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2013 Las Vegas Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon - National Team Chapter

Team Challenge is the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation's endurance training program. This exciting fundraising program trains you to run or walk a half marathon while helping the Foundation raise funds to find a cure for Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

When you train with Team Challenge you will receive everything you need to cross the finish line! In return, you will raise funds to help the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation reach its mission: to cure Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, and to improve the quality of life of children and adults affected by these digestive diseases.

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Total Donations: $112,283

Contributor Amount Comment
Howard Haley $250.00 "I am HONORED to support you sis! "
jesse Laster $75.00 "Do the thing young man! Best wishes in your endeavor!"
Crystal Mokelke $25.00 "GO SCHLEYERGIRL!! "
David Bowman $20.00 "You're raising money for a good cause. Have fun doing the race. "
Kathleen Hurst $100.00 "Good luck Jennifer! "
Bette Rainwater $100.00 "What a wonderful Mom and family Love Aunt Bette"
Jonna Meyer $50.00 "We love you!"
Johanna Blue $40.00 "Go Keven go!! Thanks for being such an awesome coach and inspiration :) "
Pam Blum $25.00 "Good Luck Keven! Thanks for running for a great cause!"
Robin Kingham $50.00 "Geaux Terry!!!"
Robin Kingham $30.00 "One Team, One Goal! "
Janice Batt $100.00 "Jennifer, It is an honor to support you in the 2013 Team Challenge event in Los Vegas! You are an inspriation and such a beautiful spirit. Love ya! Mom"
Coombs Orthodontics $100.00 "Go Schleyergirl!"
Dina Culler $100.00 "Jennifer, your story is truly inspirational and a testimonial to your faith. May you continue to inspire many individuals during your journey! "
Angella Batt $100.00 "Good Luck with the fundraising, training for the event and the event!!! Love, Uncle Jerry & Aunt Angie"
Lady Raina $5.00 "Frenchie Power!!!"
Sir Boomer LaFrenchise $5.00 "French Bulldogs Rule!"
Justin Batt $100.00 ""I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, and I have remained faithful." - 2 Timothy 4:7"
Kathryn Tousek $100.00 "Greg, Yes, I am happy to make a donation to C & C in honor of my beautiful and wonderful niece Emilia. I am impressed and inspired with your dedication and commitment with not only the tenacity required to train for yet another half marathon but also fund raise for this great cause. You have 100% of my love and support. Let me know how else I can be of service to you, Emilia and this great cause. xoxo"
Jamie Hernandez $100.00 "Go Janelle! from Tim and Jamie:)"
Joanne Ziegler $50.00 "Greg, Kathy told me about your fundraiser. I'm always pleased to support a great cause such as this. Have a great race! "
Mike & Rita Kaufman $50.00 "Jennifer, Your story is inspirational. Good luck in the race in Las Vegas. "
Allison Savarin $50.00 "So proud of you! You are truly an inspiration! "
Penny & Paul Stoll $100.00 "We wish you the best in your half marathon! Way to fight!!"
Pamela Roth $50.00 "Jennifer - So happy & thankful that you are feeling so good & healthy and able to participate in this half marathon in Vegas in November. You and your mom will have a terrific time together!!! Thanks for sharing your personal story in the magazine --- great photo of you on the cover!!! I have already copied your story and shared it with my sis-in-law's friend who recently had a colostomy. I am sure your words will encourage her too!!! (Saw you at a distance at church last Sunday, but didn't get a chance to talk with you - bummer!) Glad you like your new home & job in Columbus! God bless you, Jennifer!!!"
Kara Cason $50.00 "Go, Holly!"
Dave Batt $100.00 "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven. -Ecclesiastes 3:1 Proud of you ! "Carpe Diem" Love, Dad~"
Christina Baker $25.00 "Sigal, Hope the race went well, would love to hear all the details. Sorry for the late contribution. YES, YOU ARE A RUNNER! "
Carl & Kim Chaney $100.00 "Good luck Jennifer. We wish you the best. We expect to see the 13.1 sticker on your car in the near future."
keven quillon $25.00 "RUN HOLLY, RUUUUUN!!!!!!!! I love you! You can DO it!!"
