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TEAM TSA National Awareness Walk/Run 2013
One Lap Closer To A Cure!
Welcome to TEAM TSA! Our members get fit running, walking or cycling while helping the national Tourette Syndrome Association get One Lap Closer To A Cure!

With your tax deductible gift, TSA can continue to fund a world-wide cutting edge research program to discover a cause and find a cure for TS, while providing educational programs, awareness actvities and other services for people living with TS and their families.

On June 23, 2013, team members will be walking in the TEAM TSA National Awareness Walk in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, once famous for hosting the World's Fair, to raise awareness and funds to support local and national programs.

TS, an inherited neurobiological disorder, is characterized by involuntary sudden movements and vocalizations, known as tics. A common misconception is that those affected curse uncontrollably. In fact, less than 10 percent of those affected have what is known as coprolalia. What causes TS is not yet fully understood, and to date, a cure has not been found. It is estimated that one person out of a hundred has a mild form of the disorder and one in one thousand has a severe case of TS.

Please join our mission! Your support can make a difference!

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Total Donations: $48,942

Goal: $40,000

$0 122% $40,000

Contributor Amount Comment
World Famous Bob $20.00 "I am so proud of who you are and all the great things you do!"
Jane O'Connor Hidden "Glad to support you on your walk!"
Cheryl Schraufnagel $25.00 "Good luck Troye! "
Kathleen Cooney $20.00 "Good luck Veronica!!"
Jennifer Hampton $20.00 "::: Team Veronica::: you go Princess ! "
Anonymous $20.00 "Good luck Veronica Garcia your very special just like your Mommy."
bob reiss $350.00 "Go Nick!"
Norman Szymanski Hidden "Have fun, Nick!"
Jerome Reiss $100.00 "you are somebody truely special."
Cheryl Demelo $25.00 "We love you!!"
Nancy Brown $25.00 "May this little contribution help "
Satomi Lore $50.00 "Let's go, Yuko!"
MICHAEL MCDANIEL $25.00 "Best wishes, Yuko!"
DENISE DESIMONE $20.00 "Go Girl...You CAN make a Difference!"
Anonymous $25.00 "good luck !"
chris kelly santucci $25.00 "best of luck and Anthony, stay hydrated"
Anonymous $100.00 "Good luck to you Thomas with your fundraising. Wonderful that you and your family are participating in such a worthy cause. Enjoy the walkathon!!"
Robert & Phyllis Huff $50.00 "We love you Tommy and are very proud of you. Don't know if we will walk with you, but we will be there to cheer on your team. Love Grandma & Grandpa"
Arlene Viscomi $20.00 "Good luck, Thomas!"
Janet Huff $50.00 "Good Luck Tommy. I am not sure I will be there to walk with you but I will be there in spirit. Love Aunt Janet, Jonathan and Erica."
Richard n Ceara Kretzmer Hidden "Go Tommy!!!! "
Kasey Diotte $25.00 "This is an awesome thing you're doing, Tommy. Good luck!! Love, Aunt Kasey and Uncle Johnny"
Stephanie Spuria $25.00 "Good luck! Love, Stephanie, Kathy and Beth"
Debbie Sliney- Monaco $50.00 "Hi Thomas! Our family is supporting you all the way!"
marisa duffy $100.00 "Good Luck Tommy!!"
Rita Antonelli $100.00 "Congratulations Alex! And to my fabulous sister! You guys rock! Love, Rita & Tony"
Rovena Schirling $500.00 "In honor of our son Alex! We are so proud of you!!! "
Annette Fanara $50.00 "Goooooooo..Team Alex! Alex, you are an inspiration for everyone who faces challenges in life. Rovena - you go, girl!"
Frank Mirovsky $100.00 "Rovena, you are an Angel who does so much good for so many people so graciously"
Debra Santucci $100.00 "Hey Jenny, Anthony, Nathan and Alex, Have fun on your walk!!! Luv, Debbie and Joe"
Joseph Alario $420.00 "Tommy, our thoughts and prayers go out to you. Even though we cannot be there to walk with you on June 23rd in Queens, we will walk down here in Louisiana with you in our hearts. Be strong, lean on family and friends for support. We love you! Love Mr. Joe, Ms. Tiff, Kacey, Brit and Trey"
Anonymous $200.00 "Veronica Good Luck To You! Hope To Meet You One Day. You Are A Lucky Girl To Have Such A Wonderful Mother Who Thinks the World Of you. God Bless..."
Loretta Orentas $200.00 "Yeah......Team Alex!!!! Loretta O"
Patricia McKenna $20.00 "Wishing you great success. "
Nick & Kate Barnwell $100.00 "Thomas, Never 'doubt' what a difference you can make by taking action and doing so with a great attitude."
