner Hidden "Good Luck Marybeth! We look forward the seeing you cross the finish line on November 4th! All our Love, Matt, Dolores, & Lauren"
gervaise mourlet $25.00 "I wish i could give more, but then i would have to hustle, and i just gave it up."
Denny Morrison $50.00 "WVU??? RU??? NEBRASKA is #1 Good Luck with the run, Allison. You're the greatest."
Ethan Meurlin $50.00 "Good luck to all three of you! Two words of advice for you...body glide!!"
Bart Delsing Hidden "Team 530, Let's insure everyone understands the expectation. Winning is the only option...No excuses! All kidding aside, best of luck with the fundraising and marathon. Nicole, your time off request has been denid, so I suspect that your time off will be without pay. Good Luck Bart and Jack"
Colleen Kenny $100.00 "Go for it Suzanne! Break 3 hours!!!"
Amy Finerty $100.00 "YOU CAN DOOOO IT!"
Michael & Dayna Brand $50.00 "Best of Luck from Mike and Dayna"
Jennifer Cook $50.00 "You sure are gonna need some massage. Good thing your neighbor will do it for free! YOU GO GIRL! xo"
Malini Sahu $50.00 "Good Job Lee! I am proud of you!"
Liz and Chris Erdman $100.00 "Glenn, Great cause. Being a New Yorker (Yankee fan) this is the only thing I can see that is better than the Guinness fund raising suggestion - Love, Liz and Chris"
Pam and Jody Scharfenberger $100.00 "You go girl!"
Glenn Edwards $250.00 "Good luck. "
Philip Kanopkin $25.00 " Good Luck!!"
Audrey Krisbergh $100.00 "Mike - Wishing you the best of luck in the training and the race. The NY Marathon is such a remarkable event to be a part of; it will be a life long memory for you. We are very proud of you and we'll be cheering you on from the sidelines!!! Our hats are off to you. Way to go!!!!!!!!! Audrey and Hal"
Mary Lane $100.00 "Talent and natural ability are all you need."
Juliet Cavallaro $200.00 "Great Cause !! All the best. Juliet, Mark, Matthew and Michael"
Lynn Pickard Hidden "Good luck to you. --- Lynn Pickard"
Abigail Olson $25.00 "Good Luck Applegate!!"
Jeffrey Giller $100.00 "good luck and have fun!!!"
Bonny Wootten $25.00 "Go Carolyn!!! I'm so proud of you. You're crazy, but I'm proud. :) I really hope the run goes well, and you come see us again soon. Much love, Bon"
Courtney Brass $10.00 "Go Carolyn! It's not much...but you know how Turley's does. Good luck!!!! xoxo"
Chris and Missy Weddle $50.00 "Wear something bright so we can spot you on TV! Good luck. "
Shannon White Hidden "Run Kyle Run! Good luck!"
Steven Glennon $50.00 "Run fast the midget is watching"
Adrian Durbin $25.00 "sorry I can't give more...being a student has its drawbacks."
Richard Snyder $150.00 "Great job Glenny. This is a great cause - now go beat 4 hours!"
Sandy & Andy Rega $25.00 "You've got a big heart Glenn! "
Phyllis Chiang $50.00 "Good luck Lee aka Sportan!"
Anita Stoneham $50.00 "Hooray for Sportan! Good luck!"
Gayle G Lawyer Hidden "We wish you the best of luck on this exciting undertaking! Love, Gayle & Doug"
Gary Salmirs $50.00 "Good Luck Gary, You will do amazing!"
Gary So $100.00 "Good luck on setting a course record time!"
Pamela S. Muniz Hidden "Best of luck, Katrina! With Love and Pride, Aunt Pam"
Jennifer Holt $50.00 "Good luck!"
Jocelyn Keegan $25.00 "The Keegans say "Run strong!""
Jill Borst $100.00 "Good luck! Run like the wind"
Gale & Frank Wilhelmy $25.00 "Great race...Great cause... Have Fun!!!"
naomi silverman $18.00 "Emily - am so very proud of you ---love Aunt Naomi"
Janet Huen $50.00 "Good luck on your run"
Shelly Eng $50.00 "Alondra, Your a wonderful person and good luck on your run..... I know you can do it!!!! Love, Shelly"
Justin Arnold $25.00 "Run like the wind."
Terri Frade $50.00 "Good Luck Nick!!"
John Barber $25.00 "Good Luck !"
Harriet Lovejoy $100.00 "Good luck, Emily! I always wanted to do a marathon. Way to go. "
Andrew Greenberg $150.00 "Go Lou Go!!!"
Linda Fonti $25.00 "Good luck David!"
Jack Umphrey $100.00 "We're proud of you my man! GO FOR IT!"
Denise Czahara Hidden "Good Luck, Marti! "
Otto & Effie Hall $200.00 "Compaired with the Chicago Marathon (in the blistering hot summer) this should be a piece of cake for you, Peter. Good for you for taking on this as a fund-raising project."
Sunanda McGarvey $50.00 "Anj - we're really proud of you! Good luck, pace yourself, drink plenty of fluids and have fun! We love you."
Joseph Mack Hidden "Make VCU proud!"
Marisa Ferraro $25.00 "Win this one for me, ok?"
Bob and Donna Hugelmeyer $25.00 "Friends of Charlie and your Mom`s. Run the good race, be safe, and we wish you the best!"
Catherine Fiebach $100.00 "Good luck Les! Cathy, Jon, Josh and Matthew"
Sarah Treveloni $50.00 "Good Luck Katrina! "
Annette Gonzalez $25.00 "I Know you'll do Great!"
Jamie Strauss $50.00 "Good luck Nick. Pump the legs. "
Kristin Martin $10.00 "You can do it J Lot!!!"
Valerie Norris Hidden " Run, Jason, run. The old ladies behind you are gaining ground!"
John Hubler Hidden "Way to go Nick! "
Jamie O'Riordan $50.00 "No running bandit? We're disappointed... Eoin and Jamie "
Leslie Clark Hidden "Good Luck!!!!"
Mark Roybal $100.00 "Run, Eddy, Run."
Lauren Crampsie $150.00 "See YOU at the Finish Line! xoxo"
Adrienne Holmgren $50.00 "Jason, I'm batting for you. Hope you surpass the $2,500.00 goal you've set for yourself. Fondly, Adrienne "
Eleanor and Don Olson $100.00 "Hey Jason, We wish you well and congratulate you on doing a great job and helping the kids. Here's from a New York City girl and her husband. Eleanor and Don"
Lisa Napoles Hidden "Nick, I heard about this through my Mom (Miriam) from your Mom. Good Luck...wishing you all the best! Lisa"
Elizabeth Allerton $50.00 "Run with the Gods J..."
Anonymous $100.00 "Run like the wind allison. "
Harvey Bartle IV $25.00 "Run, Lee, Run!"
Mark Elsesser $50.00 "Great Stuff Caputo. Best of Luck"
Neil Hickey $25.00 "Nick: Have a great race!! Neil"
Joe Dunleavy $500.00 "Congratulations on your marathon run and your support of this great cause. Best wishes from Edmar"
Jane Sherman $200.00 "We are with you all the way . Great luck!!!!!!!Reese and Jane """""""""""""""
Alexis Muellner $50.00 "Go Laura! A little support in this great quest, with love, from Joni and Alexis."
Ann Ogden $100.00 "Good Luck, Marti. We're proud of you. Ann & Randolph"
Robert Anolik $25.00 "Marilson Gomes dos Santos will dread the day he met Lee Vartan, Esq!"
Jeffrey Ostroff $100.00 "Go Glenny, Run your butt off!"
Christine David $100.00 "Way to go, Glenn! Best of luck! Christine and Rick"
Jennifer Peoples Hidden "You couldn't pay me enough to run a marathon, so I'll pay you (and the kids, of course). GOOD LUCK!"
cynthia lewis $100.00 "Good luck, Buddah! Run like the wind... "
James King $25.00 "Good Luck MaryBeth!!!! Love, james and carolyn"
Michael Smith $150.00 "Silver Away !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Michele Kayal Hidden " Best of Luck to you! Run your heart out!"
Catherine and Rob Herrick and Levy $100.00 "Allison - we are so excited to cheer you on in New York. A perfect excuse to throw a marathon party! All our best wishes, Catherine and Robby"
Anonymous Hidden "sounds like your running for the army and navy academy in carlsbad - not sure how ben is gonna feel about that??.... i hope it goes well. been working on aplan to come visit....... still in the early stages. love to the family."
Hannah Mensch $75.50 "Go LDV!! "
Matt and Anna Marie Snyder $25.00 "Good luck!"
Betsy and Rocco Palmieri $100.00 "I AM SO PROUD OF YOU. I CAN NOT WAIT TO RUN WITH YOU NEXT YEAR! BUT KNOW THAT I AM ROOTING YOU ON NOW! I MISS YOU...xx Love, Betsy (And Rocco, too! :) )"
David Rotkowitz $25.00 "Good luck man. Do it for the VS team."
Cecile Johnson $50.00 "Marti, You go girl!!! I'm so excited to support you in this endeavor. I know your participation will help so many children, who desperately need to get healthy. Wish I could be there to see you at the "finish line". Good luck!! Cecile"
Sandra & Michael Griffin $25.00 "GO TEAM 530!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
Todd Pearson $250.00 "I wish i could make a wager on whether or not Dave will complete the race rather than a simple contribution. P.S. Kampner, you're a cheapskate"
Alysia Zens $50.00 "Good luck Amy! I am in awe of your daily running streak! You are a fabulous inspiration!"
Tanaya Apte $25.00 "Nice work Lee! Unfortunately (for me) I can't even think of a snarky comment to make now... damn you and your kindness and goodness! :) Seriously though, hope the run goes well!"
Djenane Nakhle $250.00 "Sab, I'm sooooo proud of you. Luv u. Mum"
Carrie Gill $25.00 "Get running reedo!"
Greg Proto Hidden "JUST FINISH! BIOTCH!"
edward choi $100.00 "Go Blatch, Go! You're a beast! We'll be rooting for you on the corner of 4th ave and 5th street in brooklyn! eyc"
ork Sambol $26.00 "I am so proud of you!!! "
Erica Stanley $100.00 "GO NICHOLAS! great pick on the charity, by the way (if not NH.) We T&F heads appreciate the The Armory! :-) See you in 08? ERICA"
Anne Buford $200.00 "Go Nick Go! "
Lev & Yelena Friedman $200.00 "Good luck, Constantin!"
Galina Desyatnik $25.00 "Good Luck, Kostya. Best wishes Galina"
Misha and Liliya Pivovarov $25.00 "Run, Kostya, run!!!!"
Luda & Misha Dolinsky $50.00 "Proud of you. Run for all of us. "
elizabeth adams Hidden "Friend of Cecile's. Thank You for this effort, Marti !"
Boris Sagalovich $100.00 "Good luck!"
Tina Lines $100.00 "Good Luck and Have Fun... Love Mal and Momma"
Jason Krasno $150.00 "Good Luck AH, Nikki Ben and Jason will be watching you on TV and cheering for you."
Scott Phillips $250.00 "Way to go Peter!"
Carina Fourmyle $75.00 ""Charity sees the need not the cause." ~German Proverb. You continue to inspire me with all you do!!! Thanks Sis & GOOD LUCK! "
Linda & Bill Lake $25.00 "You Can do it Bill! You are not that old yet! B&L"
Emil Fleyshman $25.00 "Good Luck, Nick!!!!!!! See You at the Finish Line in Central Park!!!!!!"
Nina Sitron Hidden "I just love to see my trainer in training! Good luck!"
Dr. Thomas Guillot $150.00 "Go Marti Go!!!!"
Norman Weiss $25.00 "Matt, "you the man!" -Norman"
Ellen and Pete Schaper $25.00 "Knock'em dead, Dave"
Joya Roy $72.27 ""I do what I want!" c/o Hispanic Moments"
Lisa Garner $25.00 "Bigger and bolder and rougher and tougher.....Tamer.....go for it mate!"
Mom and Dad Trujillo $100.00 ""You are more than a conqueror "-(Romans 8:37-39), and we are proud of you. We love you!"
Holly Martin $50.00 ""Installing a car battery can be performed by anyone who is strong enough to lift the battery into place. Car batteries generally weigh around 50 pounds, depending on battery size. Be careful because the battery is very heavy, and you do not want to damage your car or hurt yourself." GIRL POWER!! I KNOW YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO :) "
Matthew Tarrant $100.00 "Good Luck! Remember to enjoy it, but not so much that you lose the lead!"
Jette Engstrom $75.00 "From John and MIssy Phillios; and Paul and Jette Engstrom. Best wishes in reaching your goal, and many thanks for your efforts on behalf of New York City's children. :-)"
Antonia Swan $25.00 "karen rocks!!! i'll totally be there with signs supporting you the whole way!!! my hero!"
tom faitoute $100.00 "Good luck... Finnish Strong...."
Zack Blailock II $25.00 "Good luck Jerry."
David Wilson $25.00 "I am donating this money on the proviso that you do the Banger backstep for the entire distance, or at least over the line. Go Banger!!!!"
Kelly Hovelmann $25.00 "Good Luck Nick!"
Richard Hannum $100.00 "Allison Good Luck!!! Can't wait to see you speeding past everyone. Totally impressed. We will be cheering you on from Unionville. Mary-Rose, Buzz & Lily."
Maggie Caruso $50.00 "Hey Jason! Have fun and plow dem old ladies down!"
