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Amy's taking on 70.3 to squash cancer!
This Charity Chick Swims, Bikes & Runs ... (soon?)
Hi friends and fellow Charity Chicks! I'm embarking on my next BIG adventure and anyone who knows my issues with water knows how BIG this is. But it's still nothing compared to the fight against cancer. Barb's race is a women's only half Ironman event that is dedicated to raising funds to support cancer patients, support cancer research and other cancer services. Barb - an athlete and volunteer - has fought and WON against cancer twice and with this race, we help continue that fight. Athletes pay their own registration, travel and housing costs so please know your donation is going TO the charities and not to fund our race!
I've got a LOT of new skills to learn and training to do. Join my journey!

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Total Donations: $500.00
Goal: $250

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