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Ronia Kruse's Fundraising Page
Racing to give terminally ill children their dreams
Hello Everyone, I am raising money for the Make-a-Wish foundation to grant children their wish. I am also running for those who have lost their loved ones to cancer. THANK YOU for support the cause. God Bless. Ronia
Please make a donation and grant a wish to a Michigan child who is living with a life-threatening medical condition – we need your help!

Medicine comes in many forms and we believe a wish is powerful medicine. For a child, the anticipation of a wish is magical. As they plan a wish all their own, doctors’ appointments and painful treatments seem to melt away. And then, the wish itself takes them far, far away from the worries and allows them to be kids again.

When a community of people come together, the power is amazing and in our case, we all have the power to grant a wish. We’re counting on you.

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