Oba McMillan $300.00 "Good luck from TDI (www.TDISecurity.com)"
Jennifer Wynns $25.00 "GO JERRY GO!"
Mariama Richards $50.00 "Thinking of you! Mari"
Joseph Hummel $100.00 "Happy Running! Win one for the Gipper!"
Diana Vargas $100.00 "Make it happen Zaid - run like the wind! (ok, I could not resist the corny pun)"
Tammy Wede Hidden "Good luck in your training, Amy! You rock, sista!!"
Jennifer Platow $50.00 "Can't wait for the sweaty hug at the finish line!"
Phil Bussey $100.00 "Good luck with that. I'll be certain to have a few Jack & Cokes in honor of the kids and your herculean effort on their behalf."
Joel Lowy $50.00 "Congratulations, Sarah! I'll see you on the course -- I'm running too! :-)"
Chuck Smith $100.00 "Charles you are our 'Hero', good luck and we'll (s)pray for you along the way. Marion & Dad"
Perry Williams $100.00 "WOW! A GREAT PERSON, DOING A GREAT THING, FOR A GREAT CAUSE. Seb and I will be on Lafayette and Washington Ave. "
Lisa Rance $25.00 "Lisa, good luck in the marathon- "
joseph sweet $100.00 "I hope you beat Oprah. "
Anna Seda $50.00 "Good luck, Sarah! "
Alla Meikson $50.00 "Dear Kotya, Happy Birthday!!! Alk and I are very proud of your achievements!!! Good luck at the marathon. Love, Alla, Alik."
Paul ryneski $28.00 "you better behave and run faster than you did in Alaska. See you on West 128th St and 5th Ave in November."
Todd Hennessy $100.00 "Good Luck Sarah! I hope to see you from the sidelines but if I don't make it have fun be safe and bring a pair of clean shorts... I have heard nightmares about those marathons :) -Todd "
Daniela Collis $50.00 "Good luck Marcus!!!"
Natalia Ryvkin $10.00 "Good luck!"
Eva Walker Hidden "Good Luck Emily! Love, Megan"
Randi & Anthony Aromando Hidden "If you don't beat Oprah, I'll be expecting a refund!"
Lou Apker $50.00 "Go get 'em, Sarah!"
Zulema Baez $25.00 "Good Luck!!! You'll do great! "
Miriam Gallardo Hidden "nicki good luck and we are very proud of you."
Ray Bouckenooghe $50.00 "Good luck to the both of you. Say hi to Lance, Diddy and Oprah for us. - Ray & Julie"
Alex & Zina Leshchinsky $25.00 "Good luck!"
Larisa Yefimova $100.00 "Run, hare, run fast!"
michelle mcardle Hidden "Way to go Sarah! Go luck."
Ryan Darnell $50.00 "Have as much fun as one can running such an unnatural distance ; )"
Kellan Florio $150.00 "Go get 'em tiger"
Frank Buonocore Hidden "Good luck & enjoy!!!"
Melissa Miley $50.00 "Marti, good luck and have fun!"
Kenneth Kelliher $75.00 "best of luck!"
Todd Brown $100.00 ""WE NEED BAD GUYS LIKE YOU""
Jason Lotkowictz $75.00 "J-Lot Rules"
Pat Rybicki Hidden "Jason, Great cause. Good for you. Good luck. The Rybicki Family"
John Paitakes $25.00 "Jason: Godd Luck in the Race--NONO John"
Alexandra Friedman $30.00 "Good luck, Kotya, and Happy Birthday!"
Frances Alvarez $50.00 "Good Luck J-Lot. Love Fran and Manny. PS This is just an advance payment for all the sand castles you will have to build with Eleni this weekend. :-)"
Elly Skellenger $20.00 "Lotko-I am so happy for you! Run hard, but have fun! I will definitely try to be there to watch you along the stretch."
Jennifer Blackmore $50.00 "You're going to have an awesome time! Good luck!"
Mikhail Kolomoytsev $250.00 "Dear Constantin Happy Birthday! We wish you health, happiness and success! We salute your determination and dedication to this cause and hope that your training goes well. We are all very proud of you! Good luck! ~ Mike Kolomoytsev, Anna Fridman, Minna Makhover"
John D Phillips Jr $500.00 "Peter, I'm happy to support your effort and hope that AB will match my gift as well. Have an enjoyable and speedy marathon! Love, Dad"
Anne Marie Juckins $20.00 "Anyone who runs a marathon deserves a donation! But it's great to know you're running for a cause. Good luck and I'll see you at RTB 2007!"
jim robertiello $50.00 "Run like crazy, Nickleback! "
Jonathan Page $50.00 "Hey Nick, I am very impressed that you are running in a marathon!!?!?!? Yikes, dude. Anyway, i donated a few bucks, hope it helps your cause. i wish you the best, just don't die out there."
Edward Thomas $50.00 "Get back to work. "
hamawi tamer $50.00 "GO TEAM PUBLIC!!! The best restaurant in the whole world!"
cynthia sternberg $20.00 "Dear Chris, Good luck ! I am sure you will make it cynthia"
ethan carmichael Hidden "i like big butts and i can't deny...."
Valerie Jacob Hidden "Go Charlie"
Catherine Flowers Hidden "Good luck, Amy, I know you will do a great job!!"
Yuv Mehra $200.00 "Great going Anil, good luck and effort...Yuv & Gail Mehra"
Adam Stein Hidden "Pace - Pace - Pace - Take it easy out of the gate Best of luck!"
Anonymous $10.00 "I am sure that you will do well!"
Beth Lidinsky $50.00 "So excited for you!"
Ann Alvarez $25.00 "We are all rooting for you, Jason. "
Jennifer Hataway $50.00 "Good Luck, Marti! Run fast. "
Marina Adelsky $25.00 "good luck!"
DESIREE VAN RENSBURG $100.00 "Run like the wind :)"
Nancy and Greg Doerrer $100.00 "Dad and I know how much this means to you, Sarah! As always, everything you do is from your heart and is a constant inspiration to us. Run like the wind!"
Demetra Lambros $75.00 "go, Sarah, go!!"
Ben Slusky $50.00 "Happy birthday from Reha and myself"
Shannon O'Connor $25.00 "Good luck! We are very proud of you! -The O'Connor Family"
Dmitriy Zamarin $50.00 "Yaaay Kostya, run!!!! And Happy Birthday!!!!"
Robert McGarry $50.00 "Good Luck, Kristen"
Roger Gill Hidden "Good luck Sarah! "
Seth Morris $50.00 "Alondra, Good luck and go easy on Junk Food Friday before the race. Best Regards, Seth Morris"
James Bruce Hidden "Go Girl! "
Bill Smith $50.00 "Good luck!!"
Lindsey Allison $25.00 "Best of luck!! Let me know when you're in town and I'll take you out for a victory beer."
Jason Buerkle Hidden "Good Luck!!! I will be running in the Marathon too!"
Donald Caputo $100.00 "I'm proud of you little brother...I'll be cheering from the sidelines! "
Debby Monistere $100.00 "Go Girl! Love, Mom & Dad"
Michael Goldfinger $100.00 "Michael: This will be quite an accomplishment, one that you will long remember. The NY event is surely among the most prestigious. And for a great cause as well. I'll be thinking of you, wishing you a successful completion of the Marathon. Wishing you success and an easy run. Regards, Michael"
John Woods Hidden "We're proud of you, Sarah."
Iris Yee Hidden "Best of luck. I shall live vicariously through your marathon adventure! "
Theresa Rauh Hidden "Good Luck!!!"
Martin Flaherty $25.00 "I'm a friend of George Conk's. Best of luck!"
Lynn Lotkowictz $100.00 ""blessed by the Gods - destined for Greatness""
Nicholas Ricco $25.00 "Go Get Em Curto! What a great cause to be supporting!"
kathleen ku $50.00 "Go Sarah!!"
Stephanie Rauh $25.00 "Good luck!!"
Elaine & Bob Mooney $100.00 "To Kristen & Kevin: We are so proud of you and know what a real challenge this race is. Just remember take your time and we know that you will finish under two hours and 10 minutes together and whom ever crosses the finish line last must do a victory lap. Who knows you may see your photo in the local paper or on the town bulletin board!!! LOVE YA, MOM & DAD "
Michele Wasson $25.00 "I hear the Armory is a fabulous organization, and I love Tina( who is responsible for that Ethan's Big Butts comment, sooo cute), so I am happy to support such a great personal goal of one of her siblings. Blessings, Michele Wasson"
Eduardo Tamraz $100.00 "Enjoy your race!"
Michele Pineira $25.00 "Good luck Sarah! I'm so proud of you! You really give all you can when you give yourself to a cause. I'm rooting for you! xoxo Michele"
Lindsey Distelburger $250.00 "Maybe after this race you could get back to work!! You are going to do great!"
Julie Gregory $25.00 "Good luck Sarah!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Good job MSgt's daughter!"
Margaret Kane Hidden "Hope you are better at this than softball :)"
Christine Miller $50.00 "Love you little sis. Can't wait to cheer you on!!"
Lindsey McMurren-Riggs Hidden "Woohoo! Good luck, Sarah!"
sylvia esones $50.00 "good Luck Marcello, I hope this small gift helps alittle. Sylvia Esones"
Eric Morgenroth $50.00 "Run Sarah Run!"
Michael Ott $25.00 "Way to go, Karen!"
Dorothy SHAMAH $150.00 "You better beat Oprah..good luck with your knees..I'm sending arnica..use it!"
Richard Apgar $50.00 "Run Forest RUN!"
Rebecca Christie $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Shawn Temple $25.00 "Stay strong, stay focused....stay hydrated! Good luck!"
Amanda Swain $150.00 "Run Emily Run!"
Byron Wong $50.00 "You rock! Good luck- we'll be cheering you on from all across the USA!"
hunter robertson $50.00 "Suerte Habibe! Well done Putting yourself inside a child is such a wonderful thing! Ciao, hunter"
Michael Bartorelli $25.00 "Good Luck Chris. I will be thinking of you making those last tough miles while I'm drinking my beer."
Mustafa Singaporewalla $50.00 "BofA also makes matching donation. I have indicated that on the check box."
Kasia Donohue Hidden "You've lost your mind, but congrats!"
Pete & Jill Dangerfield $100.00 "we wish you a happy and successful marathon. perhaps we can cook again in new york at christmas time. "
Kyung Min Kim $150.00 "Hi John! Good Luck and we'll be there at the finishing line to support you!! Fighting!!! Sung Gun & Kyung Min Kim"
Harriette Smith $100.00 "Charles, you are amazing...I'll try to be there to see you cross the finish line! Love you, Mom"
Linda Rewerts Hidden "Good luck, Marti!! "
jennifer goggin Hidden "way to go sarah! xo"
Frank & Nancy Sienkowski $25.00 "The best of luck. Run really Fassssst."
Michael Concannon Hidden "Good Luck!!"
Steven Vastola $100.00 "Kevin and Kristen, Hope running the marathon is all you expect it to be. BEst wishes. Steve and Joanna Vastola"
Laurie & Eric Herbert $100.00 "Run El Diablo Run!"
Benjamin Carpenter Hidden "Run it for all of us who are too lazy to run even once a week!! Good luck!"
Anonymous $210.00 "This is a gigantic Thank You to: Grandma and Grandpa Tony-the mystery mafia man Miljan-a homeless, bartender who still donated!"
Sara Rokicki Hidden "Good luck Sarah! I am proud of you! The Other Argentine Sara"
dixie vanremmen Hidden "Good luck on your run!! It for you and for the children... the best !!!!"
Megan Reilly Hidden "Go Thaddeus! "
Charles Laundy Hidden "We wish you all the good things. Our love to you and your wonderful family. We wish you-all would visit us in Florida. Fred & Shirley Laundy"
Fiona O'Connell $50.00 "Anyone mad enough to do this deserves to be sponsored.... best of luck Tim!"
Marilyn O'Connell $25.00 "RUN, FORREST, RUN!!!"
scott macgregor $50.00 "Good Luck! Beat Kevin"
Joan Belgard $75.00 "Go David!"
Michelle Hayes $25.00 "This is a wonderful cause, Chris. Good luck in the marathon! Michelle Hayes (Jim's friend from Rider)"
Danielle DeMarinis Hidden "Run like the wind! "
leigh adler Hidden "WORK IT SHAMAH!!!"
Gihan Sadek $25.00 "Good Luck Tamer! I know you can do it!"
Marc Lubetkin $50.00 "We know you can go the distance Charles! You can make a difference in this world with a heart as big as yours!"
Scott Pike $100.00 "Somehow, we'll both get through these runs... Good luck to us both!"
Bennett Ellenbogen $50.00 "I am behind you on this grand endeavor. 26.2 miles behind you, to be exact."
Tamara Olsen $250.00 "Go Liza! "
Dianna Kelly Hidden "Yay, Sarah!"
Mark Yates $250.00 "Run girly, run."
Shelley Romeo $100.00 "Good luck Liza!! - Shelley & Jimmy"
Anonymous $25.00 "You go girl...."
Susan Quintin Hidden "So impressed! Wishing you a great run!"
Samir Khare $25.00 "Great cause Marcus…have a fun time!"
Jeffrey Cotton $250.00 "Good luck Amy, appreciate you doing this!"
Shella Robinson Hidden "Run Tamer Run, Nice Tamer with kids shot, work it! love, S"
Heather Hatch Hidden "Good Luck Glenn!"