Suzanne Geiger $20.00 "Good luck, Thomas. What a wonderful way to make a difference!"
Diane and Darryl Mallah $250.00 "Rovena-We are happy to support you and your family. Happy walking!"
Phil and Helen Boudreau $100.00 "We love you! Pa and Ba"
Kim Fisher $25.00 "Dear Samantha, Your such a beautiful young lady and I'm so proud of you and everything you've accomplished. Hope you raise a lot of money and hope they can find a cure for TS! Love you! Kim"
Thomas Schirling $25.00 "Keep up the good work and good luck on race/walk day."
janice haunss Hidden "Way to go, Tomas!!!!!!!! :)"
Anonymous $30.00 "Yuko, I'm so proud of you and you gave me a lot of courage as well. Thank you. :) "
Carlie Maridakis Hidden "Vic and I are so proud of you Thomas! Keep up the wonderful work, you are certainly inspiring. We love you! Carlie and Vic"
Tony & Veronica Celentano $50.00 "GO Tommy!!"
Patricia Roth $100.00 "For Owen"
Wendy Charney $15.00 "Tommy, what you are doing is just wonderful! Wendy Charney Zieglar "
Joseph Bronzino $50.00 "Way to go Thomas! Aunt Carole and Uncle Joey are so very proud of you! We love you very much and want to wish you well on your "Walk""
James Fanning $100.00 "Happy to support a great cause!"
Judi & Frank LaBarbera $50.00 "We think it is so fantastic that you are doing this for this cause. God Bless You and have fun at the event."
Samantha & Donald Corbett $50.00 "Way to go Tommy!!!"
Melinda Wolverton $50.00 "We are very impressed with you, Thomas! What a great thing you are doing!! Love, The Wolvertons"
Jackson Wolverton $20.00 " I hope this donation helps, you're doing a great thing! Your friend, Jackson"
Tracy Schrell $25.00 "Dear Sam, I hope you have big dreams in the future. You deserve this donation because your are the best sister ever and my hero. I love you as big as the universe! I will be walking right beside you! :D Love always, Allie"
Craig Byrnes $54.00 "Go, Julia, go!"
Steve and Sofia Freer $150.00 "Have a great run!"
Damon Korb Hidden "Congratulations."
Christine Mattaliano $25.00 "Good Luck Sam! Hope you raise alot of money, every little bit helps. "
Marianne and Gary Traverson $100.00 "Go Team Alex"
Joseph Bronzino, Sr $100.00 "Love you, I'm very proud of you. Keep up the good work."
cheryl short $25.00 "We are so proud of you!! We love you and wish we could be with you as you walk for a cure but know we will be with you in spirit. God Blessed us when he gave us you xoxoxo Aunt Cheryl & Uncle Chris"
Christine Welsh-Buck $30.00 "happy running! "
Karen Morrill-McClure $20.00 "Have a great run! Great to see you last week."
Amanda Casabona $100.00 "You are doing an amazing job!! Congrats. Way to go!"
Fran and Pat Casabona $100.00 "Good Luck!"
victoria lustrino $50.00 "Good luck Tommy!!!! Were proud of you :)"
Becky Draper Hidden "Go, Mike!"
Dana Giuliano $25.00 "Good luck during your run, Tommaso!"
Colby Young $50.00 "I hope you win!!!!! Can not wait to see all you guys in Nola!!!!!"
Kristin Cernak $50.00 "Hey Mike, wish I could walk with you because I know you will be laughing and having a great time! Miss you! Kristin"
Nancy Bernstein $100.00 "Ariel- good luck!"
Lynne Lieber Hidden "Good luck, Ariel!"
Grace Como $50.00 "Sam: We wish you the best of luck in your walk to find a cure. You are a very strong young woman who can make a difference! All the best! Love, Grace, Sal, Vincent, Jenna & Nicholas"
Jeltje DeJong $100.00 "You go, Cassinator! "
Margot Palermo $25.00 " Proud to support you and inspired by your smile. :) Have fun! Margot Palermo ( a friend and colleague of your Mom)"
Amy Bazelon Hidden "Best of Luck!"
Vicki Frazer Hidden "Wishing you all the best as you move closer to a cure!"
JoAnn Diotte $50.00 "Uncle Johnny and I love you. "
Gary Belowich Hidden "Go Ariel. Wishing you the best, Gary and Julie"
Thomasine Mastrantoni $25.00 "Go Tommy! You Rock!"
donna diaz $10.00 "cassie, i am happy to support you and the work that you are doing. you are an inspiration to us all."
Philip Gisi $100.00 "Uncle Phil and Aunt Katy are behind you all the way. Walk with pride!"
URSULA ALBANO $50.00 "Dear Samantha, You are as strong and smart as you are beautiful and kind. You are a great kid and we hope all your dreams come true. xoxoxo Ursula, Paul, Katarina and Olivia :) "
Nancy Wozniak $50.00 "Change the World, Cassie. You're a remarkable young woman. I'll back you all the way. I believe in you. Nancy"
Israel Rentas $100.00 "Very proud of your accomplishments and wishing you the best success always. Keep striving forward!"
jerome sacher $50.00 "Hope lives in the heart of us all. I am very proud of you Jj and nicole , keep up the great work..."
