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Healing doesn't always happen in hospitals
A charity ride benefiting Wapiyapi, a Colorado nonprofit organization. The mission of Wapiyapi is to offer a community of hope and support to families affected by childhood cancer. Our free summer camps and family retreats provide a respite for children with cancer and their families.

Our organization was established in 1998 by University of Colorado medical students in order to help children with cancer and their families. As of 2010, our annual summer camps and retreats have served over 1,000 children by offering a safe and nurturing environment to allow these patients and their families the natural freedoms of childhood.

Wapiyapi organizes activities throughout the year. We hope that these opportunities will empower families to understand that they do not face their challenges alone.

The top 20 individual fundraisers will have the opportunity to start the ride with Lance Armstrong!

All participants on corporate teams need to individually raise $200.
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Fundraising has ended.

Total Donations: $93,638

Goal: $100,000

$0 94% $100,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Andy Hayes $50.00 "Here you go buster =) Let me know if you're close to your goal and I'll drop another 50$ in the account. Good luck! -Andy"
Greg Kenney $100.00 "GO TEAM WITT!!!"
Esther Loginsky $10.00 "You go Guys! Love, Es and Winky"
John Fox $300.00 "A really great cause. Good luck with the ride. Hope you get to ride with Lance!"
vanessa neal $25.00 "Good Luck and lots of FUN !!!"
Lee Ann Owens $100.00 "This is from Kyle!!! Have a great week Kids!"
Ron King $20.00 "Go, Linda! Make Independence Pass shudder at the sound of your name!"
Elizabeth Esterl $100.00 "I am so proud of you. Your participation in this event with truly make a difference in people's lives."
Isaac Ruybal $50.00 "Joe Bear, I am so proud of you and will be supporting you 100% of the way!!"
Hazel Senz $50.00 "Good luck on your bike race! I'm sure you'll blow the competition away! Hazel"
Kimball Pomeroy $100.00 "The Populus tremula shall quake at your passing!! Go Linda go! See Linda go."
Andrea Fucillo $50.00 "Morey, I am happy to help, if only in a small way!! Have a wonderful ride in beautiful surroundings (Jim and I were married in Aspen)! See you at the reunion!"
marcia breit $50.00 "geeeezzzzz, morey, you're bringing tears to my eyes just reading your missive. i'll be thrilled to cheer all of team bean on! right now i'm not able to do a 360 leg rotation and grimmace at just the thought of doing such. you go guys!!!! love you lots, marcia"
Anne Diggins $25.00 "Hey Morey, Thanks for the opportunity to help out. All the best to team Bean!"
Denise Marie Weber $50.00 "Thank you for doing this. You are wonderful humans! "
Jon Jardine $100.00 "Congrats on participating in such a great cause. Good luck. Jon"
John Kearns $25.00 "Best of luck, Linda!"
Janet Krause $100.00 "Don't hurt yourself...better get training!!!! Good Luck!"
Tom Thomas $25.00 "Go get em girl!!"
Matthew Krause $50.00 "Good Luck Jenny!!"
Ben Krause $75.00 "Tell Lance I say hi"
Sharon Clark $20.00 "Hi Clint! Just checked my old email address and found your note. Hope the ride went well, if it has already happened. Well done! Warmest Blessings, Sharon"
Debby Wilkinson $20.00 "Congratulations on biking for such a worthy cause!"
Colin Lamberton $40.00 "Good luck Doug, you'll do great"
Teresa Waller $25.00 "I hope you raise suitcases full of money!! Thath and Isaac have an incredible track record volunteering at this camp and I'm sure have touched lives of all those kids they encounter and make each of their days happier! Love you all! Terri"
Brad Wagner $100.00 "Good Luck Honey!"
Anita Falasco $100.00 "You go biker girl! Wish I could join you! Anita Falasco"
Erin Hunt $50.00 "Good luck Doug! What a great thing you are doing-- you are such an inspiration!"
Richard Case $35.00 "We expect you to challenge Lance to a douyble or nothing in a one on one race, and then smoke him so he has to double your donation dollars."
Anonymous Hidden "Hi Doug, I'm a friend of your Aunt Shannon's. It's a wonderful thing you're doing...best of luck on your ride!"
Anonymous Hidden " I work with your Aunt Shannon, and I am admire what you are doing! You are a wonderful person!! Good Luck!"
Mitchell Lerner $100.00 "A great cause."
Charlene Thomas $100.00 "Thanks for doing something for such a worthy cause !! Char"
Thomas Pruitt SR $20.00 "We are so proud of you Seth. "
Daniel Fosmer $20.00 "Good luck with the fundraising Ashley. This looks like a great cause!"
Erica and George Green $25.00 "Yah Holly!"
Kim Ikeler $100.00 "Old man pedaling Up a steep mountainside Helping younger souls."
Eddie Metro $50.00 "To all who have contributed...thank you! feel free to join me as well as the Aspens heading up to Maroon Bells will be in full fall colors!"
Catharine Speights $25.00 "GOOD LUCK and HAVE FUN!"
Carri Wilbanks $5.00 "Go get em Eddie!!"
Scott Fosmer $20.00 "=)"
Raquel Engel $25.00 "Have a great ride, Eddie!"
Elinor Gallelli $50.00 "Have a great ride, Eddie!"
DeeDee Lucas $25.00 "What a great cause, ride on Charley!"
Heidi Rentz Hidden "Happy Birthday dude!! Rock that course this weekend and can't wait to help you out on the big run in a couple of weeks. "
Megan Tevlin $75.00 "You are an animal JR! Best of luck with all the races and I look forward to seeing you in SF."
Josh Nothwang $100.00 "Good luck, John! And happy birthday!"
Joe DiVito $100.00 "Good luck and enjoy your ride!"
Anonymous Hidden "pretty amazing accomplishment - good luck on the remaining events!"
Brandon Klein $25.00 "Great cause. Good luck! "
Aparna Sundaram $25.00 "awesome! "
Joanne Wilson $50.00 "Better you than me! Thanks for doing this and good luck!"
Shirley Schaefer $100.00 "Thank's Charley, for being such a good guy. My best to you and enjoy the ride. Luv ya, Shirley"
Matthew McMurtry Hidden "I don't condone running 100 miles in ones lifetime let alone in a single serving, but since you seem to be doing a good deed of sorts I thought I would try to help out. Keep up the good work Mr Rice."