Julie Hays $25.00 "Good luck Janelle! I'm sure Hunter is proud of you!"
Gregory Lind $100.00 "Emilia, This is my fourth half marathon for TEAM CHALLENGE and running to find a CURE for Crohn's!!! I am so happy to run and help out in such a small way. Love Dad"
Anonymous Hidden "This is such a great cause - go Tisha!!"
Anonymous Hidden "Love that you're doing this! Go Erica!!"
alan steinmark $50.00 "Good Luck."
Maria Rey Hidden "Good Luck!!"
Cheryl Murray $100.00 "I am so proud of you. Patrick, Paddy, Maddie, Molly, Holly and I are cheering you on to the finish line!"
Carol & Ed Nigl $50.00 "Good luck lady."
jenny lancho $25.00 "Barbie, I wish you a great run. Will be rooting for you all the way. "
Liz Donahue $25.00 "kick the butt of that stinking colitis! Run it outta town and out of your body.....you are such a fighter my friend. I love you dearly! Xoxo"
Anonymous $25.00 "So proud of you Tisha! Run like the wind!"
Donna Nyhan Hidden "My awesome friend Barbara, one of the strongest women I know!!"
Russ LoBello $25.00 "Good Luck, Babs!! "
Anthony Piraino $300.00 "Run safe, keep up the good work and see you downtown at the Firebird Tavern!"
Saralin Allin Hidden "Best Wishes from the Allin Family!!"
Ginger Pitman $100.00 "Run like the wind Janelle! Get all the help you can for Hunter!"
jim morrison $50.00 "Kick butt Barb!"
Carla Cuellar $25.00 "I'm rooting for you, Janelle, and wishing the best for Hunter!"
Joan Devine $200.00 "Be Strong and run fast! "
Kevin Fiore Hidden "Proud of you Barbara! "
Lorraine Macia Hidden "You are such an inspiration! "
Dorene Shapiro Hidden "Go Barbara...Kick some BUTT!!!"
Lily Niu $50.00 "My best to you Barbara! Good luck in the race and you got my love and support! Xo"
Sara Goguen $100.00 "I am so proud of you and the support you are showing not only Ron, but others who also suffer from Crohn's and colitis- including my Dad. You inspire and motivate me to want to help find a cure. I love you and wish you and Ron the best as you train to complete this journey together!"
colleen devine $25.00 "Good Luck Janelle!!! I know you will do GREAT!!!!"
Danielle Callas $50.00 "Go Brent!!!"
shawn and Heidi Stark $25.00 "Way to go Jen! We are rooting for you! "
Pamela Hanson $50.00 "We are all behind you. I know you'll make us proud. Go Team Jason!"
Rose Murphy $50.00 "Good luck Sigal!!! I know you can do it. "
Sarah Mutch $50.00 "Way to go, Sigal!"
Maura Bobinski $50.00 "From the Bobinski family. "
Pete Dewalt $75.00 "????"
Anita Baughn $100.00 "Good Luck Jason! I am so thankful for people like you who care enough to help support the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!"
Mariah Vasel $50.00 "I am very impressed you are doing a half marathon!!"
Lindsey Wheeler $100.00 "Thank you for supporting such a great cause!!!!!!"
Celise Colston $30.00 "Run, Brent, Run!! Good luck!"
Janice Munter Hidden "Good Luck, Barb!"
Susan Wood $26.00 "Good Luck Ron! "
JAN Onatz Hidden "Proud of you!!!"
Shelley Humphrey $100.00 "You go, Barb!!!"
Evelyn Englis $100.00 "Go Katie!"
Dick and Sherry Buchsteiner $25.00 "We admire Jennifer for putting forth an effort to raise funds that will benefit others with her illness."
Michelle Brinz $35.00 "Best wishes and have fun on your run!"
