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My Mitzvah Fundraising Page
Rachel - winter 2008
This June I will be called to the Torah to become a Bat Mitzvah. As a part of the tradition at Temple Emanuel I will take part in a community service project that is meaningful to me. For my project I will be running in a 5K race called the Blindfold Challenge. This race is through an historic neighborhood in Boston. I will be running blindfolded while my Mom guides me along the route. She will need to talk me through the course; we will be tethered together so she can give me a nudge when I need it to stay on course. The Blindfold Challenge is a part of the Vision 5K, a run to raise money to support the National Braille Press, the Carroll Center for the Blind, New England Eye, Perkins School for the Blind and MAB Community Services (formerly Massachusetts Assocition for the Blind). It want to help make sure that these institutions can continue to provide students with the materials they need to enrich their lives. I chose this project because my cousin Sawyer, who I love very much, is blind. This event helps to raise money not only for Sawyer but for other children with visual impairments. I want to make sure they have the same opportunities that I have. With this race I am helping to show that people who are blind can do anything they put their mind to, and that others should not limit them just because they can't see. Earlier this winter I worked at the National Braille Press in Boston for a day. There I learned a little bit about the way that Braille books are made. We also helped assemble books with Braille pages inserted in between regular printed and illustrated pages. These books make it possible for families with both sighted and blind members to share the same books together. The books can be used by visually impaired parents with sighted children, or vice versa. These books can even be used for families with both sighted and visually impaired children. I know it won't be easy to run with a blindfold. I have to put my trust completely in my Mom to get me through the course. But as a runner and someone who also cares about this cause I am determined to complete the race. We are committed to raising a minimum of $1500 in order to participate in this event. Please consider making a contribution to this cause and supporting my Bat Mitzvah project. Thank you very much for your consideration, Love, Rachel
Total Donations Collected:$2,551.00

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