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Every Step is One Step Closer to the Cure
Running to Save Lives

Thank you for believing in the work of the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation. This will be our 5th World AIDS Marathon In Kenya and I am so grateful just to be alive and to be able to help other people. I promised myself back in 2002 that if my life were spared from my brain cancer I would do everything I could do to help others less fortunate than me. Thank you for giving me the opportunity of keeping my promise.

If running marathons will help convince our Government and World leaders that 2,000,000 people need not die from AIDS every year, then I pray that God will give me the strength to continue running marathons. Let’s just get the AIDS medicine and follow-up medical care to people living with HIV all over the world. At the same time let’s make sure that clean drinking water and adequate, nutritious food is available to people all over the world for the AIDS medicine to be effective. Please join me in making a commitment to the 11,600,000 orphans in Sub-Saharan Africa that we will never forget these children. They could just as easily be our children if we were born in Africa.

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