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Dedicated to Geoff Hollister, ARA Board Member and Friend

Over 30 percent of children ages six to 11 are overweight, 15 percent are obese, and three out of five children ages nine to 13 don't participate in sports or other coached physical activities outside of school. These overweight and unfit children are more likely to remain unhealthy in adulthood and have an increased risk for developing life-threatening medical conditions such as Type II diabetes and heart disease. The American Running Association (ARA) and its medical division, the American Medical Athletic Association, are united in efforts to deter youth obesity in the U.S. and promote higher levels of physical activity for school-age youth.

Donations made to ARA's YOUTH FITNESS CAMPAIGN will benefit our annual NATIONAL RUN A MILE DAYS held annually in May. Funds will support distribution of free materials such as the 8-week walk/run printed schedule and posters, as well as help with onsite events during the week-long event.

This year we're dedicating RUN A MILE DAYS to former ARA Board Member and Nike visionary Geoff Hollister, who passed away on February 6 after a long battle with cancer. Geoff was a strong advocate of encouraging children to be active and believed in the team approach to make effective change. With his memory in our thoughts, we will work together to get more and more children up and moving.

If you'd like to receive information about supporting RUN A MILE DAYS in your school or community, please e-mail the American Running Association at milerun@americanrunning.org.

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Total Donations: $54,406

Goal: $150,000

$0 36% $150,000

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