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2013 Las Vegas Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon - Wisconsin Chapter

Team Challenge is the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation's endurance training program. This exciting fundraising program trains you to run or walk a half marathon while helping the Foundation raise funds to find a cure for Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

When you train with Team Challenge you will receive everything you need to cross the finish line! In return, you will raise funds to help the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation reach its mission: to cure Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, and to improve the quality of life of children and adults affected by these digestive diseases.

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Total Donations: $51,223

Goal: $160,840

$0 32% $160,840

Contributor Amount Comment
Jenni and Eric Knutson $50.00 "Eric and I know how hard it is to do "round 2" in one year...thought we could start you off on the right foot! You will be great! "
Becky Burris $25.00 "Thanks for fundraising for a great girl, a great cause, and a great Team! I hope you PR in Vegas!"
Dave/Marlene Garrison $300.00 "It has been a long road, Katie. We are overjoyed that you desire to run this race. God has given you a persevering and uncomplaining spirit thought these years that only He can give. We know that you endure and have endured much more suffering than we know. Go for it, girl. We love you!!"
Eliza Otto $25.00 "Giving in honor of myself and everyone else who suffers with Crohn's "
Katie Adkins $25.00 "You make me proud to be a Capital Crohnie! Thanks for all you do, and keep up the great work!"
Lois Killion $20.00 "I WANT TO SPARKLE!! Good luck raising the money for a good cause. My friend's son has Crohn's and he is only 12."
Andrea Orellana $20.00 "Team Challenge is very dear to my and my family's heart as our sweet cousin also has been living with this for most of his young life (16 years old) . I plan to join a Team Challenge to help raise awareness and funds for CCF. Hugs. I WANT TO SPARKLE."
jamie markle $10.00 "I WANT TO SPARKLE! "
Abby Werner $20.00 "GO LAURA GO!!!! Thank you for all you do for us Crohnie's!!!"
Jenny Pickhard $25.00 "Cannot wait to see your tu-tu this year!"
Brad Gilge $25.00 "Injured or not, I expect you'll fly through this one since you won't have me slowing you down this time. Good luck!"
Jennifer Johnson $10.00 "I want to Sparkle!"
Leah Powell $15.00 "Obviously, do not enter me into your raffle...haha...conflict of interest! I know this isn't much, but we try to spread our charity dollars out amongst the causes we believe in. THANK YOU for doing this, Dawn...best success on your fundraising efforts! Hugs!"
Miranda Connelly $10.00 "I want to sparkle!!"
Katie Adkins $13.00 "Keep up the good work! See you in 2014!"
Elizabeth Terrill $20.00 "I want to SPARKLE!!! "
Ann Marie Brock $20.00 "I want to Sparkle!! (I NEED TO SPARKLE!) "
Brandi Gavin $20.00 "I want to SPARKLE! :) I hope you meet your goal, Dawn. GL"
Jeff & Julie Boyer $150.00 "Good Luck as you prepare for Round 3! Thank you for your continued support, motivation and selflessness in making a difference for so many of us suffering from IBD! Go Rock n Roll Vegas and take care of yourself. We are so proud of you and love you so much! Dad & Julie"
Mike McGuire $13.00 "Go Jason!"
Amanda Hall $13.10 "See you on the starting line! Go Team WI!"
mary zoltek $15.00 "way to go laura b!"
Erin Ferris $10.00 "I want to Sparkle!!!"
Kristen Kinnear-Ohlmann $26.20 "Amount in honor of our 2 halfs! I may try to fly in/out to Vegas since we're on a streak!"
Michel Toboyek $100.00 "Praising God for all of the wonderful things he has done for you and I am so happy he has crossed our paths in life! I am so blessed to have you as a sister in Christ!"
Jennifer McElroy $13.10 "I'm late to the $13 on the 13th party but here I am! I can't wait to hear all about training and the race. Sending you lots of good luck and Team Challenge hugs!"
