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The Walter and Connie Payton Foundation
Bank of America 2010 Chicago Marathon
Support Team Sweetness and help the children of Illinois! The Walter and Connie Payton Foundation's mission is to help abused, neglected & underprivileged children in the state of Illinois. We strive to help boost these children’s self-esteem and give them a reason to believe that tomorrow can be different.....That tomorrow can be better!

We are dedicated to the emotional healing of neglected, abused and underprivileged children by providing tools and opportunities to build self-esteem and encourage a better family unit giving hope for a brighter future.

“Children have always brought a tremendous amount of joy to me and I feel that if you can catch them at a young age you can really change a life. There are a lot of studies that show that one act of kindness to these children has a 40% chance of making that child have a completely different outcome in their life. What you hope is that you can get a kid to believe in something and to believe in themselves.”

-Walter Payton #34

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Total Donations: $12,005

Goal: $14,000

$0 86% $14,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Theodora Angel $20.00 "Muchos Besos!! Muchas Suerte!"
Nedialka Angel $50.00 "Run, Christo!"
Thomas Keller $50.00 "Happy Birthday! Go Christo! Go Walter!"
Nancy Lavertu $20.00 "Happy Birthday to you! Best wishes for a successful marathon. Nancy and Allen Lavertu Michelle's mom and dad"
katherine Baker $50.00 "Jason- Good Luck! We hope to make it down to cheer you on. "
Tom and Chris Gregory $100.00 "Go for it!"
Michelle Parker $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Karen Stoner $50.00 "Way to go, Donna! Good luck and hope to see you at the reunion where you can tell us all about the marathon. Take care, Karen"
Kathryn Funk $100.00 "I can't imagine running that far any more. Best wishes, and thanks for the chance to be a part of an organization that is really needed."
Steven Kane $50.00 "Go Jason! Kristin and I will be at the marathon to cheer you on!"
Winston Ling $34.00 "Good luck Donna! Don't forget to get the massage after the run, it'll make the pain go away faster."
James Becker $34.00 "You go Girl!!!! "J.B." Becker"
Jim Weeks $50.00 "Way to go Donna! Enjoy the run."
Vernon and Mary Alesch $34.00 "Donna Sue, While it pains us to show support to an affiliate of the Chicago Bears,, we know your allegiance to the Packers is intact and Team Sweetness is a great cause. We'll be praying for you as you train and on the day of the race. Mom and Dad"
Bill White $34.00 "Whoah!!!! Donna Rocks!!!"
Stephanie Block $20.00 "You'll do GREAT! :) "
Heidi Johnson $50.00 "Good Luck Jenny! "
Kristen Keller $10.00 "Good luck Jenny!"
Micaela Vargas $50.00 "Good Luck Honey, may the wind carry your back and the running God's bless your feet across the finish line ;-) Besitos y abrazos --- Micki"
Hayden Rutherford $25.00 "Go Daddy Go! :) Love, Hayden"
Anise Silva $50.00 "Great Cause!! The Chicago Marathon is the best marathon in the world so enjoy it and if you are up for it next year I will run it with you...if you can run it in under 3hr and 30mins... ;-) "
Kristen Kammann $25.00 "Go get 'em Jenny! You are AWESOME !"
Harriet Bildsten $25.00 "Have fun, Jenny!"
Margaret Mariani $15.00 "You go girl! We're so proud of you!"
smita nair $20.00 "Good luck!"
Lynne Meyer $30.00 "Jeff...You are Awesome!!! "
Kevin Gaillard $50.00 "Jeff, you are the man."
Lee Engstrom $68.00 "Best of luck and don't hurt yourself. Lee and Martha"
John S. Kraus $10.00 "Good luck Donna! You can do it!"
Mark and Renee Humphrey $340.00 "Way to go!!! You inspire us. Helping children is a great cause. Have a great run and lots of fun in Chicago. Mark and Renee Humphrey"
Al Duff $50.00 "Donna: We'll look for you on Sunday. Have some fun!"
Suzanne Beauregard $50.00 "You go BABE!"
Kirsten White $34.00 "I'm so proud of you Donna! This is amazing! Best of luck and have fun in Chicago!"
Jesus Galvan $68.00 "Thanks, Donna. Two children,and we are all rooting. Jesus"
Ivan Ortega $25.00 "ARGH!!! Blagh pupld ghinf dorrkkkii."
Anne Rybialek $25.00 "Running the marathon is an admirable achievement and helping others in need is one of a kind!"
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