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UPS for DownS Half Marathon Team
2009 Rock 'n' Roll Chicago Half Marathon

On Sunday, August 2, 2009, the UPS for DownS Running Team will do the distance for Down syndrome at the first ever Rock 'n' Roll Chicago Half Marathon. We run in memory of Katie MacDonald and to continue her legacy of literacy for people with Down syndrome of all ages. For more information about the Katie MacDonald Literacy Project, CLICK HERE.

UPS for DownS is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

For additional information, contact us at 847-895-2100 or marathon@upsfordowns.org.

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Total donations: $16,400

Goal: $10,000

$0 164% $10,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Mike Urban $50.00 "Best of luck Esther!"
Aaron Goldberg $100.00 "My sister Danielle had down's syndrome as well. I share your experiences growing up."
Jackie Roberts $20.00 "Good Luck Sharon"
Erin Moloney $30.00 "GO REBECA! Wishing you a beautiful race and lots of luck fundraising. Thinking of you!"
Meg Burns $13.10 "Go Rebeca!"
Michele Ulbrich $20.00 ""Just keep running, just keep running...""
Christine Zelenka Hidden "Go Rebeca! "
Matthew Smith $25.00 "Good luck with the training!!!"
Sha Grogan-Brown $13.10 "Miss you, friend! Mucha suerte! Te quiero un monton."
Mandi Barlag $10.00 "Can't wait Tricia! We're gonna do great! :-) Chicago, here we come! -Mandi"
Kim Boven $30.00 "Go Sami! You've come a long way from smoking cigs!"
Kim Boven $30.00 "Go you athlete, you! "
Kathy Wood $100.00 "Good Luck Tricia and you are doing a wonderful thing for those kids."
Lori Fernald Khamala $30.00 "Hi Rebeca, Good luck in the race! I'm making this donation in honor of Erin Gilmore, one of my very best friends that I grew up with, who has Downs Syndrome and also in honor of you and Emma. Lots of love to you. I miss you. Love, Lori & Imani"
Frances Orlando $20.00 "Hi Sami, Hope this helps ... what a great cause :) Good Luck ... all the way cuz!!"
Sharon Slover $100.00 "In Memory of Nate"
Ricky Phipps $50.00 "The best of luck to you!"
Jodi Kunz $20.00 "Way to go Kel! What a great charity to raise money for!!! Best of luck to you!!"
Rebecca Keaster Hidden "Good Luck, Kelly! Ben and Marie lived through a half marathon. Marie said she would do it again. Ben said he would go and take the camera."
Jerry Nowlin $100.00 "I'm so glad you didn't ask me to run! Love...Dad"
Lindsay Smith Hidden "Way to make a difference Kelly!"
Karan Keaster Hidden "You go, girl. What a great reason to run! Good luck."
Kristi Conover Hidden "This is awesome Sami!! Hope to see you when you are in Chi-town!"
Kristi Conover Hidden "Go Destiny! Hope to see you when you are in Chi-town!"
Mom & Tim Schaper Hidden "God has blessed us with a child with Down Syndrome but often we don't know the trials and tribulations her abilities cause her parents but please know we pray for you all often that God will bless you with patience. She is a daily reminder to look for the good in everything. The gift of Anna should help all of us and others to look at the happiness she has for simple wonders and the fact that she will always remain happy throughout her life. What an example she is to us all. Because you her parents NEVER give up, although life can be trying at times, you are a wonderful example to the rest of the world the blessings of never quiting. "
Chris Ward $20.00 "Congratulations on your accomplishments - you're an inspiration to me!"
Ben and Dora Saucedo $25.00 "Sami-We are so proud of you and the cause that you are running for. It is dear to our hearts. Thanks in advance for the great race we know you will do! Love you."
Bob McKee $25.00 "Great job Sami! I hope you finish without injury. Best wishes to Destiny as well! Bob "
johanne frost Hidden "Good Luck!"