Pam Leamons $25.00 "Way to go Metro! I'm so proud of you. Hey, say "Hello" to Lance from me. "
Patti Warren $50.00 "I am glad I can contribute in some small measure to this great cause. And I am grateful that you are doing the hard part! Have a great ride. "
Lindsay Muns $32.00 "One dollar for every year! Happy Birthday and good luck!"
Brenda Lujan $50.00 "Fabulous cause! What a wonderful thing you are doing Clifford. Good luck and have a wonderful ride!"
Paul Ferlita $50.00 "This is a great cause. Have fun!"
Elizabeth Lapetina $50.00 "Running any one of those events is a little crazy....I think this makes you super crazy! Congratulations on completing the first few events and best of luck with the rest!"
Charlene Huckaba $100.00 "Good luck, Marc. You're riding for a good cause. Love, Uncle Dave and Shoo Shoo"
Michael Lamitola $25.00 "Have a good ride JC!"
Karen Roberts Hidden "Good Luck"
Ashley Weber $50.00 "Awesome. Good luck!!!"
William Beach $25.00 "Eddie--enjoy your ride! Bill and Margee Beach Velo-One"
Dan McGlothlin $50.00 "HI Eddie, Happy to donate. Have fun and thanks for your volunteer spirit!"
Scott Slusher $25.00 "say hi to Lance for me!"
Brent Morris $100.00 "Best Wishes for a successful ride. Can't think of too many better reasons."
Whitney Milhoan $50.00 "Go, Holly! "
Hector Bermudez $50.00 "Go little bro, have a great time and don't forget to let Lance draft a bit... Then, come tell us all about it! Hector & Toni"
Matthew Mansour $40.00 "Great cause...great ride...happy to support"
Carol Mansour $50.00 "This is a good cause, Char. We're glad to help you reach your goal. Here's to no blisters for you, Mike and Carol Mansour"
transportes berrendo $100.00 "that his a very good person and keep on going and that we love you! your sister"
Anonymous $20.00 "Hey Seth, Thank you for your efforts to help cancer victims. Keep up the good work. Love Aunty Sandy"
Marlene Schroeder $20.00 "Enjoy, have fun and good luck!"
Kimberly Smith $100.00 "Holly, You're AWESOME!! Pat & Kim"
Barry & Jodee Siff $50.00 "Great cause, wonderful/beautiful ride ... have a great time, Eddie - you're awesome!"
Adam Feerst $40.00 "Only 1 out of 5 to go, but more time than the other 4 combined."
Shauna Makelky $20.00 "pedal fast up those hills!"
James Burger $25.00 "Happy to help, Sean Jim"
Gerald Ruley $200.00 "Just finish!"
Cat Coughran $20.00 "Good job for a good cause and good luck with the ride too! <3 Cat"
Joan Ruley $50.00 "Good luck! Joan and Michael"
Mike Fisher $50.00 "Good luck Marc . . . maybe this will improve your skating!"
Helen McQueeney $50.00 "Hey Susan: Wish I could join you. Sounds like a great time and an excellent cause! Helen"
Deborah Wagman $50.00 "pedal, erin, pedal! (you might be able to beat him.)"
Pat Serdiuk $30.00 "Good Luck, on your ride Auntie Pat, Allyson, Scott"
Barbara Borgmann $25.00 "Have fun! Be safe."
BONITA MONTANEZ $25.00 "Way to go, Erin!"
Angela Franchino $15.00 "Have a great ride....AWESOME cause to raise money for!!"
Holly Nichols $50.00 "John, Good luck with all of your events! I think you are so amazing for doing all of this! Keep up the hard work! Congratulations on kicking butt on the first 4 events. You are awesome! I hope the rest of the summer is a great one for you! All the Best! Holly PS~ Happy Belated Birthday"
Myles Sibley $25.00 "Sarge you are an animal. One event to go. Maybe I'll break trail for you next year on the way to Hidden Treasure. Keep on grinding."
Sonia Dozal $100.00 "I love you daddy. You are my hero!"
Kirk Golba $25.00 "In memory of Jose Villarreal."
Richie Hahn $25.00 "Go hard and go fast, but have fun along the way."
Larry Hanan $100.00 "You go guys! Love Mom & Dad"
Kate Reilly $25.00 "Good luck!! "
Mark C. Mansour $50.00 "Charley - Always a great cause for the children and their families. Ride safe and proud of what you are contributing to help a youngster. Mark"
Lisa Ralston $50.00 "All Sports Physical Therapy- Go Team. Get the bike tuned up, just get on it, and You can do it!"
Pamela Breeman $125.00 "Always happy, Sean, to support your generosity and effort! Love,The Breemans"
William Peters $125.00 "Sean, Glad I can help. Wish I could go with you. Bill "
Deborah Dooley $25.00 "One for all, and all for One! Go Flaming Poo! Ride like the wind, Chris!"
Deborah Dooley $25.00 ""Ride hard, ride fast, don't fall down." Flaming Poo Team motto!!! See ya on the Mountain! :) "
Amanda Ritchie Hidden "I hope you get to meet Lance!!"
c neal harper Hidden "Thank you for embracing these physical challenges to help race fund's for such an important cause. It is a privilege and a pleasure to help by donating."
Sherry Barker $25.00 "Deb, you go girl, all our love, Mom and Mr "B""
Jennifer Bruining $50.00 "Amazing cause! Best of luck with the ride!"
Helen Farrell $75.00 "Good luck & have a great time! - elen & Dave"
Anonymous $40.00 "Okay Brian, None of this, if I can keep up. You keep up, we want our money's worth."
Anthony Mirenda $25.00 "Marc - good luck in your race! Tara, Tony, Christian, and Grayson"
Margie Brown $25.00 "Love Ya Margie!! from the original Margie Brown "
seth pulver $125.00 "Sean you're an inspiration. Keep up the good works!"
Phillip Tavani $100.00 "Best wishes for a good ride-- for a good cause. Phil & Densie"
Michelle & Allan Bahr $40.00 "Your riding for a great cause. Have a wonderful time. Ride Forest (CHARLEY) Ride!!!"
Ellen Miller $50.00 "Climb the mountains for me Bud!"
Jim and Joyce Zandee $50.00 "go get `em Ken! We sure miss you guys! Hope you're doing great. Jim for the Zandees"
Veronica Mueller $25.00 "Ann ~ Good Luck on your ride! "
Rebekah & Brett Vogel $35.00 "Good job - what a great cause!! Hope to see you up there!!!"