Leanne Foeller $100.00 "To one of the most giving people I know... it's time to finally give back and send you wishes of luck on this very inspirational goal! I'm so inspired by you ALL the time:)"
Sabrina Sanchez $15.00 "Good Luck! "
Becky Conway $50.00 "Thank you for all that you do for CCFA!"
Amanda Hall $30.00 "Good luck, Ray!! Can't wait to see you at the starting line!"
Eliza Otto $4.00 "Getting our team Vegas to $2000!"
Leah Powell $22.00 "Thanks for running for CCFA, Dawn! And thanks for chipping in on the video!"
Jennifer Ko $5.00 "I want to sparkle"
Sue Maurer $50.00 "Your enthusiasm is infectious! Good luck Amanda. U rock!"
Carol Farvour $50.00 "Go Nate and Cody!"
Nathan Farvour $50.00 ":)"
Karen Kuxhaus $100.00 "Woohoo... good luck!"
Cherie Schneider $20.00 ""I want to sparkle!""
brend hurley $20.00 "I want to sparkle! And best of luck on your fund raising and run! :)"
Michelle Erickson $20.00 "I WANT TO SPARKLE!!! Good luck on your race. We did the Vegas Rock-n-Roll with Team Challenge to support my sister and everybody else who has this disease. We had a super great time. "
Erin Ferris $46.00 "Love the Princess Posse"
Katie Mevis Hidden "Quack quack!! Looking forward to rocking Vegas with you!!! :) $7500 or bust!!!"
Heather Kralj $100.00 "Proud of you Nic! xo"
Amy Miles $50.00 "Go Nicole go! Maybe someday we can actually run one of these together!!!"
Gloria Larson $10.00 "Keep running and keep smiling :-)"
Jennie & Corey Andrease $50.00 "Good luck! Awesome Goal!!!"
Sarah Archibald $25.00 "Amanda, you are amazing! Thank you for your continued dedication to this important cause. Viva!"
John & Carole Erickson $100.00 "On your Mark, Get Set, GO Katie! Race for THE Prize! love john carole lydia"
Jill & Tom Gaertner $50.00 "Go Eliza! Can't be there on the 24th for the brats/hotdogs but we wanted to contribute to your cause. We are impressed with your ambition and energy!"
Katie Rohde $20.00 " I want to Sparkle! I have Crohn's too! Good Luck! "
Jay Schweikl $25.00 "Tina and Brad, Best Wishes to you. God Bless! Jay Schweikl"
Michael Kelly $25.00 "Wishing you all the best in your endeavor."
Becky Burris $20.00 ""I WANT TO SPARKLE!!""
Alison Struve $20.00 "Crohn's & Colitis Beat Down in progress!!"
Wally & Tracy Waldhart $100.00 "Fight the good fight, Nanny Nicole!!"
Alyssa Brown $26.20 "Go Nicole! I have family members with Crohn's and see how painful it can be. Thanks for bringing attention to an issue that affects more than we know."
Charles Schuh $50.00 "Good luck Spike! Uncle Chuck & Aunt Barb"
Susan Hebgen $20.00 "My dad suffers from Crohn's and am so glad to help fight the good fight! Go get 'em, Jason!!!"
Amber Arends-Kennedy $13.10 "Go, Nicole, go!"
Anonymous Hidden "I WANT TO SPARKLE! I have several friends who have been fighting this disease for many years and applaud you for all that you're doing despite its insidious nature. Go Dawn!"
Beverly Maddy $20.00 "I want to Sparkle ?????????"
Kristie Macris $25.00 "Anything to support a fellow Team Challenge! I want to sparkle too!"
Susan Stehling $100.00 "Great cause Michelle and Brent! Good luck to you both!! "
Nicki Moore $50.00 "Amanda - Way to go with your continued efforts to find a cure and/or better treatments. You continue to inspire with your efforts!"
Elliot Wray $30.00 "A good cause and a great challenge for my brother & Mom!"
Victoria Knudtson $50.00 "Go kick some booty and remember to always stay classy!!! :-) "
Michael Nelson $50.00 "Good luck Michelle and Brent!!"
Jennifer Hull $20.00 "Great job, Amanda! Best of luck with your fundraising!"