Kerry Daly $50.00 "Hey Sarah - thanks for making me feel like a total bum, I sputter out after 15 minutes of running. Damn proud of you. I can safely say that i've never even lied to myself and committed to doing a marathon. I'll leave the running to the tall blondes such as yourself :) Good luck!! -Kerry "
Gabe DeSilva Hidden "Go for it Nick, we're all pulling for you!!!"
Julia Abramovich $100.00 "Go Liza! Better you than me..."
Michael Newman $25.00 "Good luck man! Will be looking for you on TV. You should wear the Teddybears head. :)"
Maya Baran Hidden "We'll be there to cheer you on! "
Dave & Susanne Readman $50.00 " More to follow based on performance! :-)"
Joshua Bank $300.00 "I hope you win. xo-Juan"
Laurie Aaronson $100.00 "run liza run!"
Maura Connor $50.00 "Suzanne - Best of luck to you!! Hope you have a great race! Love, Maura and Chris"
Rita Sheehan $25.00 "Good Luck Dave"
Kevin Dougherty $50.00 "good luck Haubs. "
Michael Foster $25.00 "Good luck Dan!"
Charlotte Hruby $25.00 "Amy - Good Luck, we'll be thinking about you! Char and Mike"
Rachael Nichol $50.00 "Fan base will be present."
Gretchen Moen $25.00 "Good luck, Liza!"
Robin Bettarel $25.00 "Run Hauber Run!"
Stavros Tripi $25.00 "will you be running in heels?"
Betty Robbins $50.00 "Best of luck Emily. Love, Betty and Moses"
adam guren $50.00 "Good luck, Dan!"
Jessica BenShay $25.00 "go cookie!"
jay posner $100.00 "Do I get to pick out your jogging shorts?"
Kevin Wick $51.00 "I gave more than EDT"
Clifford Dank $25.00 "It's great that you're doing this Dan"
T Nicholson $100.00 "See you in 8 weeks"
Samantha Rottenberg $50.00 "Run like the wind!"
Kelly/Kevin McElreath Hidden "Best of Luck! "
Martin Higgins $150.00 "Good Luck Nick!!! We are all pulling for you. Marty, Jodi, Marty, Jenna and Mia"
Kathy Jaeck Hidden "I'm so proud of you Lauren! You're a very special person, to take the time to help others and touch the lives of these inner-city children. Lots of luck and . . . You go GIRL!!! Love Aunt Kathy"
jim mundey $50.00 "let us run with endurance... nice work MT - God bless and happy running!"
Jane Ellen Nugent $25.00 "Good Luck Chris! We love you! "
Nicolle Pangis Hidden "You are a Rockstar. Good Luck."
Eva Singh $50.00 "Good Luck Deb!!! "
Pam Muirhead $10.00 "Good luck in the marathon and in med school! I'm really proud of you and I know you'll do great!!"
Kevin Strouse $101.00 "Good luck in the race buddy! Tell burke he's a cheap bastard!"
Aran Roche $100.00 "You go girl! "
Marjorie Deevy $50.00 "Good luck, Dave!!!"
ROBERT & SUSAN MORGENSTEIN $300.00 "We marvel at your fortitude and dedication. Mom and Dad"
Haris Papamichael $25.00 "Good Luck Liza. GO ORANGE!!"
Susan Perko Hidden "Good Luck Amy -- I'm impressed with your dedication and know you'll do just great!"
Alysha Barre Hidden "Run like the wind! We'll have a cold beer waiting for you at home when you get back from race. The Barre Family"
Kelly Williams $50.00 "Allison- Good luck! The HB girls are so proud of you xoxo Kelly"
Reeken Patel $25.00 "Best of luck mate!!"
Joanne Hsieh $50.00 "Congratulatory Mahajara's Feast on me after the race!"
Samali Lubega $25.00 "one day when i'm a rich doctor you are going to do this again and i am going to sponsor the whole thing so that you will have to wear a shirt with my name on it and be a running advertisement for my practice. but until then..."
Kai Schaefer $20.00 "all the best deb and tracie!!!"
Diane Murphy $25.00 ""See Dave run"- "
Alexandra Vitale $25.00 "Good luck Allison!"
CHUCK COOPER $75.00 "I was amazed at the renovation of the Amory. I ran a few 2 mile relays there almost 40 yrs ago. It was an old wood splintered track back then. Good Luck & don't worry about your time, just enjoy all the sites of NY."
Howard Groudan $25.00 "Best of Luck Deb!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Good Luck!!"
Maria Ferrandina Hidden "Nick "prefontaine" Caputo! God bless! Ferrandina Family"
Anonymous $200.00 "GO RYAN GO!"
maura murphy $100.00 " Bravo Dave "
Paul Snowdon $50.00 "Nice work Tam...Make sure you get your punkass over that finish line! "
NOE CERDA $100.00 " Si se puede, mi hija!!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Good Luck Joe!"
Toni Chin $25.00 "Go get `em Joe!"
Lisa Shaffer $5.00 "Good luck! Sorry for the small amount."
Karl Vonder Schmalz $450.00 "We admire your motivation."
Rozann Abato $25.00 "Go Marcello. You can do it!!"
Deena McKenna $150.00 "Wear a good bra! hee hee. Good luck sis!"
John McMahon $25.00 "Run Joe Run- Johnny Mac"
Victoria Dimatos $50.00 "I'm extending a Pre or Post Massage? Good Luck Debs! Much Love!"
Stacy Dennis Hidden "Hey Joey G, I wanna wish you good luck and I know that you have what it takes to not only run, but finish this marathon (within you record time) !! Stacy :-)"
Julie Watkins $25.00 "Keep your head up, no matter how tired you get. Good Luck!"
Bill & Marie Sevigny $100.00 "Way to go Homey!! Keep it up and good luck!"
Melissa de la Cruz $50.00 "Make tracks Liza!"
Jon Enberg $150.00 "Great idea Big Nasty, you are the man."
Richard Gerhardt $50.00 "Run Reed Run"
Regan Kaiden Hidden "Way to go Shamah!!! "
Jesse Webster $50.00 "quid pro quo amigo - public takes to the streets!!!"
John Lockwood $50.00 "Best of luck!"
Theo Dienes $25.00 "Shamah Mama!"
Stephanie Boivin $25.00 "Good Luck!!!"
Patricia Usbeck-Reda $100.00 "Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!! :)"
George Cheng and Cecylia Stabrawa $50.00 "Good luck, Tino! Run Tino Run...Run like the wind, Forest...I mean...Tino =) "
victoria lyons $10.00 "Go for it, and good luck!"
henrik kleven $50.00 "Very best of luck, Sarah. You can do it! (BTW: I'm planning on London Marathon next year)"
michelle and david katz $100.00 "Good luck Dana. We are already impressed! Love, The Katzes"
Peter Mezick Hidden "Matt, Good luck getting to the finish line for such a great cause! Pete and Marion"
Diana Fourney $100.00 "Good Luck Sarah!"
Pablo Schklowsky $25.00 "In Soviet Russia, marathon runs YOU!!!"
Brenden Coyne $40.00 "ooh rah fuck"
Ross Goldman $100.00 "Good luck Charlesy! We're proud of you!"
David Greenbaum Hidden "Good luck Zo-Zo. Run like a NORSE and make us proud."
Mark Moran Hidden "Charles, you're gonna rock these Five Boroughs. They'll never know what hit them."
Christine and Steve Corwen $50.00 "Lots of Luck!! Kick Butt!!!"
Richard Cook Hidden "Here's to 9:00AM thursday morning staff meetings and to a years worth of bragging rights against TS... Go baby go! "
Philip Damecourt $50.00 "Go Billy go!!!"
Nanette Duffy $50.00 "Run Charlie Run!"
Stephen Baker Hidden "Good luck Bill! "
Elizabeth Brown $50.00 "Good luck Sarah!! How amazing of you to not only run a marathon, but also raise money for such a worthy cause! Congrats! I'll be cheering for you from Chicago on the big day!"
Amy Buescher $100.00 "Rock on, girlfriend!! Good luck!"
Brian Landers $100.00 "Great work Charles!"
Oscar Gonzalez $50.00 "Good luck. I wish you all the best."
Billy J Gray $1,000.00 "Good Luck from sandland. Know you will do well!!! Uncle Bill"
Daniel Chemotti Hidden "I'm jealous and proud of you Haubs, JJR would be as well."
Erika Montgomery $30.00 "Happy trails!"
Cinthya Guerra $100.00 "You are an amazing woman! We will be cheering you on from home"
Hillary Benton $25.00 "Good luck, Joe!! "
Shari Lynn Goldstein Hidden "I am SO proud of you! I'm doubly proud that you're running for a charity. Hopefully I'll be able to join you next year...at the starting line, anyway. ;-) Enjoy your tour of NYC and kick some hindquarters. All our love...Shari Lynn, Keith, and Spencer."
Gail Gerber $100.00 "All the best of luck to you Charles!! We are all behind you and wish you great success!! Gail"
David Karp Hidden "If not for the children, then who?"
Zach Druker Hidden "If you dont finish I want my money back. "
peggy and ed creagan Hidden "We're with you every step of the way Reed! Peggy and Ed"
Heidi James $100.00 "Good luck to LIsa!"
mary van horn $200.00 "good luck karen!"
Julie Steinbach $100.00 "Ah, to be there in NYC for a sweaty hug! will collect in spirit... "
Suzanne McMahon $200.00 "See you at the finish! Love Suzy and Mara"
Kimberly Lai $125.00 "heyy natalie~ this is from both me and christina. she donated $100 =] she wanted to say-- "i love you hachi!" hehe. anyways..i'm so proud that you've done 18 miles..that's amazing! can't wait to see youu & luv ya <3 "
Debby Moone $50.00 "Go Natalie!"
gladys disisto $100.00 "Dana, all the best. We are very proud of you. Love Gladys, Peter and Dustin"
Todd Whitenack $100.00 "Good luck Allison! "
Rachael Andreozzi $100.00 "Love ya girl!! Good luck. "
Irene M. McMahon $100.00 "Good luck and God bless! I am very proud of you and will be praying for you."
Tom Smyth $500.00 "Good luck Marybeth !! All of us at GCI will be cheering you on !!"
Kai and Gina Lee $100.00 "good luck"
DFW Electronic 4 $50.00 "Have fun!"
Nathaniel Frank $75.00 "Run, Thaddeus, run!"
Anonymous $25.00 "It is difficult to read the web page with black lettering on blue background. It may frustrate people into not donating? G'luck!"
William Bush $100.00 "Really psyched you're doing this! I know you'll love it!! Well, at least once its over and done with."
Deirdre Leibrock $75.00 "Good Luck Deborah, enjoy the race."
Scott Akers $150.00 "Did I just bet on Dan to win the New York Marathon? You had better whip some Kenyan ass."
peter koehler $100.00 "Go for it Charles! Good luck Peter"
andrew weitz Hidden "Billy!!!!!!! If you do not come in 1st, 2nd or 3rd, i win all bets made regarding the box office for the next 12 moths!"
Mike Lewinsky Hidden "Nooo man, it wasn't the Am/Pm...it was the volume. There was a separate knob for the radio alarm."
Christopher Spafford $250.00 "Best of luck buddy - this will be a huge accomplishment!"
Habit Patch $100.00 "Lisa Rance-- Making NYC afterschool time better, one stride at a time!! You Go GIrl!!"
Barbara Batchelor Hidden "AB--run for all those kids that don't have anyone else to speak for them! Mom "
Peter Bowen $75.00 "I want to be different, so you get $75. RUN LIZA RUN"
John Cheng Hidden "all i can say is good luck. all the other witty comments have been taken. go bears! "
Alex Goldstone Hidden "You better win."
David Smith Hidden ""Of course. They're sportsmen, not soldiers." Good luck. "
Charles Givens $10.00 "Good luck Adam! Run hard cute boy! -Charlie"
Daniel Roediger $50.00 "Hauber runs so I don't have to...where do I sign up? Oh...right here."
Sung Yuk $25.00 "Best of Luck on your future endeavours!"
Victoria Pasquantonio $25.00 "Sarah--Best of luck! I am so excited for you and all the folks involved in this. Ciao, Vicky"
Brooks Ross $250.00 "Good Luck From The Leggiadro Team!!"
Pamela Weisntein Hidden "Wear a helmet! If you come in last, you'll always be #1 with me! Your Mother"
Derek Taff Hidden "Good luck!"
Darryl Rose $50.00 "You've made me proud to be your colleague."
Jessica McNulty Hidden "GOOOOOD LUCKKK!"
Jake Jordan $50.00 "Good luck. I get tired driving that far."
Jason Spitz Hidden "Run Billy Run!!!"
Elva Cerda $50.00 "From the Cerda's in Greenvine, Texas. We're excited by your efforts running the marathon and attending medical school. "
Joseph Lamberti Hidden "Just be sure to follow the big crowd - we don't need you getting lost. Good luck!!"
Ilse Abusamra $26.20 "Your first NYC...it will be fantastic!"
noe cerda $100.00 "electronic department: GO NATALIE!!!"
Lilian Caires Hidden "!Corre, corre! Good luck!"
Anonymous $250.00 "Run Run Run! "
Katie Byrne $50.00 "Good luck, Phil!"
Emily Tull Hidden "Good Luck Cronin!!!!"
Laura and John Bush Hidden "Good luck Karen!"
Mary Witt $200.00 "Run. Run, ...preacher's daughter gone wild!!!"