Denise Erickson $50.00 "GOOOOO Janelle!!! You are such a WONDERFUL mother and person! Always thinking of others and doing the right thing. LOVE YOU ALL LOTS!!!"
Margie Whitis $50.00 "Keep working to find that cure! Your Dad is looking down with love and pride at the men you have become!"
Abbe Feitelberg $18.00 "Welcome to Team Challenge! I can explain the dollar when we say hi in person, but it's a good thing, promise."
David Hall $50.00 "Great job giving back to such a worthy cause!"
Linda Reabe Hidden "Go Heather!"
Scott Nelson $100.00 "Good Luck Tisha, that is quite the accomplishment. Don't think I could do that kind of run."
Wildtree with Paul and Becky Moos $641.00 "So excited to be able to donate from Janelle's Wildtree tasting party! Thanks to all those who will get to enjoy their amazing Wildtree food while being able to support Janelle's run! Good Luck!"
Brian Preti Hidden "Best of luck Gog! "
Tina Hobbs $25.00 "Rooting for ya!"
Belinda Taylor $50.00 "We are so proud of you and all you have accomplished in life. If you set your mind to it you can do anything. Don't let anything get in your way! Keep your head up and go, go , go! Uncle Ed and I wish you only the best in life."
kevin berg $500.00 "Francine, Fiona and Kevin wish you luck"
matt hays $100.00 "Good luck. I'm a co worker of Kevin's"
martin perez $100.00 "Keep up the good work. You're one of the good ones :)4"
Manoj Patel $50.00 "great cause, best of luck.."
Randall Green $50.00 "Good luck on the run!"
Suzanne Redman $50.00 "Great cause - Go Jason!!"
Marie Lauer $100.00 "Stacey: best of luck with the marathon. Crohns has affected our family too and I applaud you for taking this on. All the best to you and your wee mom. Xoxox Marie "
Jan & Bob Friesen $100.00 "Best to you with the run Stacey and also to your special mother. I also have a son-in-law with crohn's so I know how it can disrupt your life. Love Bob & Jan"
Tracy Melnyk $100.00 "Stacey - you continue to be AMAZING!!! Love EVERYTHING you stand for. So proud of you <3 xoxo"
Audrey Winograd $25.00 "Wishing you a great run for a great cause! You go girl!"
Stephanie Hughes $150.00 "You are an inspiration, Bret! I so much appreciate your commitment to this cause. Good luck on 52.4!"
Lisa Heitzmann $100.00 "Go Bret!! "
Lisa Mandal $50.00 "Love us some Royce's! Go Heather!!!!"
Gary Pitassi $250.00 "We are proud to support your run and this worthy event. We know you'll do great. Love, Gary and Kathy."
Elizabeth McEldowney $100.00 "Thanks for all you do."
Teresa Lyday-Selby $50.00 "Thanks Kerri! Great cause that is close to our hearts! "
Fangzhou Na $100.00 "We'll all cheer for you, Bret!"
Clint Yonkers $100.00 "Go get'em Bret"
Max Carroll $50.00 "Good luck man."
Roberta Keller $50.00 "Robert and Ryan, This is from our family and for Jan Waller, too. She always talked and was concerned about your dad's struggle. Steve has a relative who continues to deal with Chron's disease. Good luck to both of you!"
Eunice Murray $100.00 "This is personal donation to a Hero of mine. Go Barbara!!!!"
Cindy Clay $25.00 "I'm behind you 100%, Kerri! Thank you for doing this for a great cause!"
Xai Leggett $25.00 "Kerri, thank you for your contribution to this disease. It nearly killed my husband when it caused him to have stage 3 colon cancer. I hope one day they will find a cure. Bless you and all those who are affected by this terrible disease. "
Stacie de Jongh $25.00 "So proud of you for continuing to fight the good fight!!! CHEERS!!!!"
Larry / Karen Klone $100.00 "Hi Stacey, Hat's off for what you are doing for your Mom. We have known and been friends with your family for many years. We pray for both of you for healthy years ahead. Take care, Larry and Karen "
Paul Wetzel $125.00 "Cecilia Pius is a huge nerd."