Austin Gates $50.00 "Way to go Charlie!! What a great cause! Have fun! Austin :)"
nicole trebil Hidden "Can't wait to hear about it!"
Mona Krull $100.00 "Good luck Jen and Eric! What a great cause. Love, Mona and Chad"
Brenda Forrest $50.00 "Good Luck Ann!"
Julie Westlund $25.00 "You Go Girl! You're doing something great! Best of luck!"
Donna Carter $10.00 "Better not let your sliced pinky slow you down girlfriend!"
MEREDITH MULLER $25.00 "Way to go Jan & Lori, wish I could be there to ride with you. Have fun but go easy on Lance, he's had a hard year!!! Merdie"
Terri Caine $250.00 "go girl!"
Anonymous $20.00 "Hi Sean, It's good to hear from you. Although I've refrained from making any charitable contributions while unemployed, I feel compelled to make an exception in this case. Being a cancer survivor and having witnessed many brave kids who had to deal with it, this certainly pulls at my heartstrings. Best of luck in your effort. Regards, Frank"
Noureddine Malaeb $25.00 "Best of luck!"
lynn petzold Hidden "Good luck!"
Laurie McKay $25.00 "Hey Handsome, I hope you have a great time on the ride!!!!!!! Love you Aunt Laurie "
Lisa Franklin $25.00 "What a great cause Lisa. Have a safe and fun ride! Lisa Franklin"
Nancy von Minden $25.00 "Go Lisa! Go Chris! Go Keith! Lauren, you've ridden your race many many times over!!!! :) Go All Sports Physical Therapy! We love you! God bless you all!"
Craig Roush $50.00 "Good luck on your bike ride! Don't go easy on Lance, (make sure you take him on the hills! =) ) -Craig & Emily Roush "
Stephen Pike $125.00 "Best wishes with the ride, Steve and Minca"
Rosemary Jones $25.00 "Lisa: Good luck to all of you! Lance has his job cut out keeping up with you guys! Love to everyone."
Luke Sheridan $50.00 "Go Mary!"
Ellen Servetar $10.00 "Ricardo, thanks for riding!!! Ellen & Chuck"
Greg and Peggy Jenkins $100.00 "In support of Camp Wapiyapi and its mission to support families during most difficult times."
Anonymous $100.00 "I will be riding with you in spirit. Your friend, Linda"
Helen Farrell $75.00 "Good luck Eric!!!"
Kathy McCaskill $500.00 "We are backing you all the way. So glad that you are riding. Love, Dick and Kathy "
Richard Davis $50.00 "You're the greatest!"
Maddy Clary $25.00 "Go Uncle Eddie!! "
Lauren Witte $5.00 "Go Urte!!! xoxo"
Candice Murchison $100.00 "Good Luck Jenny! We will be thinking about you and cheering you on. Hope you get to meet Lance, take lots of pictures!"
whitey schwartz $20.00 "Yo Keith. Kick ass."
Kristen Lummis $25.00 "Beat Lance! Have fun! --The Lummises"
Nicole Porter $100.00 "It might not be pretty, but you can do it Enderle!!"
Steven Crook-Dawkins $25.00 "Dear me, not even getting out of your own state... sigh.. good luck tho mate! "
Jennifer Lachausse $50.00 "Ride like the wind brother!!!!!"
Eric Fleming $150.00 "The deal is that if you ride with Lance, you must wear a Greg Lemond jersey while riding! Congrats on the pursuit and we wish you success in telling Lance in person he is no Greg Lemond. Be sure to give Lance "the look" when you pass him."
Kelly Golden $20.00 "Good luck and have fun"
Bill Calwell $100.00 "Good Luck, Kenny!"
charlene prindiville $50.00 "This donation is in remembrance of my mother Barbara who died of leukemia. Go bikers!! Thanks to Lisa for all her dedication and PT towards my recovery from shoulder surgery. "
Sheryl Darnell $100.00 "Have a great time on your ride Linda. I'll be thinking of you! Sheryl"
Josefina Donahue Hidden "Keep up the good work! Paul Donahue pdutube"
Kenneth Schroeder $50.00 "Seth Here you've been training hard for the bike ride. You're doing a good thing for less fortunate kids. We're really proud of your efforts and big heart. Enjoy every minute of the ride. Uncle Kenny Aunt Sue"
Mary Jo Mizer $50.00 "Chris, We are proud of you...good luck!! Love Papa and Jo"
Eugenio Lauria $50.00 "Forza Ragazzi!"
Retta Davis $500.00 "Say "hi" to Lance."
Peggy Dewey $100.00 "Good Luck~Ann!"
Dale Francois $25.00 "Charley, good luck on your ride. Lookin' good!"
Richard Bastone $125.00 "Have a great ride Sean! All the best. Rich & Jeanne"
Orlando Borjas $150.00 "Way to go Orlando! Have a great time!!!"
Tamara Davis $50.00 "You rock Merry !"
Tamara Davis $50.00 "Biking rules !"
Bridget Flanigan $10.00 "Good luck with the ride! "
Lili Neuhauser $250.00 "Sean, What a great cause, we wish you luck and hope that you send lots of deserving kids to this wonderful camp! Best, Lili"
Joe McElliott $20.00 "Good luck man looks like a good cause"
Jackie Brown $5.00 "Sorry I couldn't give more, but hope you reach your goal. Good luck! (:"
Brooke Detgen $25.00 "Great cause, Char! Good luck on the race!"
Nancy Ruda $25.00 "Jason and Kathy, You rock!! aunt nanc"
todd yannuzzi $125.00 "You can't catch the wind....Great cause, happy to be a supporter!"
Alison Leath $50.00 "Go Keith Go!!!"
Chris & Alli Close $50.00 "Good luck Ken. We are cheering for you !!"
Darrell Bennet $10.00 "Good luck on biking 50 miles! Sounds like a fantastic cause. Our thoughts will be with you on the 26th."
Anna Woodroof $10.00 "Awesome job helping our special angels! Have a great ride with Lance!"
Kimberly Grimshaw $25.00 "Good Luck! Make sure to bring a spare (or 2). :-) "
Dianne Flynn $15.00 "Good Luck Eddie."
Sherry McCune $25.00 "What a great thing you are doing, Charley!! Way to go!!!"