Jeffrey Pfeiffer $50.00 "Good luck. Hope you have fun!!"
Debbie Nicholas $100.00 "Good luck, Al. Keep eating that chocolate! Love ya, Aunt Debbie"
Ashley Lamb Hidden "i don't even KNOW you...."
Sonya Martin $25.00 "Run Joe run!!!"
Anonymous $60.00 "Best of Luck!!!..."
Bridget Narum Hidden "Have a good run!"
Livonne Moore $25.00 "Do your thing on the course!!!"
Dave Curkendall $50.00 "Running for $$. It's the American Way. Go Girl!"
Susan Cook Hidden "Can't wait to be the witness at the finish line! "
Abbey Samet-Pappanicholas Hidden "Christian and I will be there to cheer you on! We will hand you a glass Grotten and a yummy RESTO burger at the end of the race! You rock - cousin Bill!!! "
Kaidra Mitchell $65.00 "Go Liza! You are my hero for running a marathon!"
Karina . $150.00 "Best of luck! Just don’t let any girls beat you :)"
Nicole Stadelman Hidden "run like the wind, dit."
Anonymous $100.00 "Vinny Reinhardt's generous donation. Sent with support and love!"
Brian Kay $100.00 "GO DEB GO! I love you honey! "
Debra DiGiulio $50.00 "Go For It Amy Love Ben and Emily"
Dennis Chang $250.00 "Good Luck Ray!!! Dennis"
Nathaniel Dick $25.00 "Two words: Body Glide. Good luck."
Victoria Heide $25.00 "Good Luck in everything you do, Carolyn!"
Anonymous $600.00 "These are the proceeds from the fundraiser we had on 9/13 at the Navy Yard Bistro. Thank you all for your support."
Anne Marie Weiler $50.00 "Run, Brigid, Run!"
Maria Pryor $5.00 "Izzy ask me to donate her piggy bank money to you, her big sister, so here it is, also she wanted to tell you that SHE LOVES YOU AND MISSES YOU, "
Emily Willard $100.00 "Good luck, Dan. We'll join in by trying to get your niece to crawl 26.2 feet that day. So far, we're up to about 5 inches. "
Maeve O'Meara $100.00 "Good luck Liza!! I know you'll do great! Hope I can come down and cheer you on!"
Carl Pabon $25.00 "Have a great year Matthew."
S & G Wheatley Hidden "Congratulations - you're almost there!! What an amazing accomplishment!"
Wayne Robertson $50.00 "Good Luck Sarah Wayne, Linda, Kimie and Allie"
elise rosenberg $75.00 "nice legs tamer!"
elise rosenberg $75.00 "team public is so hot!"
Stan & Tama Bello $200.00 "Charlze my boy good luck and a fine finish. Proud of you. Love Mom & Dad"
Jeffrey Kamberg $25.00 "Keep running!! One foot in front of the other!!!"
Carl Anderson $10.00 "run like the wind, adam"
Chris & Catherine Lehner $100.00 "Karen, Good Luck and make us proud. Take pics at the marathon and send them. Chris and Cat"
Louis Scerra $50.00 "Do it for the Yankees! -Molly and Lou"
micheas yohannes $100.00 "this is for last nigh..I mean.. Seriously...Go team Tamer!! make me (and many others) proud, good sir. In vicarius, Micheas"
Lang and Mary Hadley $100.00 "We are rooting for you and hope the race goes well. Love, Mary and Lang"
Maddison Creagh $50.00 "It is a wonderful thing that you are doing--Good Luck!!"
Alan Ghelberg $100.00 "Go Liza Go!"
Karen Cronin Hidden "Run, Amy, Run!!! The Cronin's of Franklin"
Anonymous $250.00 "You better wear the t-shirt, - Jeff, Joel & David"
mardie dicarlo $50.00 "When everyone sprints at the beginning, keep your pace - you'll be passing them later! And most importantly, have fun. Love, Mard, Ron, Grace, Emme and Charlie"
Kieran O'Dowd $200.00 "Good Luck Karen! I'm very proud of you!"
robyn lutsky $25.00 "Way to go, Ray! Keep up the good work! Robyn"
melinda and andrew weinstein Hidden "Thank you for your effort in the marathon to help raise money for an important cause."
maria pryor $20.00 " This is from Pietro Scarselli, he is from NY, and he says Go Natalie and God bless."
David Letterman $50.00 "Good Luck Charles. Remember, the real goal is to beat Robert."
Elizabeth Horneff $100.00 "Good luck, Love, Garcia"
Daniel Rosen $50.00 "Keep chuggin' along, chuggin' along... hopefully the November weather will be better than 'toga in August. See you this Sunday e'nin' "
Heather Molin $250.00 "Go Alli!!!"
Debra Senior $25.00 "Good Luck Deborah!! "
Carole Clementi $25.00 ""Run, Forest, Run." Good luck!"
Kelsey Neville Hidden "Good luck!! Wish I could be there...xoxo"
Ryan and Tara Malloy Hidden "Go Sara!"
Greg Dowd $53.08 "Best of luck and have fun! It will be an amazing accomplishment to share together."
LARRY WEBER $50.00 "Run like the wind! Larry"
sara demenkoff Hidden "GO SARAH!!! "
beverly feldman Hidden "Dear David; So proud of you! What a great way do declare that you are not getting older your getting better. best of luck. Keep up the good work."
Dan Rafalin $50.00 "Nice one Jesse!! Go TEAM PUBLIC! "
noe cerda $20.00 "from Phil Ravara DFW ITS: God Bless"
Patricia Spencer Hidden "Good Luck Lisa, Look forward to seeing you cross the Finish line. Patty"
David Zeff $100.00 "Paula thinks you will actually finish. If you do, my hat is off to you!"
William Heuer $50.00 "Giddeeeeup!"
Fenway Beer Sellers c/o Sue Cronin $175.00 "We're all very proud of you. Go Amy. Go Sox."
Dominique Swette $100.00 "I think it is tremendous that you are participating in this cause and thanks for being so supportive to Karina. Good luck, Dominique Swette"
jamie and anne marie miller Hidden "Good Luck! "
Rongtao Sun $100.00 "Hey Nat-the-Cat!! This is Christine and Todd. We both wish you best of luck in the Marathon! I just wanted to tell you that I’m so proud of you and I love you so much! ~Don’t stop & Never give up~ Hopefully I will see you soon! =)"
Michael Sorgatz $25.00 "Rock on Karen!"
Martin Shields $100.00 "Go Chequie!!! If you beat me I'll double it."
Evan Goldfine $100.00 "Good luck, Deborah! -- Evan and Lisa Goldfine"
Francesca McWilliams $100.00 "I won't hold it against you if you want to go ahead Martin. Honestly, I am serious, I mean it, no really, won't be a problem at all, it's a race at end of day, I'll be fine, I think, no I'm sure, really ;-)) New York here we come!!"
Daniel McKeown $250.00 "Please, Please Kick His Butt! See you for a victory drink in Babylon! The Monsters"
William Schrag $50.00 "All the best, Deborah!"
Jeff Pane $50.00 "Good luck on the big day!"
Mona Tekchandani $50.00 "Fabulous news, Adam! Send us pics of you crossing the finish!"
Michael Byrne $50.00 "good luck!"
Michael Bruni $200.00 "To the demise of the other runners! ...And try to avoid stomping on the fallen bodies of your vanquished foes...they'll only slow you down."
Paul Haas $100.00 "Good luck!"
Alissa Kaplan Hidden "run like the "animal""
Timothy Kerlin $10.00 "RUN, JOHN! RUN!"
Lindsay Barada Hidden "Good Luck Ames!!!"
yossi rasp $375.00 "Dont have a heart attack .youre my boy blue"
Karen and Steve Davidson/Garcia $25.00 "don't be last."
Adrian Webster $100.00 "Kia kaha Jesse"
Richard Cook Hidden "All the very best to Ricardo and the Endeavor team.!......may you all achieve your personal goals. See you in the Big Apple!"
Spencer Wilkinson $25.00 "I wish I could give more. Run like hell and cross that finish line!! Can't wait to hear all about it. Spencer, Lori, Tucker and Abbey."
Phil and Lisa James $100.00 "Give me a "F", Give me a "R", Give me an "A", Give me a "N".......... That American style support just takes to long on email. Go get 'em.. Phil and Lisa"
Mark Darbon $75.00 "After Koj's wedding speach I feel some guilt here, Martin...."
Phil and Lisa James $100.00 "Martin, i'm sure everyone else will agree that if you run the marathon in one of Chex's dresses they will like me, double their donation! Good luck!"
Jessie Fletcher $75.00 "Good luck! And don't worry, we'll always have Paris. lots of love Jess and Fletch xxx"
David Modigliani $25.00 "You are fast. So fast, John. And good. So good."
Hephzibah Neate $50.00 "Good luck Marcus! Love Heph and Will xxx"
beth forgosh $25.00 "deborah! so great to hear that you are up to such a gigantic challenge!! love! beth"
Gloria Jacobs $25.00 "You go, girl!"
Stephanie Phillips $50.00 "Dana, Good luck on your first marathon. We're routing for you all the way!! Love, Stephanie and Eric Phillips"
Catherine Weicker $50.00 "Bonne chance, Mlle. Liza!"
Jaina Hirai $25.00 "You are my hero! "
Robin Goulet Hidden "Good luck Amy!"
Meghan Oates $50.00 "Good luck Becca!"
Alison Whittemore $100.00 "You rock, Colleen! I give you so much credit for running the marathon 2 years in a row. I will definitely be there again on the sidelines to cheer you on! :) Ali"
Michael and Mary Mulyk $50.00 "When you get to the Pacific, will you stop?"
Sida Wang $25.00 "hiiiiiii someone was talking about marathons today and that reminded me of your cause. good luck! go get 'em buns of steel! :D"
Denise Smith $25.00 "Best of luck to you Chris and thank you for "keeping kids on track"!"
Mary Woolhouse $50.00 "Good Luck Tamer! Hope you finsh the race well. Talk to you soon. Love Mum."
Anonymous $25.00 "Go Amy! May God bless you in your efforts to raise funds to "reach and motivate youth". The world needs more people like you!"
David Graff $50.00 "If Ethan and Beugg give money I have to at least match those bums. If construction is done on my building I invite everyone to come to my place (I happen to have a 120 square foot balcony looking over the 1st ave which Bill will be running up) and drink out of my keg and eat off my grill. I will be handing our D batteries at the door to throw at Bill as he comes by mile 17. Good luck!"
Anne Creagh $50.00 "Hi Deborah! Good Luck in the Run! Love, Mam"
Nik Kumar and Propa Ghosh $50.00 "Run Comrade! Run! For Strength & Honor... and For PUA's Everywhere!"
chris rager $25.00 "Did you really say that you are training "vigorously"? "
Regine Honore $50.00 "Those Kenyans got nothing on you! Run Dave Run! "
Jayanth rao $250.00 "Wilson will pass you! AND LETS GO METS "
Christopher Kozo $50.00 "Good luck Bill! I hope you break 5 hours."
Mark Cashel $50.00 "You better be upfront with those bare-footed guys from Kenya, Bill! Good luck!"
Judy Horn $25.00 "Hey Chris, Hope you reach your goal but remember, it's an achievement just to be in there. Good luck! Judy Horn"
james gauntt $30.00 "Remember, you're on Strickler's home turf. That means short cuts. He knows the ins and outs of the upper East Side like Diddy and the Rockefellers. "
Sachin Sarnobat $50.00 "btw - are you running with your tie?...."
Ozan Kandamar $25.00 "Go Becca! There is only one New York, give it all you got."
susan schultz $50.00 "Good luck Amy!!!!"
Vanessa Torelli Hidden "GOOOOOO, SCARY! "
Anonymous $60.00 "Thank you to Alissa Bigelow, Carol Gavin and Min Zeng"
Paula Day $50.00 "Good luck Ryan. We are proud of you -this will be quite an accomplishment. Let us know the results. David and Paula"
Katherine Lincoln $50.00 "I wish I could be there to cheer you on in person - good luck lady!"
Orit Bar-On $100.00 "You Go Girl!"
Donna McKay $100.00 "Hi Bec! Glad to help. I'm so proud of you!"
Kevin Ryan $75.00 "Good Luck Colleen!! "
Daniel Stern $100.00 "Go John go! Run like the wind!"
Noe Cerda $120.00 "From Rita Carter, Alfredo Doporto, Hai Nguyen, and Hector Torres. And special thanks to the annonymos person who contributed $20.00 in the candy jar for the fund raiser! Thanks to all of you for your kind generosity."
Kim Desso-Dembele $25.00 ""Everyone thinks that the principal thing to the tree is the fruit, but in point of fact the principal thing to it is the seed." -Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche. Thanks for supporting children!"
Gilbert Cole Jr $50.00 "Best Wishes, Becca The Cole Family"
david farrand $80.00 "Good luck racer PHIL - hope you can break 4-hours!!"
Jonathan Hsu Hidden "Run like the wind!!!"
Stephanie Wilson $25.00 "Good Luck!"
MICHELE ROSSI $25.00 "Dear Mr. Curto, The Rossi Family decided this was a wonderful organization to donate towards. It sounds as if young children/adults are assisted in many various ways. Best of Luck running the NYC marathon! The Rossi Family, Jim, Michele, Matthew and Julianne Rossi"
Rodney Fetaya $25.00 "Your silver streaks will make you more aerodynamic! good luck!"