Nicole Sutton $39.00 "True to my word I am matching my current donation total of 39.00 with 39.00 of my own money on 8/15. Thanks to Alyssa and Amber for your support! Please donate today so I can match your gift. N <3"
Phyllis & Michael Sanders $100.00 "Anything for my niece - It is extremely important for family to not only support one another, but to take active responsibility for one another! These are the values my mama taught !!! GO ZANDRA, MICHELLE AND BRENT; WE'RE ALL IN !!!!! Phyllis & Michael"
Mike and Linda Hall $500.00 "We're getting impatient. Let's lick this thing so we can all live happily ever after."
Mary Connolly-Leubner $50.00 "Go Eliza!! We can't be with you on Saturday but want to support you and your cause. Best wishes and lots of love, Uncle Jon, Auntie Mary, Zak, Benjamin and Noah"
Julie Meister $25.00 "You go girl! You're an awesome fundraiser . . . for a great cause."
Christina Wade $25.00 "Vegas better be ready for you again :) have fun and PR!"
Ryan Cappleman $25.00 "Thanks for all of the support you've given me over the years! ;) Wish I could do more for you, but nonetheless, go get 'em girl!"
Jeanette Murphy $20.00 "Trying to help my daughter go to Vegas. Good luck Nicole, love you. "
Nicole Sutton $45.30 "Thanks to Ryan and my mom Jeanette I am matching their donations of 45.00 (plus the .30 from my first 2 donations) for a total of 45.30 out of my own pocket toward my goal. Hooray! With your help I have hit the $100+ milestone and have raised 3% of my goal! #babysteps N :)"
Craig Van Blaricum $50.00 "Go Amanda! And of course, go Ben! And go, Rocky! I'm sorry to hear about Rocky :("
Ken Sutton $25.00 "Your a special person doing great things. I hope you do well and reach all your goals!"
Nancy & Neal Gunderson $250.00 "No one has a bigger heart than Nicole so we want to help her meet and beat her goal!!"
Becky Burris $26.20 "DO WORK!"
susan kerber $75.00 "Way to go Cody! What a beautiful family!!!"
Lindsay Czisny $25.00 "You are an amazing friend and a constant inspiration. Love you! "
Ann Schefus $460.00 "Brat Fry fund raiser on August 24, 2013"
Mark Biagtan $25.00 "Goooooo Amanada!"
Sally & Vincent Voeltz $25.00 "We love you Eliza! :)"
Tina Congdon $206.00 "Jimmy Buffett Concert Donations"
Abbe Feitelberg $15.00 "Way to go! Can't wait to get my Badgers and Team Challenge key chains (with fancy carabiners!). You'll just have to guess which I am more excited about. See you in Vegas!"
Jamaal & Heather Davenport $50.00 "Way to go Brent and Michelle! "
annie munkwitz $20.00 "*high five*"
Lynne Kivimaki $50.00 "Have a blast and THANK YOU for doing this!"
Mark McEahern $100.00 "Nicole, I know you will meet this challenge and have an awesome time doing it. Mark"
Lesley and Kris Wolf $50.00 "Sending you lots of love...you continue to inspire, influence and amaze us and so many who struggle with IBD. Go Team Challenge, Go Team Wisconsin!! "
Nicole Sutton $275.00 "A special thank you to Nancy and Neal Gunderson and the very generous gift they made. THANK YOU! Also, thank you to my father Ken for your contribution, I appreciate your support. I am matching the combined total of 275.00 from your donations. 9/2/13. I'm approaching the 1,000 mark...HOORAY...who will help me reach it?! "
Butch Greene $50.00 "Keep up the good work."
Art & Jackie LaFond $175.00 "Thanks for sharing your story, Cody. We're proud to support this cause for you & Nate. We'll be thinking of you on Nov. 17th!!"
Noelle Lebow $25.00 "Amanda, you are AWESOME! Thank you for continuing to fight against IBD!"