Allison Harper $50.00 "Work it!"
Paul Mansour $25.00 "Have a great ride Char"
Galen Hurley $50.00 "Glad to be a part of your endeavor. Ride on!"
Claude White $50.00 "Linda, You go girl."
Gail & Richard Day $10.00 "Go Jason, you rock!"
Crystal Ball $25.00 "Go get 'em Keith, I'm so proud of you!!!"
Romualdas Zableckas $50.00 "Good luck Greta! Myliu. Tetis."
Gail Montoya $100.00 "Have a safe and sucessful ride for a great cause. Thanks to you for doing it."
Lizz Walters $100.00 "I might just be biking with you next year........Go Get Em' and ofcourse Hi to Lance!"
Luke Brunner $25.00 "Urte and Greta - Best wishes for a great race! ~Luke"
Helen Kernagis $50.00 "Good luck Helen Kernagis and Joan McCarthy"
KEVIN MIZER $25.00 "Go Chris ! ! Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno."
Kristin Hayes $50.00 "Chris - Have a wonderful ride. Give your Mom a hug for me!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Good luck Linda!"
Linda Sharon $50.00 "Go Scott go... hello Lance!"
Tara Eaton $25.00 "Good Luck Ricardo"
Bob Carpenter $25.00 "Have a great time LJ. Wish I was there to ride with you. "
Dick Krepel $25.00 "Go "Team Merry!" time to kick the sword guy's butt! Pilates training over sword training any day! Just keep focusing on the Team Merry fight song. (Sung to the tune of Jingle Bells) "Dashing through the hills, Letting Ricky eat my dust, Not even taking pills, And knowing I'm being cussed, Crusin' as I go, Wondering why he's bein' so slow, How cool it is to glow and know, I'm going to win outright! Oh, eat my dust, eat my dust, eat it all race long. Oh what fun it is to be the alpha female, yeah! Oh, eat my dust, eat my dust, eat it all race long, Just know that after I've kicked your butt I'll love you still the same."
Janet & Mark van Hartesvelt Hidden "Greetings from Utah! Great cause."
Cheryl Spayd $25.00 "What a wonderful experience you're going to give to a family. Ill be thinking of you."
corra mansour $60.00 "GO DADDY GO!!!!! love you! and i think that this is so great i love that you're doing something you love for a cause!!!"
Marilyn Bradley $25.00 "You guys have fun; What a great mission."
Rob Bradley $25.00 "Go girl, have fun; you are doing a good thing."
Sheri Rogers $60.00 "God places angels on earth at just the right time, in the right place and for the right purpose! Thanks for wearing wings!"
David Chumbley $25.00 "Good Luck Z!!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Buena Suerte"
Anonymous Hidden "Have a blast, say hi to Lance"
Anonymous $5.00 "Anonymous donor from the Golden Farmer's Market... THANK YOU!"
Sabrina Dominguez $50.00 "Go Linda!!! I expect to see you after this race!"
Darrick and Jenny Bransford $50.00 "Good Luck Cuz!!!!! What a wonderful thing to do!!!! Love, Jenny"
Karen Clark $25.00 "Jason and Kathy, Be safe! Have fun! Enjoy the ride! Karen"
Nicole Rost Hidden "Let the courage of your loved ones push you up those hills!"
Don Wood $100.00 "Way to go Linda...Judy and I are with you in spirit (that way we don't sweat so much!!!)"
Rita Cox $50.00 "Ride, Girl, Ride!"
Grant Tucker $25.00 "Urte, Great work and good luck!!"
Lori Ellingson Hidden "Have a great ride, and enjoy the beautiful scenery."
Jan Eyer $50.00 "Go girl!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Go man, go! After this, Gettysburg will be a walk in the park. "
Scott Siegel $50.00 "Hope it's not all uphill!"
John Howard $35.00 "Goof luck on the ride, George."
Patrick Brown $25.00 "Jacki - Good luck with the ride and fundraising. Pat"
Mike Boeder $50.00 "We wish all the best and applaud your efforts - remain strong, live positive - Mike, Kelly and sons"
Linda Kirchubel $75.00 "Love from the family in Indiana...we thank you for participating in this worthy event!"
Richard Trotman Hidden "Hope you have a beautiful ride among the golden aspens and high mountains.What a worthy cause."
Michelle Dunn $10.00 "Good luck and have fun!"
Elaine Matthews $30.00 "A cause near and dear to my heart. Go get'em, George!"
Donna McWhorter $25.00 "Have fun Urte! "
Donna McWhorter $25.00 "Have a great time Gritz!!"
Karen Schneider $25.00 "Thank you for doing this George!"
Dawn Jacobsen Hidden "Go Orlando! Enjoy your journey!"
David Breihan $25.00 "Good Luck Jacki! "
Julie Meyers $25.00 "Have a great ride! "
James and Carolyn Boeder $25.00 "Good Luck in the Ride!!!!"
Patrick Murray $50.00 "Good Luck!! Patrick, Darlene, MIchael & Ozzy too!!!"
Margaret Graf $25.00 "Good luck Jacki!"
Julie Homann $20.00 "Have fun! This sounds like a great fund raiser!"
Angie Roz $10.00 "Have a good time!"
Bruce Smith $100.00 "Go BeanDip Go!"
BRETT HORTON $200.00 "Sean, Enjoy the ride. Truly a great cause. Warm regards from the days of Sam Hall! -Brett "
Christine Jenkins $75.00 "Ride like the wind and love every second. You are genuinely wonderful for doing this for such a beautiful cause. love ya'. mom, oh"
Christine Jenkins $75.00 "Wow! Way to go! I am so very proud of you and Karly for doing this ride. You are truly making a difference for so many children! Thank you, Graeme. Love, Chris"
martha kongsgaard $100.00 "Rasta man and Frau - nothing old looking about you two. have fun! Do good work! xo M+P"
judy koehler $30.00 "Way to go-Jason!!! Good luck-we're proud of you. Judy and jody"
Sally and Grant Roper $25.00 "Go Orlando! We are very proud of you. Sally and Grant "
Sarah Krause $25.00 "Way to go Jenny! Put that camelbak to work! We're so proud of you!"
Charlotte Maier $100.00 "Padded shorts...that's all I have to say."
John & Judy Brieske $50.00 "Way to go Jacki! We're proud of you for doing this. Have fun the day of the ride Love, Mom & Dad"
Claire Turner $25.00 "Pedal hard, I am timing you!"