Karen Emery $150.00 "Good Luck Ellen, Bill & Jenn Love Karem Bob, Nick & Drew"
Claire Neely $25.00 "Hooray Ellen ... I really hope to be there cheering you on! If not I will routing for you from all the way across the atlantic. Good Luck to all 3 of you! So totally impressed ....."
Bob & Nancy Cashel $100.00 "Bill, We are very proud of your efforts to raise money for a good cause and accomplish such a monumental physical feat that requires both mental and physical discipline. Little Billy will be proud when he later hears the story. Love, Bob and Nancy "
Maritza Lopez-Quintana $50.00 "I am proud of you, Scott! Great cause. I know you will run an awesome race. You are inspiring me to run harder. Buona fortuna per la sfida e in bocca al lupo. Faccio il tifo per te."
Jen and David Goodenough $50.00 "Hi Ray! Have a great time running NY with your neice. "
S. Renzi $25.00 "Good luck Dr. Muffs! I wish you the best on your run! Susannah"
Christine Cashel $50.00 "Good luck Bill- I'll pretend I am running with you! Chris"
felicia anastasi and family Hidden "Good Luck Chris!!!"
Gretchen Grosick Randall $50.00 "Dear Scott, Keep up your impressive training efforts--you're an inspiration!! Best of luck! Love, Scott and Gretchen"
Elizabeth McMahon $25.00 "Congratulations on this initiative and good luck in the race Kathleen! Best, Liz and Vin McMahon"
Ed & Angie Mustra $25.00 "Never let an Adventure Pass You By... Good Luck to All!"
Kimberly Maldonado $50.00 "Go Get'em Vartan!!!!!"
DAVID PERRY $50.00 "Press toward the mark!"
Jodi Malester $36.00 "GOOO LEEE!"
Sherien Khonsari $50.00 "Great Job Lee! I hope you don't disappoint us. "
DEREK MADDALENA Hidden "Best of luck Amy!"
Lisa Cooms $25.00 "Good luck, Lee!!! "
Joanne Winograd $26.20 "Carolyn- I am so impressed by your dedication to this great goal! I will be cheering you from the streets of New York. Congrats!! -Joanne"
Jeff Meacham $25.00 "WEBSTAHHH!!! Go get em you handsome Kiwi (with giant you-know-what's)"
Johnny Misheff $25.00 "GO JESSE!!! Wish I could do more, but WE HAVE FAITH IN YOU!!! And Tamer and Ryan and Dan and the rest, etc, blah blah... Love, Johnny"
claudia Gerard Hidden "Let's go Veronica!!!"
Ann Marie Connolly $250.00 "Kathleen, You can do it!! Have fun and cross the finish line in style!! XOX Ann Marie"
Jim Tortorella $50.00 "Good Luck Amy!"
Virginia and Paul Sturmfels $25.00 "Keep on running Dave!"
Sheila Hahn $50.00 "Way to go, El and team!!! Good Luck and show 'em you can do it! Sheila"
John & Geneveive Maraldo $50.00 "Good Luck Matt!!"
Sewit Ahderom $110.00 "Good luck! "
Anonymous $25.00 "Very cool Amy! Keep up the good work!"
martin Wonnacott $100.00 "Best of luck on the day and in training ! "
Tracy Campbell $75.00 "Congrats Al! I'm so proud of you! Good luck...I'll be cheering you on from LA!!! xoxo."
Richard Schwartz $50.00 "Kathleen; Great to hear from you and best of luck with your marathon run. I'll be rooting for you to finish first. I'm going to visit Louise and Mike this weekend and will give them your regards. Mike is not doing very well and Louise tells me that he is down to 124 pounds. I trust that you had a good experience in South America. How exciting. If you are in California on spring break I hope you and your friend will visit me here in wine country. I'll take you wine tasting and have enough room for the both of you to stay with me. I hope this will work out as I'd love to see you. "
Mom @ Dad Mader Hidden "You go Girl!"
Teresa Garner $25.00 "Good luck on your run. Sounds so neat. I know you will do well. Love, Suzie"
Mary Moy $50.00 "Good luck to the whole team - - you're an inspiration to the rest of us to do great things!"
Brian Prentice Hidden "Run on runner, run on..."
Donal Kelly $100.00 "Best Of Luck Tracie and Deb. No Cheating (Buses, Taxis or Subways)"
maureen kelly $100.00 "now you've got the family reputation to support....we always finish what we start. make us proud."
Isis Cerda-Clay $65.00 "From Dad's Fundraising! We're almost there!! "
Anonymous $5.00 "From Nolan! Go Naty Go!!"
Joy DeBoskey $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Garo Artinoff $75.00 "Can't wait to see you at the finish line!"
David Posamentier Hidden "For every mile you walk, we cut off a finger."
Dana Weinstein $100.00 "Best of luck, Marcus! "
Dominic DiCristoforo $100.00 "Run Caputo....Run!!!!! "
Suki Wu Hidden "Run Charlie! Run!"
Jonathan Walton Hidden "I will be waiting at the finish line 4 u. xx"
Richard Schwartz $50.00 "Kathleen; Great to hear from you and best of luck with your marathon run. I'll be rooting for you to finish first. I'm going to visit Louise and Mike this weekend and will give them your regards. Mike is not doing very well and Louise tells me that he is down to 124 pounds. I trust that you had a good experience in South America. How exciting. If you are in California on spring break I hope you and your friend will visit me here in wine country. I'll take you wine tasting and have enough room for the both of you to stay with me. I hope this will work out as I'd love to see you."
Shana Pederson $50.00 "Good Luck Deborah! Run with the Wind"
Rosemary Williams Hidden "We'll be with you in spirit! MOM, GRANDAD, AUNTIE JOANNE & UNCLE TED "
Wendy J Vassell $25.00 "A great cause!! May the roads rise up to meet you and the wind always be at your back!!"
Joseph Fontak $25.00 "Keep up the good works."
jonathan simon $150.00 "Go get em abramo!!"
Chris Hamilton $50.00 "Good luck, Hauber! Hope I can make it up to see you run."
peg ramier Hidden "Go Anil Go!"
Lesley Berkowitz $50.00 "Good luck Dana!"
Margaret Marion Wernersbach $75.00 "Best of luck, lizalu....sorry we can't be there to cheer you on from the sidelines...but we are there in spirit!!!! love, maggie & paul"
Jonathan Goldfinger $25.00 "Keep up the good work!"
Holly Bushnell $25.00 "Have a great run, Chris! The Armory Foundation sounds like a great organization that helps kids who need it most. "
Rob MacLeod $75.00 "Run Forrest Run."
Robert Richard $150.00 "Happy birthday (belatedly), Ray. God bless you on this venture, both for your health and the athletic challenge, and for the good work that flows from the funds that you raise."
maria pryor $100.00 "Nat, we are very proud of you, and we love you for the wonderful person that you are!!"
marc abelson $100.00 "Looking forward to watching you cross the finish line."
Tom Van Buskirk $50.00 "Go! Deb! Go! Keep up the kids on track!"
Dorothy H Roy $100.00 "He who dares wins. I am very proud of you Anjoli, Love, Mom"
Clara Zverina $25.00 "Now that you have a poor student's contribution, you better train some more:) Good Luck!!"
Donna Sandfort $25.00 "What an awesome thing you are doing! Best of luck to you in your fundraising and in your training. Sincerely, The Sandfort Family "
Ana Luna $50.00 "Run, Chica Sexy, Run!"
Simran and Rishi S Khanna $75.00 "Go Anil!"
Rolf Beth Herbert $25.00 "Go Alco go..!!!"
Ann & Russell Church $500.00 "GO 'Ia Twentysixmyle' GO!"
Olivia McWilliams $100.00 "Go Chequie Go!!!"
Joselyn Cruz $25.00 "Will you run faster if we have vodka waiting at the finish line? Seriously - good luck!!!"
Craig S. Hueneke $25.00 "Best of Luck. And remember the pain goes away about the 26th mile or so! :) -- Cheers! Craig, Rose & the kids. "
mary and steve quintin $100.00 "Best of luck!"
Jaesung Son $50.00 "Hey John, Good luck to you!"
Natalie Gilhome Hidden "Tamer, You looked so good after 18 miles I know that you can breeze through the long one! Can't wait to cheer you on, Nat "
jessica alonso $25.00 "GOOOOOOOOOOOO Tamar!!!!!!!!"
Kimberly Johnson $25.00 "go Tamer, go!!! bring it home baby!"
Pam Nigro Hidden "Many think about it, but you're really doing it. Good luck, Karen!"
Erin Bittner $25.00 "Wow, such an accomplishment to be running a marathon! Good luck and run hard!"
Julia Holt $25.00 "Liza, You are going to do great!"
Maya Roy $100.00 "Gotta support the sisterly action. Refer it up!"
Dima Vovchak $25.00 "Hi mate, long time no talk. Still fondly remembering the arab jew squash wars at the city baths. This donation is for peace in the middle east and all the little people out there. Good luck in the marathon...run like you got the last piece of bread on earth."
Alan Medvin $100.00 "But only if you finish (unlike our Mets.)"
matt sarah $25.00 "Get bandaids and vaseline for the sensitive areas! Have fun."
Anonymous $55.00 "More of Dad's fundraising! Thanks to the generous person who contributed $20 to the fund at DFW. Your generosity is very much appreciated! 13 more dsys of fundraising to go! We're almost there!!"
Jennifer Masnick $25.00 "This is a great accomplishment"
Robert van Kouwen $50.00 " Hi Tam doing melbourne half marathon on sunday 7/10. Hope this helps . Let me know how you go. Was good to see you when you were last in melbs. Take care and run hard. Cheers robber "
Beth Standbridge $50.00 "So bummed I won't be there to cheer you on... Good luck!!! "
Marc Bello $100.00 "Good Luck, Key to Success: Keep one foot in front of the other"
Marisa Filipe (Mme) $25.00 "Good luck!"
Tara Vinlove $25.00 "Good luck, Peter! Put the Colfax Marathon next on your list :) T, J, B"
Arturo Fernandez $60.00 "Go Debbie!!!!!!- From an old volleyball friend:)"
Kristen Grubb $50.00 "Amy - good luck running the marathon! Wish we could be there to cheer you on - Denver and I will be thinking of you guys that day! Perhaps you'll see the penguin from Vegas!"
Nina Urban Hidden "Good luck and good run ! Nina"
margaret habenicht $25.00 "David We think this is terrific that you and your dad are doing this together, that you have acclimated to NYC and are identifying the needs around you. Kudos and we wish you luck..Love the Habenichts"
Carmel McWilliams $100.00 "Good Luck Martin! The pain and blisters will fade with time - i reckon 2 weeks max."
Carmel McWilliams $100.00 "Good Luck Chexster!! I'll have the spas in Phuket on high alert for your arrival! Love you! "
Sarah Lewis $25.00 "Go Tamer!! "
Ross MacIntyre $500.00 "To the finish line!"
peter handley $250.00 "Hit every water station kid...Then hit the Guinness!"
karen giotis $25.00 "Go make us proud,good for you!!!"
Rebecca Kirk $50.00 "Best of luck Liza. I know you will do well."
Anonymous $50.00 "From the local Famiglia Pizzeria: Go Natalie!"
Meghan Delaney Hidden "Good luck! Jon and I will be thinking of you that day!"
Anonymous Hidden "El Presidente Restaurant-Deli supporting you and the armory!"
Brooke Ballantine Hidden "Go Natalie! You are incredible to run this major race in your first semester of med school. Your classmates are behind you 100% :)"
Juliana Glick $100.00 "Good luck on the marathon! Your cousin, Julie from LA"
Joseph Mapa $150.00 "Good luck Archer!! Hope you reach your goal!!"
Agatha Kim $50.00 "Wow! Is image real?! Good Luck!"
Thurston Dixon $50.00 "I would do just about anything for you and this is a no-brainer! Knock 'em dead!"
Jane Dausner $25.00 "Congratulations, Chris! You will have a wonderful time; it's such an exciting day! Love, Jane p.s.I know you will do better than the METS!"
Maria LaCava $25.00 "Get your calves fat!!!!"
Adjoa Smalls-Mantey Hidden "Yay Natalie! You're truly an inspiration. Good luck! "
A & A Webster & Stenton $500.00 "I don't suppose "break a leg" is very appropriate - but you get the drift? Have a great time."
Selene Rickabaugh $25.00 "Good Luck Nat-Nat! You're such a great person..."
Tim Collins $25.00 "Craziness....pure craziness....Good luck!"
noe cerda $90.00 "From the Asset Management Group, Mr. Thomas Fitzgerald, Mr. Richard Chester, Electrical Department: Good Luck."
Andrew Dodd $50.00 "Good luck buddy! Wish I could be running beside you"
Peter Hacker $100.00 "Jesse, Let's get it going ! ! !"
Nicole & Jim DePreta $50.00 "Run Forest Run!"
Theresa Graif $25.00 "You're amazing! Best of luck and have some fun!"
wendy gruber $25.00 "Way to go, sis, you're awesome!"
barbara sudalter-greenstein $25.00 "Just do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Matt Normandeau $50.00 "I'll even buy you a beer if you finish...pending you don't take the subway or a taxi."
Laura Breckenridge $100.00 "David, We applaud you for chosing to run for such a valuable and meaningful cause- Have a great time running the marathon- it is an experience you will cherish for a lifetime!! Can't wait to hear all about it! love, The Brecks"
Jenny Breckenridge Hidden "Have fun David!"