Jean & Bob McCrossen $100.00 "Best of luck Barbara !"
Terri Donalds $100.00 "Dear Stacey We love and support your Mom and hope for her speedy recovery. Bravo to you for making a difference and supporting a worthy cause . We are with you all the way. Dave & Terri Donalds"
Karen Sehee Licari $50.00 "Thank you for doing this Sigal, for your brother and all of us who have suffered from this disease. I am proud of you for taking on this challenge for such a worthy cause. Karen"
denise zmolek $50.00 "go kerri!"
Lisa O'Shaughnessy $25.00 "You rock girl!"
Matthew Eberhart $25.00 "As someone who has gone through severe UC and has had the j-pouch surgery, I thought I would support your cause. Good luck! "
Calvin Stevens $50.00 "Kick some ass woman!"
Cindy Hanna $25.00 "Good luck, Kerri! :-)"
Jenn Sutton $13.00 "You go, girl! =) I'll support you and Sam! =)"
Paul Fein $50.00 "Good luck Heather, I know you will do great!"
Keri Garon $26.00 "$13 x 2 for you! You are an inspiration Tricia! Praying all your efforts pay off soon and there's a cure for Izzy."
Kim & Toby Katowitz $13.00 "Good luck and prayers."
Chris Kidwell $100.00 "Good luck in the run! We miss you guys!! The Kidwell's"
David Polansky $100.00 "The Crohn & Colitis Foundation is terrific. I have a son with Crohns and the C&CF supports and runs a youth camp in Georgia for kids who suffer. It helps them to realize they are not the only kid with this infliction. Gladly supporting your run! David"
Eileen Anderson $13.00 "Go Kerri Go Go Kerri be good wooohooo raise that money girl........."
Raquel Gutierrez $30.00 "Brent, Great luck on this endeavor! Here's to your new fit life. I am going to see if SLHI will match. Have a great weekend. -RDG"
Laurie Yocham $20.00 "Hi Kerri You are doing an amazing thing for alot of people! I am sorry it has taken so long to donate wish it could be more! Laurie :) "
Jim & Kathie & Kelly Ehrenreich $39.30 "Run Heather Run. :) "
Alice McGinley $25.00 "Go forth and kick butt! Then put $20 on the field for me!"
Gerri Tokar-Hines $50.00 "Go Angie, GO!! We all ??????you!!"
Gretchen Fauske Hidden "Angie, you're a rock star! "
John Smith $50.00 "Good Luck! "
Debbie Cason $100.00 "We are so proud of you! Love you - Mom & Dad"
jennifer cleckner $15.00 "Supporting Sam & Wishing you luck in the run!! Jenny Wehrle Cleckner & FAM"
Anne Henry $50.00 "LaLinda, hoping and praying for a cure! Love you!"
Hannah Medley $50.00 "You go, girl! So proud of you!"
Sheri Gerhardt $100.00 "Stacey... so proud of you and hold so much respect and appreciation for the bond you and your mom share. Love you girl! xoxo..."
Courtney Pals-Siebert Hidden "So proud of you Heather!!!! Best neighbors ever....Love you both:)"
Dinora Martinez $50.00 "Greg, you are an amazing dad and I wish you the best in the run. I am more than happy to support!! "
Elsie Jean Wallis $50.00 "Good for you, Stacey. And best wishes to your Mom."
George Gibson $100.00 "Good luck from George and Annie Gibson"
Debbie Young $100.00 "Greg - Good Luck with the Marathon! Great cause!"
Kathy Sauer $350.00 "eBay sales for CCFA!"
Ronnie Mitchell $50.00 "The White Leopard is proud to support you in this worthy cause. Run Jaybird Run!"
Michael Endres $100.00 "Great Job, Keep up the good work!"
Lindsay Maloan $25.00 "Run, Aunt V, Run! Love, Bennett, twin sisters, Lindsay, and Drake"
Judy Horned Hidden "Have a good time April and good luck. "
alyson hayes $100.00 "So proud to come and support you and what you are doing!!"