Sherry Barker $25.00 "You go Margie.....xoxoxox"
David Racioppo $100.00 "Thank you Sean for your inspiration -- and efforts!"
Jodi and Dennis Jacobs $50.00 "4147202040666602"
Timandra Nichols Hidden "Go Tracy!! Love you, Mom"
Carlos & Beth Santiago $75.00 "Sorry for the late reply. Best of luck to you, have a great ride, and we hope to see you soon!"
Karen Polzin $100.00 "Good luck Robin! I know you can do it!"
Liz Steele $100.00 "Good luck Robin! Tell Lance I said hi :)"
Maia Ietta $125.00 "Good luck Sean! Have a great ride."
Cynthia Dunn $35.00 "You go girl !!!!"
Tad Bedegrew $50.00 "Here is $50 from Paige and I. Good luck to you, Chris, and Lisa!!!"
Carey White $100.00 "Go dude go!!!!! Carey"
Tyler and Jerilynn Campbell $100.00 "We'll be thinking of you on race day :)"
Suzanne Donaghy $125.00 "Sean, best of luck! Happy to support you and these wonderful children! Suzanne & Patrick"
Roy Life $50.00 "Rich, We're glad to honor Gretchen's memory this way. You go, Bro.! Love ya, Ed & Judy"
Rick Life $100.00 "Gretchen Life, MD, your spirit lives"
Christina Metrailer $50.00 "RIDE WITH PRIDE SUSAN!!"
Debra Cluley $50.00 "We'll be thinking of you and Gretchen."
Karen Albin $100.00 "Good luck, Marc!"
Elyse Goodman $50.00 "Words of wisdom from my hubby the distance rider- "The hill is your friend!" " Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever!" Good luck! Love, Elyse"
Charles Little $250.00 "Good luck Robin. Charlie and Anna Little"
Jim and Mary Engelking $25.00 "We are inspired by the way you honor your daughter, Dick."
Richard Andrew $100.00 "Dick, Go for it! Frank and I are behind you all the way! ---Dick A."
Donna Madsen $100.00 "Go Merry! I'll be thinking of you as you ride away!"
Percy Stevens $30.00 "Totally behind it!"
Chris Rakowski $50.00 "Don't fall off the mountain"
Tracy Nunn $75.00 "Good luck Nichole!! I will be there cheering you on : D"
Kathy Schaefer $25.00 "Good luck, Scott! Have fun. Be careful. (Sorry, I'm a mom, I had to throw that last part in.)"
Ann Wolter $40.00 "Go Charley! What a wonderful reason to ride!"
David Benson $50.00 "Go Steve, Man of Steel!!"
midori oishi $25.00 "i'm happy to support your efforts for a wothy cause, go CJ!"
Virginia Fuller $25.00 "Good luck, and tell Lance hi!"
Brian Haynes $50.00 "You should drag Duane and Miles out with you. :-) Except for Larry and I, could be like our old rides together...except we won't have to go back looking for Larry's GPS."
Shirley everett $100.00 "Dear Sean, Mardo and I are so proud of you and all that you do. You truly have a heart of gold and we love you, Joanne and the kiddies. You make the world a better place. xoxo Shirl & Mardo"
Chris Pearson $25.00 "Good luck Jacki!"
George & Liz Ledwith $100.00 "Sean, May the wind be at your back! George & Liz"
Diane Groff $50.00 "Fabulous!!!! What a great cause!!! I wish you the very best and good luck on your ride!!!! I'm impressed - 50 miles a day!!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!!!!! Diane"
barbara kirchubel $100.00 "KEITH Have a great ride and say HI to our friend Lance---we love you all and admire you, Lisa and Chris for taking on this difficult ride--stay tough!!!!!      Mom and Dad"
Hillary Orr $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Helen McQueeney $25.00 "Have a great ride and good luck with that classic seat!"
Alexa Cares Hidden "Goooo Holly! What a great cause! Good luck! xoxo"
Miquette Rochford $35.00 "Go Nancy!"
Jeff Haapanen $25.00 "Good luck with the ride!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Have a good ride, hope the weather is nice. George"
Merridee Book $50.00 "Ride! Holly Ride! Good luck! - all that training will pay off for a great cause... "
Ann Ripley $20.00 "What a great cause! Have a great ride, Heather!"
Shannon Gentile $50.00 "Doug, we're so proud of you, we know you'll do great. Best of Luck!! We Love you, Aunt Shannon, Uncle Steve and Dominic"
Paul Brumett $55.00 "Have fun! Love ya'"
Jill Flora $50.00 "Goooooo, CJ!!! Love, John & Jill "
Tracy Durant $100.00 "Good Luck Orlando"
Katherine Ponce De Leon $50.00 "Work it... :) Have fun and good luck, miss ya"
Michael Ireland $51.00 "Could be on the mt. Bike so still willing to ride"
Sue Life-LeVine $50.00 "Our love to you, Sandra and Gretchen - may the loving commitment she had always live on. Suz and Lon"
barrie ciulla $25.00 "43"
Dawne Morningstar $25.00 "Ride on Steve! (Bronco) "
Anonymous $100.00 "Sharing the love for an excellent cause. Your blessings pay it forward giving these kids and their families joy and peace while on their difficult road of life and healing."
Bill Emslie $50.00 "Dick, We appreciate all you do. You are an inspiration. Bill Emslie & Family"
Coy Ritchie $50.00 "Dick Life, It is an honor to contribute to such a worthy cause. Keep up the good work. Coy & Pat Ritchie"
Douglas Dosland $100.00 "Go get em girl. Do they have massages after?"
R John Johnson $25.00 "Be safe and keep it straight :)"
Sharon Findlay $250.00 "Go get 'em Brian! Compliments of Deuces Poker Room"
Nancy Casto $50.00 "Hi Rich, You never cease to amaze me with the steps you take to honor your children and give back to your community. Love you Nancy"
Paul Jenkins $50.00 "Good luck on this challenge and say hi to Lance for me. "
Paul Jenkins $50.00 "Good Ridin', darlin' Karlyn. Remember, always ride downhill and with the wind at your back. That's what I do. Say hi to Lance for me."