Calene Ehrlich $150.00 "Thank you Jason for your never ending strong support for this horrific disease. We are so glad Cheryl is doing as well as she is right not. May it not ever change. God's blessings to your beautiful family. We love you.. Jerry & Calene (now Bond)."
Katryn Mantz $25.00 "YOU GO GIRL!!!!! Fighting the good fight."
Ashley Ludlum $30.00 "Have fun! And train hard! Love you guys!"
lisa dahlberg $25.00 "go laurie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Katie Adkins $50.00 "Good luck, Dana! So proud of you!"
Eliza Otto $40.00 "Getting our team to $13,000!!!! "
Anonymous $100.00 "You ROCK!"
Mike & Sharon Cody $50.00 "Laurie, Best of luck with your 1/2 marathon. You've been an inspiration. Love, The Cody's"
Mike Radtke $100.00 "Great luck Nicole....."
William Clifford $100.00 "Nick has his 2nd surgery last week. We are staying with him in Chicago for a few days. Good luck, Bill"
Susan Wendelberger $30.00 "You are AWESOME! Thanks! :)"
Brad Gilge $25.00 "Go get 'em, Digit!"
Kevin Barnes $13.00 "Good luck, Cody! And thank you to you and Nate for your ongoing efforts to help defeat Crohn's! "
Linda Krahn $20.00 "Best of luck to you."
Emily Mauck $25.00 "Good luck and I hope you reach your goal!!"
Denise & Clyde Smith $100.00 "Amanda, We are so proud of your efforts! You are amazing! Love, Mom & Clyde"
Clint Knollenberg $25.00 "Best of luck! Clint & Nicki"
Wanda Fullmore $25.00 "Brent & Michelle, I'm proud of you both. Good luck on November 17th, I'll be cheering you on. Hugs! Wanda "
Joan Mikecz $25.00 "Good Luck, Eliza!"
Shiva Bidar Hidden "Great cause Michelle and Brent!! Go team Wray!"
Jason Kelly-Van Domelen $1,000.00 "Double-platinum. Let's do this!"
Carol Miller $500.00 "Keeping my promise to you mom. Best of luck guys and take care. Love ya."
Julia Brush Hidden "From one wife of a husband battling Crohn's to another, WAY TO GO AMANDA! "
Becky Burris $26.20 "you are getting close to $1,000, wanted to give you a push!"
Janet Greene-Butler $50.00 "Great job ! Keep up the good work, for a great cause."
Dr. Lynda Pardo Hidden "Here's to hoping for a brighter and healthier future for UC and Crohn sufferers. "
Tina Congdon $2,661.00 "Bowling Fundraiser - Thank you to everyone that came out to support us! It was a great time. "
Tina Congdon $80.00 "More donations from the Bowling Fundraiser"
Kathleen Jensema $250.00 "Go get 'em, Chevs! :) xo"
Melisa Marshall $62.00 "Congrats on re-committing! Good Luck!"
Kristin Drewieck Hidden "Good luck, have fun, I know you can do it. "
EDWARD SHERARD $100.00 "Michelle and Brent good luck on your Journey. Maybe next year, I will carry the torch for Alexandra! THE SHERARD'S!"
Adriana Reilly $50.00 "Good Luck Guys!!"
Joseph Long $25.00 "So the half marathon record is about 58 minutes...... I think you guys can beat it!!! Train hard because I'm expecting some international headlines at the end of this race."
Annette Stivers $50.00 "Eliza, I am trying this again...I hope donation works this time! All the best to you! Annette"
Derek & Shay Davenport $50.00 "You can do it!!!! "
Jean Gardner $30.00 "Thanks."
Dawn Mueller $20.00 "Good luck! Thanks for all you do!!"
Steve Levy $50.00 "Good Luck from the Crew at Gigi's Cupcakes!"
Courtney Morris $25.00 "You're awesome Laura, wish I could give you more!"
Howard Payne $35.00 "Race for a cure is so important, and I am hopeful we can reach the monetary goal!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Keep working hard! Proud of you from Shebs :)"
Andrea Obranovich $50.00 "So proud of you, sister! XO"
Molly Donohue Hidden "Go, Bolger! Love you!"