Amy Reid Hidden "Best of luck to you, April! Have fun at the race!!!"
Gabriela gonzales $50.00 "My Nephew's name is Alec. Thank you!:)"
Jonathan Allen $50.00 "Keven, Hope you have a great trip and run! Jonathan"
Susan Wickstrom $50.00 "Go Terryn Go!"
Kat Bukowy $50.00 "You're my hero! Thanks for always being an inspiration!"
Kathy Sauer $550.00 "eBay Sales!"
Steve Gennuso $100.00 "Best of Luck NELL! You can do it Sista!!"
Jeanette Lapehn Hidden "A worthy cause! Good luck to you and good health to your sister!"
Lulu Dennis $50.00 "Go Greg!!! xoxoxo to Emilia!"
Anonymous Hidden "Good luck, Kerri!"
steve bon $50.00 "I hope this helps. love steve & barb. see you for thanksgiving"
Magdalena Lind Hidden "Thank you for your continued support. We are all very proud of you."
Mike & Colleen Jones $100.00 "It's touching to see how you are working to make a better a future for Hunter. We are rooting for you. We are looking forward to seeing all of you at Thanksgiving. Love Mike & Colleen"
Mary Esquivel $25.00 "Janelle, I'll be thinking of you on this day as you run for a cause so close to your heart. "
Lisa and Greg Szutiak $100.00 "My mother has Crohns Disease and we too have experienced much challenge around these diseases and the toll they take on strong spirits and bodies. Thank you for doing this run and supporting this cause...It is one near and dear to my heart always! God Bless and may you and your mother continue your journeys of healing and reaching beyond the story of sickness and into the light and strength of the spirit!!"
Ward Carlson $50.00 "Good Luck Mrs. Nemo"
Carla Munger $50.00 "You rock, Kerrie!!"
Teresa Snyder $50.00 "Reflecting on your courage and grace...You Go Girl! Praying for a successful challenge and wishing you all of life's best always. -Teresa-"
Kylene Patterson $50.00 "I am so proud of all your accomplishments. You're strength and perseverance is such an inspiration to myself and others! Love you Love Ky and Mike "
Elizabeth Zapf $27.00 "Cheers to your & sister Nancy, you are a great brother! "
Tom Budd Hidden "Good Luck Ron."
Alex & Patty Funderburg $250.00 "Jason - Thanks for running in support of this important cause!"
Liss Schrager $50.00 "Good luck!! You inspire all of us. "
Jigna Patel $100.00 "Good luck on your 1st half marathon! Hope you enjoy it every step of the way :-) Jigna & Chris"
Chris and Lisa metcalfe $100.00 "We are so proud of you, Stac! You and your mom are an inspiration to us all! Hugs!"
Wade Burch $40.00 "Hello Bret I will be cheering for you What a great guy."
Sara Kaller $100.00 "You Rock, Cecilia!"
Ron & Carma Rittichier $100.00 "Jennifer Batt, you are an inspiration! God is Faithful!"
Rebecca Fish $25.00 "Run like the wind!"
Donna and Ed Turner $100.00 "Best Wishes and Good Luck in your run!!!"
Anne Ortiz $12.00 "GO ROCKY!! "
Heidi Hagen $50.00 "proud of you!"
Jason Day $50.00 "Good luck guys!!!515"
Kimberly Sivils $100.00 "sending my best wishes to your family!"
Carrie Worley $100.00 "Go Rocky go!!! & thank you for doing this!"
Stephanie Nicol $50.00 "You are a super star! God loves you so much and we do too!! Go get 'em Jen! Make us even more proud!!"
Ryan LeCluyse $20.00 "Run Heather, run!"
Nicole Vance Hidden "Jen, Thank you for sharing your story! God is certainly using you to spread His work. It's awesome that you are able to touch so many through your experiences. Marcus and Nicole"
Younghun Hwang $100.00 "Miss you, Sam. We will pray for you."