Debra Belk $25.00 "Nice xo"
Anonymous Hidden "Good luck Jodi! xoxoxox Steve"
Therese Brown $50.00 "Go Brian, hope you get to see Lance! Therese"
Stephen Jenkins $100.00 "Good luck, Brian! Ride hard!"
loren carroll $100.00 "Have a great Ride Guys, be safe and have fun!! "
LuzMaria Banuelos Shearer $25.00 "Good luck - be careful. Thank you for your continued commitment and dedication. This ride should be a "breeze" for you! We'll look forward to hearing about your experience. Be safe. LM"
Melissa Brown Blaeuer Hidden "Good luck on the ride Sean. Aspen sounds fantastic."
Debbie Kampman $100.00 "Kathy & Jason, Have a wonderful time out there and say "hi" to Lance! Debbie & Roger Kampman"
Michael Becker $50.00 "Nice job Doug!"
Alexandra Gifford $25.00 "Faster, Seth, faster!!! :)"
Marla Welch $25.00 "Good Luck Jo Lyn!!"
Astrid Janusz Hidden "You go girl!!!!"
Nora Taylor Hidden "Have an awesome ride!!"
Tom Slusarchyk $25.00 "Good luck with the ride! You are an inspiration to us yet-to-be retired alumni - Tom"
Joe and Sherron Mahaffey $50.00 "With love and hearty best wishes."
jeanette gilbert Hidden "Enjoy your ride for the children!!!"
Frank Ciccone $25.00 "Good luck Jaggi!!!"
Brenda McDonald $25.00 "Good luck Marc!"
Amy Angelilli $5.00 "Best of luck! You rock!"
Brittany Schock $10.00 "Have a great ride!"
Wendy Lantaff $10.00 "Have a great ride!!!!"
Jeffrey Kohlman $25.00 "You go Boy!!!"
Brute Existance $50.00 "Keep Rolling ... and remember "You are how we learn to define ourselves""
Leslie lebendiger $50.00 "You go Girl!!!"
Jacqueline Carpenter $50.00 "Way to go, LJ! I will be there by your side in spirit. JQ"
Susan Drazin $30.00 "You are awesome!"
jim taylor $20.00 "Ummm, could you get Lance to sign my yellow bracelet????"
Warren Hamelin $50.00 "Have fun Jacki ! "
chae jeong $300.00 "Thanks Storm and Mary for your donations."
Elizabeth Krupp Hidden "Good luck, Jess!"
Boden and Zane Haber Hidden "Have a great ride, Jo Lyn!"
Michel Mercure $100.00 "Vas-y Alex; j'espère que tout se passera bien. Michel"
barbara pronck $50.00 "Jan, Have a great ride. Will be thinking about you . Barb and NESS"
Alma Alber $10.00 "Have a good ride Cathy and Jason. The Albers"
Dena Yeagley $100.00 "This contribution is for Robin Larabee, Robin you are the best!!!"
Jariya Phanpaktra $20.00 "GOOOO DOUG! :)"
Stephannie Grimshaw $20.00 "Go Ang!!"
Kara Brown $50.00 "Go Trainer Jeff! Great Cause! Ride fast and send me a pic!"
Melissa Chumbley $10.00 "Go Dad Go! Hang in there with Lance!"
Rose Sandoval $50.00 "Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’ - Martin Luther King, Jr. "
Angelika Olsen $50.00 " Yeah! Go you two, thank you for helping kids with cancer. They do need us all. Have a safe ride and lots of fun. Ang."
Kevin Timken $50.00 "Darryl, The average bike wheel revolves 750 times every mile...so thats 37,500 times in 50 miles! I hope there's a hot tub at the end!"
Weldon Shaver $20.00 "Good luck Dream Girl! Send me some pictures from the ride."
Betsy and Tom Treiber $50.00 "Good luck, Andy! You are biking for a great cause. Aunt Betsy and Uncle Tom"
Michelle Full $25.00 "You are an inspiration! Best of luck!"
Emily Jurgens (Golitko) $20.00 "Good Luck! Have fun!"
Bill Coxe $40.00 "Keep on believin'!"
howard zemel Hidden "Go get 'em, tiger!"
Jessica Olson Hidden "That's awesome Jo Lyn! Ride hard and have fun!"
Teresa McQuitty $50.00 "Good luck Doug!!! Proud of you!!! "
Diane Phillips $50.00 "Thank you, Phil, for riding in memory of Andrew Phillips, who was taken from us at 16 by osteosarcoma. It is our deepest wish that these funds help kids find respite and comfort from WAPIYAPI camp experiences."
Cathy Berends $50.00 "Have fun Chris"
Bo Baribeau $50.00 "Good Luck Jenny!"
Maya Marder $100.00 "Go Robin! You can do it! Drink plenty of water!"
Marilyn Jordan $25.00 "Good luck, Jenny. Wish we could be in Aspen to cheer you on, but know that we're cheering from afar!"
bruce poirier Hidden "World is a better place because of volunteers like you who do selfless deeds for others! Thanks for being you!"
Jen Farley $20.00 "Have a great ride! I hope you get enough!! :) Miss ya!!"
Joanne Harrison $10.00 "from Shawn"
Carol Englander $25.00 "Good ride Robin! What a very nice cause to support. Love Aunt Carol"
Michele McClinton $20.00 "What, you ride with Lance but not me?!?!"
Pete Louras $50.00 "Have a great ride, Ward."
Elyn Moldow $50.00 "Robin, We truly admire you -- both in the riding and in the giving to such a wonderful & noble cause. We're behind you.... go, girl, go!! xo, Elyn, Greg, Oliver & Edyth"
Douglas Hicks $70.00 "Thanks for your donation Granny you are the best! since you couldnt put it on the website since you gave me cash!"
Mark Lacy $50.00 "Good luck CJ, ride like the wind."
Stephanie Hasser $25.00 "Have fun JA!!!"
Deborah DuBois $50.00 "Good luck and have fun, jacki."
Joanne Harrison $20.00 "Thanks for getting me involved, and we will rock...looking forward to the photos of Lance...and BHF riders..."
Laura Sulem $50.00 "Good luck Andy! Laura, Romeo and Reese"
Kelly Jay $50.00 "I'm so proud of you, Sethie. Good luck!!"
Jim Litz $25.00 "this is outta my own money, hehe"
Anonymous $10.00 "Donation from Ann Aragon"
Steve Flanagan $100.00 "50 miles, good luck!!"
