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Raising To Find A Cure for Lung Cancer
In Loving Memory of My Dad


This cause means a lot to me due to losing my dad to this disease in May, 2003. I cared for him the last nine months of his precious life since we found out from doctors that he got this. I drove him to and from his appointments which where 2 hours from where we lived. I was in charge of giving him his medicine, which added up to be fourteen different one by the time of his death. I was in charge of his own business that he had for 30 some years and work at my job full time plus his side jobs and mine. At the time of his death I was working his 3 jobs and my two jobs and taking care of him too. Toward the last month I had some help from others in the family when I couldn't get off from work because we had to watch him like a hawk. He some of the time thought he was not home and try to leave or take off his oxgen and go without it. My aunt and others would visit him when he was in hospital 2 hours away from me and keep me infromed on how his doctor appointments went while he was in hospital.

Since his death I have been searching for ways to raise money to get this disease a cure. I don't want anyone else to have to see what I or my family saw, experience what we did and know how devastating this disease can be. So if you believe in this cause and want to help others so they can breathe easy. Please help and donate. It will be very appreciated!!

This fundraiser is dedicated to my dad and all others who have lost their lives to lung cancer or going through this.

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Goal: $100

$0 15% $100

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