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Waller County Mobile Food Pantry
No family should go hungry…
The Rotary Club of Waller County is pleased to continue our efforts to build an all-encompassing service to the community. Waller County with a population of approx. 43,000 individuals -- half live at or below the poverty level ($30,000 for a family of four.) This places an extreme burden on social services including any "Food Bank." Our club is in the process of attempting to create a "Mobile Food Pantry" that will alternately travel to either the north-end or south-end of the county and distribute much-needed assistance to those families. Considering the gravity of the situation and the extreme conditions that are not being addressed by any other means -- you can appreciate the necessity and the type of funding required to be successful. Ergo, our plea for your consideration to make our effort successful.

The Houston Food Bank does not give food away. It has to be purchased. We can buy 1,000 pounds of food for $110.00. So, our money (from the ride and another activity) is being raised to buy food, pay for electricity and maintain the storage space for our operation. We also set up a 501 c 3 - Waller Rotary Charities, Inc. for collecting and dispersing monies to the various scholarships, community assistance and international projects.

One of the principles of Rotary is that no funds raised can be spent on anything except service to the community. Rotarians charge dues for club operations and all monies are kept separate.

Thank you in advance for anything you are willing to assist us with. More details will be coming shortly. We are trying to get as early a start as possible since the fall fills up quickly with rides.

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