John Abresch $70.00 "Big O rides again, Lance watch out!!!"
brian messing $36.00 "go for it brian and sandy messing"
Jeanette Litz $50.00 ""Good luck Jacki, we are proud of you" Dennis & Jan"
Heidi Hauenstien $25.00 "Go get 'em Dad! "
Angela Panek $50.00 "Good luck on the ride!! I hope it is fun and for such a GREAT cause!!! Have missed camp the last few years and miss it terribly!!"
Julie Heerse $35.00 "Jeff, you're a star!! Have a great ride!"
Kim Karofsky Hidden "Good luck Jessica! Love, Kim and Eric"
Kim Karofsky Hidden "Good luck Aaron!! Love, Kim and Eric"
Amanda Burrows Hidden "I'm so proud of you sister!!!! Love love, Panny"
Amanda Burrows Hidden "What a great cause! And have an awesome ride Big Bro! Love, Panila"
Lee MacDougall $50.00 "Good Luck Orlando!"
Anna Hansen $100.00 "Go Holly!! "
Anonymous $20.00 "From one of your former Wapiyapi team members. So proud of you Doug, and have fun!"
Elizabeth Fish Hidden "Good luck, Aaron!!! "
Laura Pless $30.00 "Have fun! Thanks for riding for other kids."
Aaron Linkow Hidden "Great cause Aaron, enjoy the ride..."
Aaron Linkow Hidden "Best of luck Jessica, it should be a great ride (for a great cause)."
Rhonda Wolfe $25.00 "Good Luck! You are in our heart and prayers! Love, Allen and Rhonda"
Boomer and Jill Burnstine $301.00 "GOOD LUCK JODI BEAT LANCE BOOMER AND JILL"
Douglas Elenowitz Hidden "Go get em Aaron...and remember, if you aint first your last!"
Douglas Elenowitz Hidden "Say hello to Lance for me!"
Jonathan Ray $20.00 "Good luck!"
Barbara Faber $100.00 "Way to go LInda! The Gionet family is cheering for you. Have a great time and come back to Scottsdale soon. I think we might have a bottle of wine or two we could share with you to celebrate."
Jim Valerio $75.00 "Old Farts rule"
Chandra Young $25.00 "Go Jeff! Have a good ride!"
Frances Milner $50.00 "Hi Ann: I know we talked about doing this together but maybe next year. Have fun! I'll look for you at the gym and you can fill me in. Hope you have great weather. Fran"
fred kavo $25.00 "Good luck and job well done on donations.. This will be a better world because of people like you. fred and olivia"
Andrew Lieber $30.00 "Good luck! Aaron asked me to support you instead of him. You have a good brother!"
stephen duvalle $50.00 "Wish I could be there to join you! Have a great ride!!"
Karen Introcaso $20.00 "Good luck on your race for charity!"
Dirk Smits $50.00 "Allez Jodi!"
diana thomas $50.00 "Better you than me! I love the cause."
Sue Vanderberg $50.00 "Ann - in the words of Christopher Cross ...... "Ride like the wind"! "
Mary Pizzuto $50.00 "Ann - Have a great ride! "
Casey & Debi Ives $25.00 "Tear it up Darryl. Wish I could ride with you. "
Desmond & Jean Kearns $100.00 "Just view it as conditioning for ski season!"
Rachel Merkel $25.00 "Thanks for supporting Wapiyapi Clint! See you in Aspen on Sunday! Rachel Merkel"
Rachel Merkel $25.00 "Thanks for supporting Wapiyapi James! See you in Aspen on Sunday! Rachel and Thornton"
Rachel Merkel $50.00 "Thanks for supporting Wapiyapi! I hope you have a great time! R"
Resa Dennie $130.00 "Go Allison!"
Sherri & Rob Richards $100.00 "Good Luck Richard! We are happy to help you honor Gretchen's memory! Rob & Sherri"
Ellen Fingerman $200.00 "Have a great ride. Enjoy and have lots of fun"
Anonymous $500.00 "Great times this summer Rice! Too bad we are not Leadmen...There is always next summer. Glad I could fill in for you at Wapiyapi."
dustin juceam $250.00 "This ones for Zach."
John Boat $25.00 "Good luck Marc, and have fun!"
Pamela McMichael $50.00 "Enjoy the ride and thanks for working on behalf of such a worthy cause. You're a good man and great friend. We will think of you on race day."
Anonymous $25.00 "Have a great ride. Be thinking of you! Tom & Brenda"
Jeff Hansen $25.00 "Kick Lance's butt, Rick!"
Jim and Barbara Donnelly $100.00 "From the "older" folks on spokes."
Anne Dubler $20.00 "Ooo...just under the wire! Nothing like procrastination on my part. Have a great ride! I can't wait to hear about it."
Eileen Holtry $50.00 "Lookin good Charley!! Have a great ride! "
Karen Alfano $25.00 "Jacki, Good luck with your ride! We miss you! Love always, Joe, Karen and Alyssa."
Molly Gilpin $50.00 "Go Robin Go! "
Kathy Leszcynski $225.00 "For Jaosn from: Grandma Mary Ann, Aunt Annie and Paul"
peter devries $100.00 "i went to medical school with gretchen and thought very highly of her. i am so sorry for your loss. Have a grade ride. It is a great cause."
Tamara Brehm $75.00 "Go get 'em Jacki! I bet you can beat Lance:-)"
Jill Rakowski $100.00 "Go Daddy! XOXO Lucy and Charlie"
LuzMaria Banuelos Shearer $25.00 "You are an inspiration to so many others. Please accept this second donation in Gretchen's memory. May your efforts be blessed with building the resources to serve the children your daughter so dedicated herself to in her short life. Good luck, Bill and LuzMaria"
Susan Castleberry $50.00 "May the wind be at your back!"
Cindy Mundorff $100.00 "Dear Phil, How wonderful that you can participate in this ride and help promote such a worthy cause. We are proud of you and will be rooting for you on race day. Much love, Cindy and Perry"
Jeff Woltemath $20.00 "Good luck to you and your son!"
christopher hannon $201.00 "Go Mondo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Eric Mather $25.00 "Pedal fast little Bucky Badger"
scott cramer $50.00 "put a spark under it! scott"
Dave and Seline and Ozzie $100.00 "You guys rock! Good luck Alec! Wave as you fly by Lance...."