Cheryl Vorwald $26.00 "Have a great race!!!!!!"
Erica Stolarski $50.00 "I will miss drinking on the corner and watching an SVU marathon. Enjoy and run fast!!! GO TEAM CHALLENGE!"
Deborah Korecz $50.00 "You're super great! Thanks for all you do.(Courtney's Mom)."
Eric and Jenni Knutson $75.00 "You kicked ass today! Thank you for doing this for people like me :)"
Kelly Walenta $100.00 "You are doing AWESOME Nicole!! I will be cheering for you in spirit on your big running day, but I'm always cheering for you everyday!! :) <3"
Tina Congdon $200.00 "Bake Sale Proceeds Thanks to Sue Karleigh and Toni Voeks. Thank you so much for supporting Brad and I. "
Tracy Hanke $25.00 "Good luck Nicole, have a great run!"
Anonymous $100.00 "So proud of you, Katie!"
Donna Barrette $100.00 "Good luck to you Katie! Wishing you all the best! from the Barrette's!"
Amanda Linsmeier $10.00 "I wish we could send more! Sorry it's late :) Love ya! "
Jay Isenthal $100.00 "Good Luck from the Isenthal Family ! "
Wendy and Tom Berns $30.00 "Charge ahead Nicole...!!!"
Dawn Dykstra $25.00 "Have fun in Vegas!!"
Donna Welter Hidden "So proud of you, Pam!! Congratulations on your commitment and ambition! Here's to NO BUS!!"
David and Patricia Welter $100.00 "Our donation is in honor of Norene Welter who is in a rest home in Minneapolis and who is now unconscious with the end of her life coming any minute. You will reach your goal and we salute you and will celebrate the victory with you. "
Ann Schefus $50.00 "Good Luck!! Have a great time in Vegas."
Becky Burris $20.00 "I would like that Doll for Ava...I hope I win! Two entries please!"
Eliza Otto $30.00 "Donation from my neighbor :-)"
Tina Congdon $106.00 "A BIG Thank you to Gayla & Mark Zastrow, Ruth Polster, Sherry & Randy Zube, Mr. Suehring, and Robert Downer for their generous donations!!! "
Elizabeth Cha $100.00 "Thanks for your motivation, inspiration, and dedication to this cause! Count me in for the next one!"
David Mackey $50.00 "I think people would make more donations if you had a baby fur seal as a mascot. ;p"
Erica McGruder $20.00 "I ran the rock and roll half marathon last year. What an amazing accomplishment. Good luck. Lots if water;) say hello to my old stomping grounds for me. ?? Maybe you could come to Colorado n run the autisum one for azzareyah ??"
Anonymous $100.00 "Save our Bung Wholes! "
Amanda Hall $20.00 "Tricia, I am so impressed with your ability to juggle this huge undertaking along with everything else you do. Can't wait to see you at the finish line!!"
Mark Leifer Hidden "Good luck Pam! I know you can do it - 4 wheels not required this time."
JoAnn Hennigan $50.00 "You are an inspiration, kate! God Bless all your efforts!"
Lisa Buller $100.00 "Way to go Pam! Think of last year as just part of the training for this year!"
Laurence Lee $25.00 "Only 13mi......You got this Nicole! :)"
Lori Alliss $15.00 "Good luck, Jason!"
Tracy Wildt $26.20 "Thank you for doing this to help Chronies like me find a cure! DO WORK!!!"
Eliza Otto $10.00 "Amanda's headband sale"
Katie Adkins $20.00 "Go Tricia! Go Team Wisconsin!!"
John Welter $100.00 "Way to go Pam, we will be cheering for you all the way."
Tina Congdon $172.00 "Donations from Mary Lynn Froehlich and Hilary Carr! And Trick or Treat Donations! "
Katie Weitkunat $100.00 "Good luck on your fundraising! From a Team Challenge alumni! Just wanted to say YOU ROCK!!!"