Merisa and Sam! Titlow/Eisenstein $50.00 "Yay Sarah! You're a shooting star!"
Alan Breckenridge $50.00 "Take it easy on your Dad. "
Pummy Laul $50.00 "All the best dear Anil from Laul & Khanna families"
Nadine Hamaoui $25.00 "Good Luck, Tamer! xox"
Diane MacMath $50.00 "Charles I'm so very proud of you --- Show them how it's done in the "Big Apple" Best of luck to you!! Diane"
Don Pietranczyk $25.00 "Buhbi, Have a great race! Enjoy, live, breath, and give yourself a big mazel tov in your head from me when you cross the line. xoxo Donala "
Jane Newschwander Hidden "Go Jacko Belberge!"
Gary Beyrouti $100.00 "Good Luck Charlie! I know you can do it!"
James Siegal $50.00 "We'll be rooting for you! James, Bess, Maya & Ruby"
William Breck Tyler $100.00 "Good luck! Breck and Martha"
Mark Brodetskiy $25.00 "Lauren good luck. I wish I could have given more."
Karen Cheng $10.00 "good luck natalie! =)"
Tori Manuelli Hidden "Go Natalie! I'm sure you'll do amazing! "
Alan & Lynn Hendershot $100.00 "Lauren, it wasn't even the begging and pleading...just a good cause and a great gal to support! Go for it!! Lynn & Al"
Celia Riley $300.00 "Allison, Running the NYC Marathon is quite a goal! Gramps has contributed $100 of the $300 amount. He worries about you running! I will be there to cheer you on along the route and as you cross the finish line. Let's hope it is a glorious day! Love, Mother"
Jane Cooper $50.00 "Dear Chris, Just a little extra donation to your cause. We know you've been training hard. Remember it's a great achievement just to run the NYC Marathon. We Love You!! Mom & Dad"
Mina Kazanlieva $25.00 "Good luck with this, Dan. I hope everything is going well in SF."
Mimi Volmar $100.00 "Good Luch Serene! We are cheeting for you from Eau Claire, WI! Much Love, Mimi, Fritz and Fritz Joseph"
Anonymous $100.00 "From Abuelita and Tia Emma! Emma is selling enchilada plates at work! Querer es poder! "
Anonymous $20.00 "From Kathy Beaver! (co-worker and friend of Judy Clay) Thanks for your generosity!"
Martin Evans $25.00 "Go, Serene ! ! ! ! ! !"
Dan Nilsen $100.00 "Best of luck Charlie!!!"
kerri metcalf $100.00 "Go, Superstar, Go!!! I'm so proud of you! Kerri"
Dana Johanson $100.00 "Plus a beer or three at some stage after. Good luck. "
noe cerda $100.00 "Faith,Determination and Courage. You are truly an inspiration. "
Robert Sweet Hidden "Have fun, Sarah."
Christina Cruz Hidden "RUN, Natalie, RUN!!! You're Awesome!!! Good Luck!!!!!!!!"
Robert Scypinski $100.00 "Charles, you have amazing discipline! Way to go! Best of luck!"
Irmeli Corsi $50.00 "Good for you. I always wanted to run a marathon. Too late I guess. Good luck. Irmeli"
Rosemary Finn $50.00 " Happy Birthday to both of you and Good Luck in your run. Love Rosemary and Vin"
Sean Perrone Hidden "Wax your legs and ass."
david kuhn $100.00 "from David and Kevin....run run run"
Anthony Gordon $100.00 "go for it Martin - good luck"
Jessica Doerrer $50.00 "GO SARY GO!!!"
Brian & Erin Cronin $100.00 "Good Luck!"
Gavin & Reese Cronin $100.00 "Run Fast Auntie!"
samantha lawson $25.00 "GOOOO AMY!"
Jude & Jack Zimmerman $100.00 "Hey Karen, I am so exctied for you! I am thinking of going in to see the race. We girls are so proud of you. Hope to see you soon. Fondly, Jude"
Jun Mitsumoto Hidden "Way to go, Natalie!"
Dina Higgins $30.00 "I am looking foward to running in NYC -- Dina "
SUSAN SOLOMON $100.00 "Even if you are a huge loser and Tom wins, I will still love you. I will still love your miserable loser self. But, run like the wind Billy, run like the wind."
Laura Jung $50.00 "You can do it Charles! Mama J"
Jennifer Abrams $26.20 "I'm so excited for your first marathon! Running for charity brings even more meaning to an awesome event. I'll be cheering for you."
Rose Nagashima $25.00 "Good luck!"
Jennifer Avila Hidden "run shamah run! good luck; i'm there in spirit!!"
Veronika Redmann $25.00 "Go Constantine Go!!! -Veronika with a tomato in her hand"
Gary Murray $50.00 "In the middle of the race, when you think you can't go any further (yes, you'll get there), just remember the training on the cottage road, the heat, the hills, the black flies. This will seem like a walk in the park. Good Luck!"
Nancy Hamaoui Benedet $25.00 "Good luck cuz!!! Love Nancy & family"
Margaret Runstadler $75.00 "Go Ryan - I am so proud of you! Stay off that Vespa for the next few weeks! Love, Mom"
Laura Jung $50.00 "You can do it Charles! Mama J"
Laura Jung $50.00 "You can do it Charles! Mama J"
Laura Wickens $50.00 "Go, Jesse!"
Barbara Miracle $20.00 "Good luck Jason!"
Jesse Kuklakis $20.00 "Good luck cuz! That pic makes you look just like Brandon Flowers."
edric lewis $100.00 "See you at the finish line."
Noah Brown $50.00 "Colleen, Good Luck from the Brown family!"
Alan Gardner $50.00 "Sarah...keep up the outstanding work...train hard, train healthy, run well! Alan"
Mei Fong $100.00 "Good Luck and happy running!"
John Ehmann $25.00 "To the only person I know that can out run Forest Gump.. Good luck! "
Josette Covington $100.00 "Run, Serene, Run! (Am I calling you Forrest Gump, Jesse Jackson, or Lola? You decide.)"
Carol O'Neil & Associates O'Neil $100.00 "Good Luck Deborah!"
Lynn Pescherine $100.00 "Charles, We are so excited for you and I am jealous that my knees won't let me run anymore marathons! I'd love to be out there with you and Robert. Love, ern, lynn, ryan and kai"
Mad Dog Woodmansee Hidden "let's see what you've got big nasty! good luck"
Edison & Leanna Noboa $100.00 "Best of luck Natalie and may God bless you on your journey."
Tom Michaud Hidden "Good luck Alondra. Congratulations for supporting a great cause and undertaking the hard work needed to run a marathon. Tom"
Esther Sylvan $25.00 "You go, girl! Thanks for your efforts for such a wonderful cause. "
jean rim $25.00 "GO DEB GO!! I am so excited and proud of you!!"
Anonymous $215.00 "For Otto's Shrunken Head Benefit Concert Fund Raiser cover and raffle ticket proceeds October 10th "
Kaylan Orkis Hidden "Good luck, Dave! "
Devadutta Laskar Hidden "good luck anjoli! we love you and we're so proud of you"
Alastair Donaldson $20.00 "Run Chickie run! Love you! Go DebTra!"
Liam McCarthy $60.00 "Goodluck Debbay!"
Grandma Dill $25.00 "Proud of my girl! Love, Grandma!"
Heather Killian Hidden "GO DEBORAH!! Woo-hoo!!!!!!!"
Joseph Hobbs Hobbs $50.00 "Best of luck Charles!"
Remy Hamaoui $50.00 "Good Luck with the race and the fundraiser. Remy"
Jerry Hill Hidden "It is no wonder that you have had to book two solid weeks off afterwards!"
Steven & Wendy Shain Hidden "David: Wendy and I wish you a personal best in running the NYC Marathon (well I guess since it is your first it will be). Good luck and look forward to your updates. Again than k you for taking such good carte of Leah (and Jess) while she was in NYC. Steven"
Katherine Seery Hidden "Good Luck Chris! We hope that with all the hard work you have been putting towards the race makes it a winning experience for you. Mr. & Mrs. Seery"
kim Newman $50.00 "Run like the wind !!!! "
Karl Hamaoui $25.00 "Good luck Cous... Hope you have a good race..."
David Pound $25.00 "Good luck, Ia. Wish I was doing it with you."
Emily Lawrence Hidden "It's too bad our bizarro similarities didn't carry over to the marathon running...GOOD LUCK!"
Anonymous Hidden "Go Johnny GO GO GO.."
noe cerda $50.00 "Thanks to all the people who contributed to The Armory Track & Field Foundation. We sincerely appreciate all your support."
Catherine Chin $25.00 "Good Luck Chris! "
Chris Brock $25.00 "Attaboy Curto! Good Luck!"
Polly Burtch $50.00 "Good luck Thaddeus! A worthy cause and a worthy runner--a winning combo! Aunt Polly and Larry in St. Louis"
Dorothy Rivera $25.00 "Good luck in the marathon Deborah. Happy running!"
Jason Lotkowictz $33.01 "THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Joanna Bernstein $25.00 "Good for you! Good luck!"
Shella Robinson Hidden "Go get 'em boys! Mama's so proud. Seriously, "
Samuel Ou $100.00 "Good luck John. Hope your training is going well!"
Joseph Mader $50.00 "Haul ass seabass!"
David Doyle $26.20 "Dollar per mile, may the wind be at your back!"
The Carons $25.00 "Good luck and have fun! Can't wait to see you again when you are in town!"
Purcell Kristin and Dan $50.00 "Since we have all seen you burning rubber around Manhasset for weeks now ,,,I'm sure you will KILL IT!! Good Luck!!"
Lee Flanagan $1,000.00 "We'll be cheering for you on Nov. 4th! Love, Lee, Tony, Kat and Mike"
Elise Varga Hidden "Laura, Hope you and Mark have a fabulous birthday and an amazing run!! Love, The Vargas"
Susan Kellerman $50.00 "I can't be there in person this year, so I hope this small donation helps you reach your goal! I'll be thinking of you in a few weeks. Best of luck, although I already know you'll run a great race!!"
Ben Stewart $100.00 "Go get 'em tiger"
Maryann D'Agostino $75.00 " You are my idol. Kick some ass out there!"
Miranda Moncur $50.00 "Hey Serene Know you can do it and well done for setting all this professional fundraising mechanism up so your global friends all get to help NY kids who I'll be meeting soon in November! Look after yourself through all this..... Miranda"
Danielle Snyderman $25.00 "Way to go, Em!"
George Conk $100.00 "Hope you make it to heartbreak hill, Jason. - George & Marilyn"
Gregg Petry $150.00 "An amazing challenge, and an excellent cause. You Rock! Gregg & Wenla"
Janine Bobko $25.00 "Good Luck, Flippy D! You better stock up on that chocolate goo now! Gosh, I hope it doesn't rain on Marathon day... I won't be there to get you a gas-station-garbage-bag-poncho!!! ;) Run Great! "
Carrie Kowieski $25.00 "IA!! You are amazing. I'd be dead after 5 miles. Have fun and try not to trip ;-) Love ya, Carrie"
Justyna Kittel $50.00 "You are the best I Good luck :) Justyna and Radek"
Franz & Dawn Hall $100.00 "Wishing you your best marathon ever!"
Jamie Lupo $50.00 "If I donate this money, will you stop blowing PRE?"
richard webley $50.00 "Good Luck Laura , looking forward to seeing you on Nov 2nd .. cheers Rich"
Michele Trujillo $50.00 "hey sis..... i hope my donation is of some use to you..... i love you very much and am very excited that you are going to be running for all of us big people that c ant do it................. gooooooood luck!!!!! run run run dont give up. oh ya and dont forget to pick me up a gift while you are there in NY. and to those who have not yet donated to my sis get with it... there are only a few hours left. love ya and call me when you hit the finish line : )"
Beatriz Adriana Santillan $15.00 "Love you Natalie! Good luck with the marathon and with med school! I'll be rooting for you from all the way here in Texas! Hook 'em!"
Shelly Hogan $50.00 "Corre, coree, corre! We will be thinking you, enjoy every last step, especially after 24.2miles!! love ya!!"
Marcus Tarrant $500.00 "Leaving messages for yourself is a little strange, but it would be remiss of me not to wish myself good luck, so ... good luck, chin up, best foot forward etc etc!"
Rebecca Nardelli $25.00 "Good Luck Natalie! You'll do great!"
Grace Boehm Hidden "Good luck Matt!"
Brent Morley Hidden "Proud of you already man, and you havent even run a step!"
Katherine Hoffman $100.00 "Run, John, like there's a glorious calanque at the end! "
Beverly Flores $20.00 "here's a small token for a great cause. wish u the best of luck in the marathon.. love ya!"
Matt and Cynthia Tronti $70.00 "Good luck!"
Abel DelAngel $25.00 "Dios le bendiga!"
Susan Kenyon $100.00 "Liza, We were so impressed with the Armory program when we saw Archie run at the Armory a few years ago. As you know, running is a sport that is very important to our family, and we are so glad that you decided to support this organization. Good luck with your race. Susan Kenyon and Rick Abrams "
Dana Underwood $200.00 "My company is Genentech."
martin mckinney $250.00 "ummm....Serene is goin to run her yellow bootee off for dem kids!! thanx Serene! "
Rosanna Harpest $200.00 "Glad to contribute to a worthy cause for children's health. Your effort is greatly appreciated by many! I'll be thinking of you all the way!!"