Solomon & Peggy Toppel $40.00 "Belinda, Thank you for honoring our son for this ride. Be safe and ENJOY! "
Tricia Hagglund $20.00 "In support of TJ Toppel"
Rebecca Tompkins $25.00 "Good luck Kelly!!"
Susan Dollarhide $25.00 "Jenny, What an undertaking! Good for you. Wish I were in good enough shape to do something like this.Susan $"
Daniel Leszcynski $500.00 "from Daddy"
John & Janet Abresch Hidden "Go "Danger Boy""
James and Kim Frazier $50.00 "Go get 'em, Kelly! So proud of you and love you so very much!!!"
Susan Ruda $35.00 "Go Jason!! Go Kathy!"
Miriam Hoffman $50.00 "Enjoy the ride, you handsome kid!"
Kristine Wagner $100.00 "Jenny, I could never have survived without you! You were and forever will be my strength and courage through hard times!!! I am so proud of you and greatful beyond words to have you for my sister!!! I love you with all my heart!!! P.S. Give Lance a kiss for me!!!!"
Jo Lyn Watson $25.00 "Have a great ride and have alot of fun. Don't beat Lance to bad. Be kind."
Becky Oliver $20.00 "Thanks for raising money for such a worthy cause! Good Luck! Becky & CJ Oliver"
Mark Etheridge $50.00 "Tell Lance I said hello. Livestrong brother!"
Lisa Hendrix $100.00 "Should be an awesome ride- will be with you in spirit. Sending lots of love and healing to Steve. "
Cherie & Randy Van Dyke $25.00 "Good Luck!!!"
Myrna Mirow Hidden "Please convey my loving support to your brother. He is in my prayers. There are miracles! Myrna Mirow"
Martha Meagher Hidden "Have a terrific ride, Enjoy the cobalt blue sky and the golden leaves all the way. Watch out for bears and their cubs crossing the road. I have Steve in my prayers. Let every pedal stroke bring healing to that liver of his and bring vitality to his being. I'm picturing Steve at Katie's, and at Jack's wedding. Blessings."
Kathleen Leszcynski $106.00 "From Uncle Ron and Aunt Nancy In Memory of John Austin In Memory of Sharon Schutz"
Silvia & Aaron Connell $25.00 "Good luck!! Have fun!"
Chris Wegener $50.00 "Go Lanter... Go!"
Martha Ferguson Hidden "The greatest of gifts are support (love, prayers, vibration and energy) and hope. I know we are all sending that to Steve, and more. Ride like the wind Marty!"
Timothy Krause $100.00 "I didn't want to be left out! So proud of you. Good Luck tomorrow!!!"
Carol Dennis $25.00 "Good luck Marc. Have a great time biking for a good cause in a beautiful location. Carol Dennis"
donna Brennan Hidden "Good Luck Ann "
Sandy Calwell Hidden "Go get 'em, honey! Kasey and I are rooting for you!"
Anonymous $250.00 "Go Messy... Pedal pedal pedal! We love you soooo much!!! Love Sam and Max"
Anonymous $400.00 "Go Jessica! What great cause. Say hi to lance for us!"
TJ Webb $25.00 "Doug Rocks!"
George Rohrbacher $500.00 "Proud of you for doing this. We have good friends whose 12 year old son is just starting his treatment for bone cancer, sad deal, Thanks for helping"
Anonymous Hidden "Have a great ride Kelly. Thanks for doing this."
patrick hannon Hidden "god bless & keep up the great work !!"
John Deckenbach $50.00 "Ride like the Wind, Kells! Be careful and kick some butt for cancer!"
James Donnan $20.00 "Have a great ride!"
Michael Sassman $50.00 "Thanks for everything you do and touching the lives of others."
Andrea Russell Hidden "This is from Janet Lieber :) She is a co worker of mine in Electron Microscopy at The Children's Hospital! "
David Bock $50.00 "I wanna see a wheelie!!!! That & you smugly looking back as you pass Lance.... "
david bock $21.47 "There.... That's how much I would have spent on pizza & beer, had this been televised! Best of luck & climb hard! "
Stephanie Bohman Hidden "Good luck!"
John Burrows Hidden "Go Jessica...... We know you will ride safely and have fun doing so. Dad and Jo-Ann"
John F. Burrows $25.00 "Go Aaron, Ride safely and have a blast for this wonderful cause, OX Us"
Lynne House $50.00 "Linda: Better late than never - congratulations on a successful fund-raising ride! Bill and Lynne"
tim harford $50.00 "Good luck on Sunday Tim"
john killen $20.00 " Kudos, Scot, It's so nice that you got involved in such a nobel cause... And no there's no punch line!"
Kjell Lindgren $100.00 "I was privileged to have Gretchen as a classmate in medical school. She was outgoing and optimistic - always ready brighten someones day. I'm deeply saddened by the news of her death - I'm so sorry for your loss. What a great event - I remember how much she loved Camp Wapiyapi. Ride strong!"
Melissa Cohen $25.00 "Robin, way to go!!! Can't wait to hear more about how it went! Love, Cousin Melissa "
Liz Bradley $50.00 "Nice going Scott. Sounds like a great camp. How was the ride? Liz, George, and Ben in PA. "
Morris Goldstein $100.00 "We are very proud of your accomplishments"
Susan Mroz $20.00 "I hope you had a BLAST!!! Vivian had her second TRI this weekend and finished 4th w/in her age group!!! GREAT CAUSE :-)"
Courtney Whitfield $50.00 "Have a wonderful ride!"
Todd Tofaute $50.00 "Dick, God Bless you and your family. I'll always fondly remember Gretchen and the positive impact she had on others. Love, Todd & Lynn Tofaute"
Carol Chu $20.00 "You go Scot! What an awesome way to raise money for charity!"
Angela Puco $25.00 "Good for you, Scott! What a wonderful way to draw focus on such a worthy and important cause. My hat's off to you, my friend :-) Good Luck with your fundraiser!"
Charles and Claudia Holland $100.00 "Sorry, we are a little late."
Jennifer and Adam Sparks $25.00 "Go Chris and Keith! Lauren, we love you!!!! Lisa, all your hard work and dedication has earned you a very comfortable spot in heaven!!! :)"
David and Monique Ried $75.00 "Better late than never....hope it was a good ride!"
Barb Crosby $20.00 "It's a little late, but I'm sure you did great!"
Ulf Gennser $20.00 "Dear Richard, Thanks for your news - congratulations for a 115 miles great achievement!! Yours, Ulf."
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