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VT Friends of Ambuc
Giving Every child a bike
Every kid needs a bike! We all remember what it was like to ride a bike for the first time: the feeling of independence, the feeling of accomplishment, and the feeling of just being a kid. It is these feelings that AMBUCS members create through the AmTryke® therapeutic tricycle Project. For years, the AmTryke has benefited and delighted children with disabilities. It gives children the opportunity to experience the fun and independence of riding a bicycle with their siblings and friends. This unique tricycle is hand and/or foot powered. It improves motor coordination, increases self-esteem and is fun to ride! Physical and occupational therapists acknowledge the AmTryke tricycle's therapeutic benefits to patients, citing improved motor skills and strength development. In fact, the AmTryke was inspired by a therapist. There is a tryke available for children of all ages! There are also lots of adaptations available to make the AmTryke accessible to children with a variety of disabilities. We all agree that AmTrykes are amazing and life changing, but they don't come cheap. Zumba for Ambucs' goal is to raise enough to provide Trykes for all the kids on Vermont's wait-list as well as bring in some stock bikes as more requests come in to our local chapter.

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Total Donations: $1,540

Goal: $25,000

$0 6% $25,000

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