Mom and Dad Trujillo $50.00 "We love you."
charles murphy $100.00 "Make sure you wear a Red Sox hat...."
Elizabeth Fontana $25.00 "Good Luck Veronica!! We'll be cheering for you on the sidelines!"
suzanne salas $50.00 "Go get'em liza!!!!"
Isis Cerda-Clay $89.00 "We all did it together! Now it's all you! We are so proud of you! From Dad's Fundraising and Danny,Steph,Nolan :)"
Scott Dickover $50.00 "Marathons are addictive. Hope this is the first of many for you. Best of Luck. Scott (and Rob)"
Alan Vales $50.00 "Good Luck."
Joseph Hennessey $100.00 "Thanks for doing this Glenn -- SAO, the kiddos and I are all coming to watch you run in Gotham City. See you soon! Joe "
Dixie Comeau $50.00 "Miss James Brown, the cape will await you."
Rayandra Slonina $100.00 "Kristen and Kevin, This will be an amazing accomplishment, and for a great cause. Good luck and plenty of Alleve!"
Joan Rees $50.00 "We are so proud of you, Liza! You have worked so hard to get to this point, and we really admire you for it. You have already accomplished so much with your running, that in our minds, you've already won! So be as proud of yourself as the Rees family is of you, and run that big heart out of yours. We'll be cheering for you from Ipswich! We love you very much!"
Anna V asquez Hidden "Go Veronica! "
Erika Seery Hidden "i cant wait to cheer you on in central park to watch you finish. you were great yesterday and i know you'll be amazing in november. love, erika :-)"
Todd OHara Hidden "Good luck Crowbar!"
Mike & Christine Alvarez $50.00 "Good Luck! Mike & Christine Alvarez"
Kevin Sarver $104.00 "Best of luck!"
Kenna, Alix & Jared Baudin $100.00 "We can't wait to come out to support you on the big day. We're so proud of your dedication to the training process -- looks like moving close to the park was a good idea! Best wishes for an enjoyable day -- it will be quite an accomplishment. Much love to you always! - The Baudins"
kate nason $25.00 "You go girl!!!!!! xoxooxoxoxooxokate"
Lisa Cisek $25.00 "Good Luck to you David!!"
Benita Herman $25.00 "Hi Amy, Good luck on your Marathon run. Is this your first? If so, remember to bring a candy bar for mile 18 and then keep on eating them. Benita's done 11 New Yorks and 1 Dublin. PR 4:49 at age 60! Unless you are an elite runner, New York is so much more fun than Boston. Running it makes you fell like a hero, every step of the way. Good luck, ps oput your name on the front of your shirt. You will hear it all the way to the Park. Ken and Benita Herman"
Cheryl Lawler $20.00 "Good luck!"
Pierre Chavez $50.00 "It's unnatural for people to run around the city streets unless they are thieves or victims. It makes people nervous to see someone running. I know that when I see someone running on my street, my instincts tell me to let the dog go after him. "
Tim Hall $50.00 "Peter, I've run before, I don't much care for it. I do admire what you're doing though, good work and Good Luck!!!"
Shannon & John Lavery $100.00 "Better than a marathon Warcraft session any day of the week! Go, Glenn, Go! - Shannon & John"
Vinny and Robin DiGiulio Hidden "Amy, we are so proud! "
Barbara, Eric Rudd $100.00 "We'll be there! Good Running!"
Jon & Dana Mader $150.00 "Virtual cheers and Good Luck from P-Burg! Remember your stuff and use the can at *HOME* this time. You can stop spamming me now ;-) "
Tony & Gail Fusco $50.00 "Life is like a box of chocolates...keep on runnin' & good luck"
Alison Towle $100.00 "I'm so proud of you Liza. I know you're going to rock it!!"
Julie Fidrych $50.00 "Best of luck to you Liza! This is wonderful what you are doing and just know that we all love you and we're cheering you on! Hope all goes well. Love, Jules"
Sailesh Raithatha $50.00 "Good luck Lady :) "
Kenneth Chin Hidden "Good luck!"
April Ricards $25.00 "Good LUCK to you. You will do great! We'll be cheering for you from this coast. :) Jeff, April & Magnus "
Anonymous $570.00 "Nice Matin Rocks!!!!"
Alexandria Andreeff $75.00 "Best of luck on the marathon! Better you than me (ha ha).....wish I could give more but I'm moving on November 1 and am well on my way to being a flat-broke Manhattanite myself! "
Traci Smith $100.00 "Charles, I'm so proud of you! You have really worked hard. Looking forward to giving you a hug at the finish line! Traci"
Emily Gipple $25.00 "Good luck Adam! My neighbor will be running in this too - she's actually quite good. Stay strong through the race and stop by the office sometime!"
Richmond Allen $50.00 "Good luck! You better finish!"
sarah crichton $50.00 "Serene - you go, girl!! Will be thinking of you a ton -- esply, those last 6 miles. Kia kaha (be strong in Maori); bestest, sc"
Jonathan Lin $10.00 "Natlalie!!!!!!! YAY!!!!"
Bob Jackson $100.00 "Nice work Glenn. All the training is done, now go and break 4hrs! Good Luck"
Jennifer Connelly $50.00 "Hey Liza! We are so proud of you. I'm still amazed on how far you have come. Look at you now, you're running a marathon! We hope the weather cooperates. We wish you the best of luck! Lots of love from the Connelly family "
Jonathan Rivero $50.00 "Run Hard buddy bear, ol' jon jon will be running with you in spirit. Then you can go and celebrate with all the beer your heart desires (if at all anymore). I'm very proud of you brother."
Brian Joseph De Guzman $50.00 "I can't believe you run this much (lol)."
Jeffrey Stevens $100.00 "Good luck and good running"
Recycled Cans & Bottles $13.00 "Hooray for the recycled itmes! Just keep running!"
Nestor Castaneda $25.00 "Hey Natalie here's my small contribution, hope you reach your goal. Good luck...run, run, run!!!"
Joe & Winnie Blatchford $150.00 "Nick, We'll see you at the finish line. Love, Mom & Dad"
Ericka Duroseau $50.00 "Good luck! I'm so proud of you!"
Jason Zimmerman $25.00 "Deb, you're my hero!!! "
Caroline Benjamin Hidden "You are amazing and your drive is an inspiration."
Irasema Duenas $25.00 "Hi Natalie.. Good luck with this marathon.. Hope this bit helps you with your goal.. good luck and have a fun run.. thank you for helping children.. :) "
Andrea Robik $75.00 "We'll be cheering for you!"
Kristina Bessenyey $150.00 "You go, girl!!"
Anonymous $250.00 "Go Charles"
elise rosenberg Hidden "team public! so freaking sexy!"
Fred Fortier $50.00 "Hi Emily, Here's $50 to help the cause! Best Regards, Fred Fortier Planet Home Inc."
Mike Suozzi $25.00 "Good Luck Em! Mike"
Sara Fox $100.00 "Kick butt Al! We know you will be amazing. Tom, Zoe, Elizabeth and I are so proud of you. "
Jocelyn Page $50.00 "Will be cheering you on during the Brooklyn leg of the race! I'll be the one screaming "Go Liza Lizard Li Li -- murrrrrrr!" "
Gladys Jr. & Sr. Aguirre $40.00 "Hey Natalie, I wish you the best of luck in the NYC marathon, just in making the effort to sign up for this run i already consider you a winner. Keep your head up and the your faith, you can do anything you set your mind to. Best of wishes the Aguirre Family. I will be there to watch & support you all the way."
Jeff Tyler $1,250.00 "We are so proud of you. Now kick your dad's butt. I will be cheering for you. Look for me in the crowd. I know I will be so easy to find. Ha. ha. Love you. Mom and Dad"
karen herrera $10.00 "May the Lord give you strength all the way. just remember to think about the people you are doing it for when you feel like you are ready to hit the wall. When you see that finish line just think, you did it!!!! and looking at the finish sign will give that strength to give it all you have left to give. you dont need any luck cuz you have God on your side."
Gladys Aguirre $42.00 "C'mon Natalie, i just became your #1 fan, just 100 to go!!!!!, LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL from Kenneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"
Kenneth Aguirre $100.00 "Firts to donate and last to donate. Good luck babe! You will do good! DOUBLE TIME BUNNY!!!!"
Ilya Miloslavskiy $25.00 "Go Lorenzo, u can do it, you can do it!"
Anne Rosow $50.00 "GO JENNY GO!!!!"
Donald Lewis $100.00 "That's amazing stuff, Chuck. I can't imagine coming anywhere near 20 miles. You must be looking svelte!!!"
William Lewis $250.00 "u r goofy run reed run"
thomas Di Fazio $25.00 "Go Emily!!!! YAY TEAM!!!!"
Ana Angel $20.00 "GOOD LUCK EMILY!!"
Jeff Schmitt $50.00 "Good luck Reed! Schmitty"
John Nagle $25.00 "I hope its a wonderful run, Veronica. John Nagle"
Angelo Buencamino $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Karen Oakley $100.00 "Feels great to help you be a part of this--Here's to a Great Day in the Big Apple!! and, to living your dream--What an inspiration!!"
kristina oneal $100.00 "Go tamer!"
Andrew Favreau $25.00 "Go PPP Go! All of us will be cheering you on!"
Scott Dawson $100.00 "Good Luck PPP!"
Channing Bushnell $75.00 "Go allison!!!!!!!!!!!"
Eva Bessenyey Hidden "Hajra Magyar!"
Francis Bessenyey Hidden "Hajra Magyar!"
Anonymous Hidden "Run like the wind!"
Anna Grundstrom $50.00 "Go Tamer! Very impressive."
Sherida Khan $50.00 "Good Luck Deb!!!"
orlando karpf $50.00 "Good Luck! The best for you."
Chris Roche $50.00 "Best of luck, Pete! "
Thom Geraghty $25.00 "Congrats Jesse! I'd say break a leg but I think this is one of those times when that would be an inappropriate response! All the best, Thom"
Jason Jandrew $50.00 "Charles, I'm really proud of you and all your hard work. You can do it!!! "
Chris and Regina Gallagher Hidden "We're so proud of you!"
Nathaniel Caldwell Gallup Hidden "Best of luck in this endeavor, may your nipples not get chaffed & bloody. And i upped the amount given for the cause not because of tardy donation but because really jason i see myself as more of a $40 friend. Peace, love, respect"
Alana Cohen $25.00 "Good luck, Constantin!"
Ronit Glantz $100.00 "Good Luck Doc!"
Rachel McCarthy $50.00 "Good luck Peter, the feeling of accomplishment from finishing a marathon is a fantastic feeling - made even more special by the fact you're raising money for a good cause. At least you won't have the heat I had running Chicago a couple of weeks ago! Best wishes. Rachel"
Michael Tunnicliffe $27.00 "Good luck Peter. I threw in the extra 80c for the walk from the finish line. Cheers, Mike"
Tom McGrane $27.00 "Good for you! good luck!"
John Cotter $50.00 "Go Go Go"
eric hirsch $50.00 "You are a brave woman! Good Luck!"
Peter Van Tuyn Hidden "Wow. This is awesome. You are one hot babe. A guy could really fall for you."
Jeris Yruma $100.00 "Good luck, Lee. I hope you beat those sneaky guys from Kenya who run without shoes."
Viviana De La Hoz $50.00 "Good luck! You can do it!! Me dejas saber cuantas millas hiciste!! Un Abrazo, Vivi"
Ray Visotski $100.00 "The South Carolina branch of the family send their best wishes as we add another marathoner to the family. Digger, Alicia, KA, Jelly & Moopster"
Carol Fernandez $30.00 "Gook Luck Peter. it's a great cause!"
Wendy Costa $25.00 "We will be cheering you on Allison from PA! :) Best of luck! Say HI to nyc for us!!! xxx w. p l and g"
Stan Lata $50.00 "Go Peter!"
Heather Strain $25.00 "Peter - I had no idea you were training for a marathon. What an accomplishment. Good luck to you. "
Greg Bradshaw $150.00 "run like the wind! until you're winded, then walk for a bit. "
Molly Roberts Hidden "Karen, You are in inspiration! Best of luck for the race. Molly"
Scott Hayashi Hidden "Tamer, Warm wishes from the southern hemishpere. I think it is great what you are doing. Suffer! It's mostly mental and a little physical. Enjoy it! "
Eric Ishida Hidden "Go for it Big Nasty"
patricia fleming $50.00 "Hi Garret, The Regina cheering section will be rooting for you! Good luck. Patricia"
Kirsten Fleming $50.00 "I cheered for you when you were a golden sun, a redman and if you listen real hard you'll hear me cheering you on on Nov. 4th... wish i could get bamboozled with you after the race - muah K. "
Louise Raphael $100.00 "run Jesse run!! goodluck and see you at the finish for the longest beer you've had in a while. from L&G"
Kathy Albergo $25.00 "Good Luck with the run and thanks for helping to make a difference."
Ben Ridgway $50.00 "Go Lauren!!!"
Jason Anthony $100.00 "You're doing such a great thing...a pleasure to support you. Hope to see you guys soon."
Gregg Gottlieb $50.00 "Good luck to Ron Rubin and all who are running. "
Ronen Bar-El $25.00 "Keep at it Laurenzo, you are so Diesel right now!!"
Kathleen Dawley $100.00 "Best wishes for a very successful race! "
debbie myszynski $25.00 "Best of Luck to you!"
Linda Fitzgerald $50.00 "run like the wind, peter! :)"
Kristina Macy $25.00 "Good Luck Tarr. Run your cute little booty off!"