Katie Weitkunat $100.00 "Thank you so much for helping to raise money for the cure! It's people like you that make having these diseases a little more bearable! Thanks again from a Team Challenge alumni! "
Katie Weitkunat $100.00 "Thank you so much for supporting this wonderful cause!!! From a Team Challenge Alumni! "
Katie Weitkunat $100.00 "Hey Coach! Thanks for being such an awesome Team Challenge supporter!!!! You are awesome!!!"
Katie Weitkunat $100.00 "I'm so glad you finally got a diagnosis and are starting to have a much better quality of life! I know you will ROCK this 1/2 marathon! Thanks! From a Team Challenge Alumni! "
Kevin Barnes $20.00 "Go, Laura! Good luck in Vegas and THANK YOU for everything you do to help defeat Crohn's and colitis."
Don Zoltan $100.00 "Great work, coach! Have fun in Vegas."
Wendy Hermann $50.00 "Way To Go Michelle and Brent! The Hermanns"
Joanna Simpson $50.00 "Go get'em, Pam! :)"
Anonymous $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Leslie Camfield $20.00 "Good luck Tricia!!"
Patrice McAdams $100.00 "Good luck on the walk!"
Tina Congdon $42.00 "More trick or treat donations! "
Kathleen Spahn $100.00 "Good luck, Jay! You've worked hard!"
Barb Hintz $25.00 "Good luck Jason. Keep on fighting for what you believe in. I believe in you!"
Anneka Jackson $100.00 "Congrats on all your hard work so far! You're doing an amazing job!"
Monna Sebring $50.00 "Go Pam!!"
Aaron Lenox $50.00 "Way to go, Pam! :-)"
Ann Nikolaus $25.00 "Thanks for running for a great cause. My donation is in honor of Benjamin Clarke. He is a brave little man."
Sharyl Brzozowski $25.00 "Donating on behalf of Benjamin Clarke"
Jon & Sherry Bednarski $125.00 "We congratulate you on your new challenge....one step at a time."
Megan Mueller $50.00 "You go, girl! "
Tammy Roberts Haasl $50.00 "Tricia I know your going to do great and have a ball! Wish I could be there to cheer you on! "
Amanda Hall $200.00 "Money from jewelry sales"
Tina Congdon $120.00 "A Huge Thank you to Dr. Dan Killian, my chiropractor for the wonderful donation. Also a Huge Thank you to Uncle Jerry for the awesome donation. "
Jen/Vijay Parmar $100.00 "Way to go Katie!!! You are an inspiration to all of us. "
Kathy Stuart $20.00 "Good Luck Katie!! Seems Like the PCS class of '87 has quite a few runners these days. Enjoy the run!!! Kathy Savage Stuart"
Ralph & Linda Lemp $100.00 "We are so proud of you Katie!! We will be praying for strength and perseverance as you run your 1/2 marathon. "
Jenn Wagner-Martin $20.00 "Way to go Tina and Brad!! You've got this!!"
Kevin and Rachel Sisco $40.00 "Go Team Challenge!"
Pamela/Jeff Hencke $40.00 "Will be thinking of you Katie! :)"
Anonymous $50.00 "So proud of all that you do :)"
Mairtin & Mitra de Cogain $100.00 "Give it all you got!"
Mary Liz Towne $50.00 "Have a lovely day! Miss you...."
Pam Welter $250.00 "Because I believe in myself... Thanks to all who have supported me in this!"
Kris & Lesley Wolf $30.00 "We are with you in spirit! Best of luck... and GO TEAM WISCONSIN!"
Sarah B Smith $25.00 "Super hero-Amazing Amanda! Run like the wind!"
Alexandra & Mary Wray $100.00 "Have a great race!! The route is fun and yes there is a finish line!!! With you in spirit. Love Zandra & Mary"
Jennifer Hull $50.00 "Best of luck on your race! Congratulations on you fundraising! You are amazing!!"
Nicole Sutton $75.00 "I sold 15 Community Days coupon booklets from Boston Store and made $75. Even though I did not participate in the walk I still wanted to contribute to the cause. Thanks to everyone who contributed! - NS"
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