Paula Schofield $50.00 "Go Kerri Go !!!"
Lori Nettles $50.00 "You geaux girl!"
Christine Szarzynski $100.00 "Good luck!"
Jennifer Borsodi $150.00 "Good Luck, and have a blast in Vegas! I know you can reach your goal !"
Robert Chatfield $29.00 "Go get em Janelle. Very proud of you."
Donald Wachter $500.00 "At last!!!! Good Luck, Dear Love, Mom and Dad"
Jonathan Berger $100.00 "Bret, Thanks for your passion for helping those who struggle with Crohn's and Colitis. "
Kathy Sauer $350.00 "eBay Sales"
Anne Marie Schott Hidden "This is a very admirable thing you're doing, Ron. I know you'll do great and can't wait to hear all about it. Good luck!"
Cheryl Martin $25.00 "Happy Running Janelle, You have already surpassed your goal, good job! Love, Cheryl"
Edward Duerr $70.00 "Run, Keven, run! "
Jason/Gina DM Neuman Construction $100.00 "Go Tisha - good luck!! "
Jennifer O'Neill $75.00 "You are an amazing person Stacey...you inspire me a great deal!! "
Giuliana claps $50.00 "LOVE YA CECILIA !!! "
Kateri Wimsett $20.00 "Have a great race Katie!"
Thomas Hamilton $100.00 "Good Luck Both!"
Diana Harada $75.00 "You're inspiring! Best of luck."
Stan and Sherron Marshall $50.00 "Thanks for supporting such a good cause!"
Michelle Buell Hidden "We may not be right by your side the whole way this year, but we will be with you in spirit every step of the way. So proud of you and can't wait to see you cross the finish line! Love, your angles - Michelle and Brianne"
claudia toralez $50.00 "a great person fighting a great cause."
Kim Ply $50.00 "Run, Keven, Run! SimPly Fit supports you!"
Baron Sekiya $10.00 "Kick Crohn's ass...if Crohn were to have an ass."
Sandra B Carson $10.00 "Good luck, Jason."
nicole randall $50.00 "Go Tisha!"
david Tuhill $125.00 "Good luck cuz. We will be with you in spirit if not in body!"
Anonymous $30.00 "Good luck to you, Barb. Keep up the awesome work. Sincerely, An Old Friend :)"
Stephanie Joseph $50.00 "I'd wish you luck, but you won't need it!! Hope you have you blast!!"
Brian Lacher $250.00 "This is an excellent fundraising foundation that more people need to be aware of. I'm happy to be part of this great cause. Brian"
DJ Fauske $100.00 "Way to go, Boomer's mom!"
Christina Julia Walker $20.00 "Go Bhavini!!! :) "
Candace Gray Hidden "Good Luck Janelle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Kathy Sauer $225.00 "eBay Sales"
Kathy Sauer $150.00 "Scentsy Sales"
Brenda Gellately $50.00 "Go Stacey Go! I will cheer for you while I'm watching Jeff run in Vegas too! Good Luck Stacey The Gellately's"
Katie Marquette $25.00 "Woo Hoo! Kick some bootay!!!"
Steven Highfill $50.00 "Will give more for more pink boot pics. Great job Heather! You got this!"
Tanner Monje $20.00 "WOOHOO!!! YOU GOT THIS!"
Sharon & David Lowe $65.00 "Best of Luck to you Barbara!"
Linda and Mac McDonald $100.00 "Good luck Jason! We will be thinking about you. Love, All the McDonald's"
Jose Sanchez $50.00 "We love you!"
Rachel Simpson $25.00 "Thinking of you! Your going to do Great on the 16th!!! All the Best! J & R"
Cynthia Drozda $50.00 "Anytime your mother-in-law spoke to me about you, Janelle, it was with great pride! Here is another reason for all of your family to be so proud of you. God bless you. "
Janet Wolf $50.00 "Good Luck, Tisha!"
sandra macris $20.00 "for virtual run"
Taryn Burns Hidden "Way to go to my brothers. :)"
Jennifer Harding $50.00 "Good Luck Kate! We will be rooting for you!!!"