Dianne Rigano $25.00 "Great job, Tommy! I know you will reach your goal!"
Sandy Liccardi $100.00 "Cassie, you are a beautiful person and I truly wish that everyone of your dreams come true!"
Phyllis & Dan Ford Hidden "Walk on, Mike! Enjoy!"
EMLYN BARRIOS $400.00 "Wish we could join the walk with you, but here's a silly joke you can share along the way... A guy walks into a bar and hears two heavy set women speaking in a particular accent that he thinks he recognizes. So he asks the women: "Excuse me, are you ladies from Scotland?" The one woman replies: "You idiot, it's Wales!" To which he replies: "I'm sorry, are you whales from Scotland?" Enjoy the walk! : )"
Tender Care Pediatrics $200.00 "Go Cason!! Have a great time!"
Carey Nathan $25.00 "Good luck and have fun on the 23rd!"
Jo Hariton $85.00 "So glad that you have reached your goal! "
Mark Gisi $150.00 "Go Team Tommy! - Austin, Uncle Mark & Aunt Mei"
Eric Willer Hidden "Good luck Tommy! "
Barbara and Richard Lemyre $54.00 "Our donation is made with love and admiration for our daughter and grandson."
Theresa Grasso $25.00 "Dear Chris, We are on your team. We love you very much! Love, Aunt Theresa & Uncle Joey"
Marie Biondo $25.00 "Dear Chris, Routing for you! Love, Aunt Marie"
Platy Pus $50.00 "Here's 50 bucks as an apology for beating you up in your dream last night. Sorry!! :(>"
Jan Biondo $50.00 "You go, Chris! Good luck on your walk. We love you. Tom, Jan, Kerry, John & Sam"
Anne Diprizito $100.00 "Chris you are a very special young boy. I am so proud of you. Your smile lightens up my world. I love you sooooo much! Grandma"
Marie Forster $50.00 "Chris I hope you have a great walk, wish I could be there. Love you so much , aunt Marie "
Brian Johnson $50.00 "Go Julia - great role model for your kids!"
Manuela Conter $25.00 "Dear Christopher, we are thinking of you...love Aunt Manuela and Uncle Johnny"
Cindy Kurtz $100.00 "Go team ALEX! I wish I could be there with you. The Kurtz Family"
Betty Schraufnagel $100.00 "Break a leg Troye......NOT!"
Jennifer Youngbeck $50.00 "Good Luck Troye! Hoping you have good weather."
Randy and Susan Erb $50.00 "Thomas, Embrace life and live it to the fullest. Best of luck! The Erbs"
Aman Malik $50.00 "GO TEAM TSA-NYC"
Mary Lou Botto $25.00 "Have a safe, fun and successful walk..."
Patrick Jones $25.00 "Hey Jenna, have a great time on Sunday! Wish I could be there to cheer you on! Hugs, Uncle Pat"
Louise McGee $25.00 "We are so proud of you. Good luck Sunday, wish we could be there."
Bernadette Smith Hidden "Sorry we couldn't make it this year but we definitely make plans to come down next year and support you... Great job and have a wonderful time tomorrow... P.S. thanks for coming up to visit us :) Love, Bern, Jamie, Damian, Brendan & Jill"
Roy Havrilack Hidden "Thank you Troye! Have a blast!!"
LUCINDA HICKS-BEACH QUINN $25.00 "Good luck Tommy, and congratulations, you've surpassed your goal!"
Carlos Espinal $50.00 "Lots of luck Chris, and if you get tired of walking just jump on your dads back for a piggy back ride. :-P"
Fred Hersch $75.00 "Go Michael! Best from me and Scott, Fred Hersch"
Kat Shuttleworth $25.00 "Wish we could be there to join you! Love that you're doing this. "
Margaret De Filippis $50.00 "GREAT EVENT FOR A GREAT CAUSE!!! Peg"
Ellen and Larry Gelb $25.00 "Have a great walk!"
Chris Field $50.00 "We are with you in spirit, Michael! Good Luck tomorrow! Chris, Jonathan, Tucker and Finn"
Amber Villa $25.00 "Go Micheal! love, amber tobin jaden and arrow xo"
Jacob Rowe Hidden "Go You!"
Brian Avenius Hidden "Good luck Tommy!"
Katrina and Terralynn Swift $100.00 "Good Luck, Michael. Our best to Nat and all the Wolff's!"
Peter D'Angelo $50.00 "Congratulations to the entire team....you are all great."
Laura Larsen $25.00 "Good luck Christian"
Martha Rhodes $100.00 "Congratulations Cheryl and Team TSA! My niece/goddaughter was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome 40 years ago when it was considered an "Orphan Illness" and there was little to no help for her. There is still much work to be done to bring awareness to TS. Thank you for all your effort!"
Joy Derdiger Hidden "Go Michael"
Paul Bernstein $100.00 "Way to go Tommy!"
Carlo Corvino $50.00 "Chris, we are so proud of you and the wonderful Team you had! We love you! :) "
Laura Reid $100.00 "For Cheryl's godson, Owen!"
Rita Antonelli $100.00 "Yay Loretta!!! Wish I could have been there!"
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