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X PRIZE Space Race News Fundraising Page
Help the X PRIZE Foundation!
The X PRIZE Space Race News challenges it's readers to collect US$ 10,000.00 (or more) in 2005!

NOTE: The $100,000 matching dollar challenge ended with $30,239.00!, this number will be doubled to: $60.478.00!

The X PRIZE Foundation is an educational 501(c)3 organization. You will be provided with a receipt for your charitable donation immediately after this transaction. If you would prefer to make a contribution via telephone please call 1-866-X-PRIZE-8
Total Donations Collected:$350.00
Goal: $10,000
$0 4% $10,000
The X PRIZE was a huge success but our mission has just begun and we need your help. It took every penny that we could raise to get us to this point, and was well worth it. We made the decision to employ every resource of the Foundation to maximize the impact of the recent X PRIZE Competition. The worldwide attention that resulted from this decision showed that we made a good bet. But it leaves our fuel tanks dry when we urgently need to take action.

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