Wildtree with Paul and Becky Moos $150.00 "Congratulations and thanks to Tami and Stephanie for hosting a Wildtree Party to benefit Janelle and her run!!! So excited to donate additional money to help out a wonderful cause!!! Have fun!!!"
Chrystal Vines $20.00 "Vegas Virtual!"
Deb & Jon Bluemel $50.00 "We're rooting for you! Hugs to you all! :-)"
Beverly Frater $50.00 "Good luck, V, and have fun!"
Julia Powell $20.00 "Vegas Virtual!!!"
Michael Plouck $125.00 "Young Lady - you certainly have stepped forward and decided to do more than simply run 26.2 miles...look forward to meeting you one of these days."
Priyanka Patel $20.00 "Run like you're running away from mother after doing something stupid as a child. Run like you stole something. Run like you have a really bad wedgie in public, and the only way to get it out is to run a half-marathon."
Andrew Hickey $50.00 "Woot Woot!"
Travis Oliveira $75.00 "Don't trip :)"
Katherine Vancavage $25.00 "Holly -- so PROUD of you! Will be cheering you on every mile! "
Kathy Hammer $20.00 "Go Vegas Virtual sparkle skirt"
Yolanda Tankersley $25.00 "Sparkles!!!! Go Angie!!!! I'm super excited for you. "
Mike & Sharon Scranton $50.00 "This is awesome Holly...."
Audra Fladung $50.00 "You are an inspiration! "
Kelly Crabb $20.00 "thank you for supporting a cure for all of us suffering with these diseases. Virtual Run - sparkle skirt! #purpleproject www.kellyontherun.com"
Gina Gorski $20.00 "Virtual Vegas"
Kyle Sanders $5.00 "GO GIrL. "
Wade Burch $40.00 "I got you I have you covered thanks for looking out for me in the past hope to see you in the near future Your co-pilot Wade"
RHONDA PHIPPS $25.00 "Love you sweetness! Very proud of you!!!"
Traci Allen $50.00 "Go get 'em Jay!!!"
Samantha Andrews $100.00 "Wish I could have been there with you!! luv ya Bebe!!"
Sareena McKinnon $20.00 "Love you Sissie! Good luck!!"
Jalena & Jason Baumgardner $75.00 "Go Bret! You are doing an awesome job! Good luck this weekend!"
Carol Wilson $75.00 "Jen, it is my honor to sponsor you. Even though I have only know you for a year, you have taught me so much about strength. You are an amazingly Inspirational and Strong W-O-M-A-N that I am honored to now call my friend! I truly believe God handpicked you because he knew what a wonderful ambassador & blessing you would be to help others understand that you can go on and lead a normal healthly life. *Faith is looking at the impossible and knowing that God WILL NOT FAIL YOU!! Good Luck & Bountiful Blessings Jenny Girl, Carol "
Vy Allen $100.00 "Make sure your Uncle, James P, posts the results on his FB page!!"
Linda padgham $100.00 "I met Lesley when we were both in University of Alberta Hospital a year and a half ago. Since then, we've kept up contact. Lesley is a real inspiration for me, for anyone dealing with a serious medical problem and yet able to actually maintain that wonderful, positive spirit of her's. Ashley, that's a beautiful tribute to your Mom. You indeed are a special daughter for doing this fundraiser thing. "
Angela Cox $50.00 "Go get 'em April!"
Eric Jones Hidden "Good Luck!"
Cathy Williams $100.00 "Good luck Brett!!!"
Julie Payton $25.00 "Go Bret!!! You are truly an inspiration!!!!"
Sue Dunesby $32.00 "Thinking of you Stacey. love from Sue xx"
Meghan Demith $25.00 "RUN FOREST!!! "
Doreen WRIGHT $50.00 "Hope this helps Sweetie ... Love Moma"
Sheryl Terril $250.00 "Way to go Heather! Love, Mark & Sheryl Terril"
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