Adrian Young $25.00 "Go Thaddeus!!! 3:45???"
Jun & Cynthia Calejesan $50.00 "Good luck to Peter on his marathon."
Clare Charlton $50.00 "Good luck Ia, Would love to hear from you and hope you make it and it isn't so hot that they have to cancel the last few miles like they did in Chicago. All well here - Tom still hates to board but we have a school run. Anxiety building up to the exams and mocks etc. Oh joy of joys! Love Clare"
Angela Giordano $50.00 "Run Long-Face Run! "
Angela Giordano $50.00 "Run for the pirate booty! "
Michael Ryan $25.00 "Chris, Best wishes on a strong finish. Mike Ryan"
Kelly Will Hidden "Good luck EmApples! "
Anonymous $50.00 "You, my friend, are a woman of substance!"
Doug Dougherty $100.00 "miss you ... be well and kick some ass race day"
Michele Ifill $25.00 "Myrna - You are amazing and an inspiration to me that all things are possible with self discipline and the trust in the Lord. Know that your father is smiling down on you. Love, Ifill"
Cliff Broder $250.00 "Ron: Congratulations on your efforts for this great cause. Cliff"
Janiece Brown Sptizmueller Hidden "All the best, Myrna!"
Robert L Fischbein $262.00 "Ron - hope you reach your goal!!! Good Luck!!"
Leonard Klein $100.00 "Myrna- Sorry to hear about Dad. I know what it's like. Our Dads(if yours is anything like you) are up in the heavens partying like dogs!!!!!!!!!! YOU GO GIRL!"
Heather Gilman $50.00 "Good Luck, Liza! I'm in awe of you, and it's a pleausre to sponsor you. Love, Heather"
Hudson Analytics, Inc. Hudson Analytics, Inc. $150.00 "Dana -- Best Wishes on your run! Eric and Connie"
Michael Ende $25.00 "Good luck, Deborah!"
Bernie Garbutt $100.00 "Good Luck!!!"
Michelle Hensley $25.00 "Good luck, Deborah!"
Arnold Wong $250.00 "Good Luck!"
aimee berger Hidden "I would like to wish my friend Ron Rubin good luck in his race. "
Michael Zicari Hidden "Run Ponch Run...Nice Stache"
Heather Wiltshire Clement $25.00 "Good Luck Charles!"
linda orlando Hidden "GOOD LUCK ALONDRA! ! ! ! Run Proud!"
Mickki Murray $25.00 "Proud of you C. Inspiring. Wish I could give more. Best wishes, Mickki & Trinidad"
hope Bertrand $50.00 "john is very upset that he is not going to see you in the tight spandex one piece you purchased for the event! kick some ass suz!!!!"
Rachel, J and Ainsley Pound/Miller $100.00 "You GO girl! We hope you make your goal time."
amy murphy $100.00 "Good Luck...we'll be rooting for you!!"
marcus forman Hidden "On behalf of Ron Rubin and Forman Physical Therapy we wish the Armory future success in providing the youth of our city with the gift of mentoring, support and guidance. Thank you Armory. -Sincerely, Marcus Forman"
Lauren & Stephen Glassgold $50.00 "NYC loves you and so do we! Good Luck....We're super proud!"
christine walton $50.00 "Hi Ia wishing you best of luck in running the Marathon luv Chris, Terry and Mark"
Maria (Bing) Snow $25.00 "Peter, go for it!"
Shields Weaver $25.00 "RUN Sarah RUN!!!! I am really looking forward to spending time with you/being a bridemaid when the race is done. Congrats on your hard work and training! xoxo, Shields "
Jen Kessenich $100.00 "Have a great race!"
Emi Hawkey $25.00 "Hi Chris, It was nice to hear from you. I am familiar with the Armory since Allison, my youngest, ran there for RV track. She now attends Lafayette College and will again compete on those tracks this winter season. She must have been in K or first grade when you were in fifth. Time flies, doesn't it?? Hello to your mom and brothers. Emi Hawkey"
Lev & Yelena Friedman $100.00 "... and good luck again!"
Mitchell Kay $100.00 "Can't wait to see you at the finish line, clocking in at 3:59. All our love, Michelle, Mitchell, Sydney-Paige and Harrison. "
Bruce Weinstein $54.00 "Go Deborah!!! You're a WINNER before you start... Pebbles, Bruce, Lexie, Max, and Jared. "
Hae-Jin Kim $25.00 "stellah has passed on your wonderful story! g'luck!"
Tracy Kraus-Bratone $25.00 "Hey Lauren! Lots of luck.. run girl run.. I was able to get Red Top Dairy to help support you for this fabulous cause.. As your insurance Broker, please be careful and keep your medical ID card on you just in case you should need it. Take care. Tracy Kraus- Bratone and the crew @ Red Top Dairy (the drive thru)"
Christian Talag $15.00 "I got you to $2500! See at the start line, The Person. "
Mary Keating Hidden "Good luck, PPP! Drink your Gatorade:)"
andrew cullen $100.00 "good luck alondra"
Thomas Debus $100.00 "4 bottles of Gatorade = $2.35 1 pack of anti-blister: $5 1 new pair of snickers = $120 Liza running the NYC Marathon = Priceless Have fun running the Marathon, I am sure that it's going to be a great adventure! "
Vincent Fong $250.00 "Levi Strauss Foundation has a matching grant"
Patrizia DeGennaro $25.00 "Good Luck Deborah!! You can do it!!"
Megan McCarthy $50.00 "Good Luck Peter from your Media Relations Colleagues. - Robin, Jeff & Megan"
Shelley Kadota $100.00 "Run, Ia, run! You go, girl! Hope you have a great run. We'll be thinking of you and cheering you on from the other side of the continent! -- Shelley & Bruce"
Matt & Anita Clements $100.00 "Reach for the sky Mr T !"
zama shangase Hidden "Vicky, u've done it u have 1wk left ..so keep at it I know u can do it ... remember Dec. 1st is around the corner....yeah love, zama"
Gary & Ellen Phillips Hidden "Run like the wind, Jake! From your biggest California fans, Gary, Ellen & Meryl"
Rafael Marmor Hidden "Good luck Fatzo... Sorry I won't be there to cheer you on..."
Craig Wisniewski $52.40 "have a good day!"
Barbara Rankin Hidden "Carolyn, Good Luck and have a great run!!!!"
bernice duboff Hidden "Billy, You really are the "Comeback Kid". I am so proud of your being able to run in the marathon. Keep up the good work! Lovya lots! Bernice"
Carolyn Ellis $100.00 "Go Charles!"
Jason and Allison Bauman $100.00 "Good luck Emily! "
Jason Berger $50.00 "Way to go nick. Better late then never..right! hit the high gear & Good Luck. "
Sid Jain Hidden "Good Luck!!"
Jessica Villaplana $50.00 "GO NICK!!!! Look for my sign on Sunday Jess"
Elan Ruskin $75.00 "Because those kids just aren't disadvantaged enough already, we must build additional torture facilities for them. Constantin is on the leading edge of this torment-promoting effort. As well as, hopefully, on the leading edge of the marathon."
Leah Cooke $25.00 "You can do it Deborah! "
Jim Bohlwn Hidden "Good Luck, Dave !!!"
Louise Sterner $100.00 "Good Luck Liza!"
Tom Finigan $100.00 "Friend of Tom R."
Peter Rigopulos $126.22 "I booted just thinking about running 26 miles. God speed."
Idette Flemings~Earl $50.00 "Soror Myrna, I know you are fit and ready for the challenge, God be with you. Soror Idette Flemings~Earl DST, RCAC"
Matt Breslin $50.00 "Good luck Haubs!!"
Anonymous Hidden "Brilliant. "
Jessica Drmacich $25.00 "Istvan rules!"
Marie Reinke $26.20 "Good luck, Peter! We'll all be cheering you on! Marie Reinke"
Dana Hartwell Hidden "Run Bill, Run."
Kathryn & Tommy Ryan $100.00 "Good luck Suzanne! We'll be waiting for you on First Ave!"
christine williams $10.00 "How nice of you to do this, it sounds like a great cause. Anything that helps kids is beneficial to us all. "
andrew crossfield $50.00 "I just know you are going to win the whole thing!"
Marilyn Martinez $50.00 "Have an awesome time! I'll be cheering for you all the way from the Nations Capital...listen closely, you'll hear me. "
Ian Le Pelley $100.00 "Istvan - full power to you! (I expect you will be going under 3 hours, no?)"
therese netter $25.00 "Good luck Lauren"
Jennifer Hagan $150.00 "Good luck, Istvan!! "
Jennifer Lattif $25.00 "Go Haubs! Will be anxiously awaiting your arrival at Rathbones with a beer to pour on your head. That's just the kind of supportive friend I am."
Lillian Phillips $75.00 "Good Luck!"
Frank Vitello $500.00 "Go get 'em Tommy. Proud of you amigo. "
Lisa Ndiaye Hidden "Good luck Myrna!"
Barbara Drmacich $50.00 "Istvan, Thanks for particating in the NYC Marathon for this worthy cause. Barb and Kevin"
Lela Patrik $50.00 "Go Marcus Go!!!"
Lauren Klein $100.00 "You rarely need it, but best of luck! "
Susanna Koen $100.00 "I wish for you to exceed even your expectations during the run. Very, very proud of you!!!"
Shameeka Quallo $25.00 "Myrna, I am extremely proud of your perserverance and commitment! Good luck, and I am extremely proud of you! Shameeka :)"
Ed & Donna Walsh $100.00 "Dave Good Luck. 3 hours or bust!. "
Mike Mangan $25.00 "Curtooooooo! Good luck buddy!"
Brian Brach $25.00 "Good luck Curto!"
Karen and Pat Murphy $25.00 "Run Fast!"
Anonymous $416.00 "Difference Left Over as of 11/1"
Mary Beth Moss Hidden "Go Tim!! 26.2!! We believe in you!!!"
kieran hervold $25.00 "good luck, and watch out for chafing!"
Edwin Cho $25.00 "Good luck, Myrna!"
Ana Figueiredo $25.00 "Good luck Myrna!!"
David Futter Hidden "Go Myrna! We'll be cheeering for you on Sunday. David Futter "
Stu & Karen Wales $100.00 "Good Luck Amy! Next stop Heartbreak Hill, right!? xox "
Ruby E. Cunningham Hidden "Hi Myrna, Hope you have a successful run & beautiful weather. REC"
Kimberly Dillon $25.00 "Go Sarah Go! Have a great run! "
Betty Staley $25.00 "Dear Tom, I think what you are doing is terrific. I send you speedy thoughts as you guide your feet on the marathon. Your dedication to Ron and to hope is inspiring. Warmly, Betty Staley"
Daniel Adler $50.00 "Good luck buddy!"
Sarah Schiavoni Sullivan $25.00 "Light it up on Sunday! What a GREAT course! I am jealous.... "
Christine Hogan Hidden "YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
erinn salaman $50.00 "Good Luck! We are so proud of you. Love, Erinn, Mitchell, A.J. and Ryan"
Justin Beyer $200.00 "We better be getting a SWEET wedding present, Harpest! :)"
Lisa and Rob Levine $50.00 "Dana, Good Luck. We know you will do great. Love , Lisa and Rob"
joe murphy Hidden "Alondra, "The race is not to the swift, but to those who keep running." You will do great. You put the miles in, now enjoy the race. Slainte. joe"
Yasmin Campbell $25.00 "Hey Myrna, you are such an inspiration. Be blessed and enjoy the run. Yasmin"
Betsie Gutcheon $25.00 "You Go Myrna! I'll be watching for you! "
Sigal Aichler Hidden "Wish I could have donated more but this is kind of a rough period. Anyway, good luck and have a great time! Way to be! "
loid der $25.00 "r u n . . . . . . . . . . . . . "
The Calhoun Family $25.00 "Chris, Best wishes for a speedy race."
Sheryl Cottrell $25.00 " Will be watching for you, Myrna!"
Sara Covey Hidden "We will be cheering for you on 4th ave and union! cant wait to see my charlie running!"
Kemesha Delisser $25.00 "Good luck Tino!"
Anonymous Hidden "Gooooooo Constintine! YOU da Man! Good luck tomorrow!"
Neerav Sheth $50.00 "Tino! Best of luck! CCCP! "
Lauren Phillips $78.60 "Here's $3 for every mile you complete. WARNING: Every mile you DON"T complete you owe me $6 :-)"
Erica Phillips $250.00 "Yay MP - We are so proud of you! You're our hero! Erica & Ebrahim"
Frank Riolo $500.00 "Tom, thanks for doing this, you are a good man. Frank"
mia edwards $50.00 "Myrna, Congratulations on your accomplishment!!"
Henry & Kate Fyson $100.00 "This is slightly late in the day, but I'm assuming you flew round with grace and ease. Fantastic effort!"
Tarannum Rahman $25.00 "Better late than never. Haha, i told you I would eventually donate!"
Kevin Brown $50.00 "Suka!"
Barbara Reich $100.00 "Congratulations on a great race! Barbara Reich"
Rachel Crawford Hidden "Hail the exchange rate."
Laukitis Shelly and Buck Hidden "Run Ilona Run!"
Matt Brady Hidden "Congrats on your time Mars - see you in Dec God willing!"
Andrew deLemos Hidden "Congrats, Charles on completing the 2007 NYC marathon. -Andrew, Gen, and Ben"
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