William Schellin Hidden "That day, for no particular reason, I decided to go for a little run. So I ran to the end of the road. And when I got there, I thought maybe I'd run to the end of town. And when I got there, I thought maybe I'd just run across Greenbow County. And I figured, since I run this far, maybe I'd just run across the great state of Alabama. And that's what I did. I ran clear across Alabama. For no particular reason I just kept on going. I ran clear to the ocean. And when I got there, I figured, since I'd gone this far, I might as well turn around, just keep on going. When I got to another ocean, I figured, since I'd gone this far, I might as well just turn back, keep right on going. - Forrest Gump ...Classic"
Courtney Miget $25.00 "Go MAC!"
Kerry B Hasbrook $30.00 "RUN CATHY RUN!! what a great thing all the way around:)"
Rebecca Carlson $50.00 "Sami, Try NOT to break a leg!"
ALMA & CARL SHOEMAKER Hidden "Good Luck Kiddo! Sure Lov Ya!"
Peter Avazis Hidden "GO PAUL!"
Julie Branch $25.00 "Have a good run Paul!"
John Smith $50.00 "KWR, you are my running princess !!!"
Dan Friel $100.00 "Go get em, Stroker. FNA!"
James Ferriero $25.00 "Go Paul Go!!!!"
Sam and Elizabeth Rizzuto $25.00 "Go Daddy!!!!!!!!!!"
Lindsay Weisker $13.10 "Good Luck Tricia! I'm sure you will do great :)"
Sharon Slover $50.00 "Run Mama Run -- Mr. Peepers"
Bonnie Abraham $50.00 "I'm so proud of you, this takes lots of effort! Way to go Cathy! XOXO, Bernie"
Karen MacQueen $20.00 "Keep moving your legs!"
Kachardra Meredith Hidden "Great cause! See you at the race. "
maureen plummer $25.00 "Getting fit for a good cause.....everyone wins! Good Luck. X"
Anna Inabinet $30.00 "Way to go, Archibalds!! Rock (and roll) on (:"
Maidie D'Arienzo $26.20 "We are very proud of you and Mark. Love, Grandma Maidie and Grandpa Fudge"
James Hartrich $50.00 "Good luck McKenzie. Jim and Deb Hartrich"
Kristi MacKenzie Hidden "I would've donated more but I had to spend it on printing off this picture to frame. Mac"
Anonymous $500.00 "I hope everything goes well with your run"
Jim & Brigid Brooks $50.00 "Good Luck Ellen. We're very proud of you!"
Sir Henry Ocho Al Jallad $13.10 "Dear Mom-I am so glad that you are running this race in Chicago. But I really need to tell you that I miss you and Dad when you are out running. You always come back but I miss you when you are gone. I know this is for something real good but I still miss you. I know I can't run with you but I would if I could for this important cause. Please think of me when you are running and run back to me as soon as you can. I love you and you are the GREATEST MOM in the whole wide world. Henna the baby! But I am growing up real fast so you and Dad won't be able to call me baby too much longer. I Love you :) P.S. I wish I could give you more but you need to increase my allowance first okay."
Joe & Yara Conway $30.00 "Way to go Gwen and Mark! You two are awesome! Keep up the great work!"
Jessica Lewis $20.00 "Good Luck Kelly - We love that you chose to support DS Let us know how you do! The Lewis Family Bill, Jessica, Madison & Rylee "
Michelle Ragsdale $20.00 "I support you and the cause...bring it home to the finish line! Michelle Ragsdale "
colette flanagan $50.00 "Go Ellen!"
Julie Petertil $25.00 "Good Luck Ellen!!!"
Henry Flanagan $13.10 "Good luck Ellen!"
Lauren Hepner $13.10 "Good Luck, Ellen!"
Sarah Goldberg $13.10 "I'm sorry I can't give more--kind of hard with no income right now. Best of luck! It's a great cause."
Richard Meisler $50.00 "Bravo."
Julie Piacentine $13.10 "A great cause! Yay!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Emily, I'm a friend of the Schellin family and wanted to support you and all your hard work! I've been running since 1974...keep running!"
Cyrus Davoudi Hidden "Good luck April!"
Marjory McMahon $25.00 "woohoo run fast ellen"
Kirsten Schatz $35.00 "Goooo, April!"
Katie & James Rosensteele $50.00 "Go Apes! Yes you can!"
Laura Cullen $13.10 "What a great cause! We're all very proud of you."
Kelly McMahon $50.00 "GOOD LUCK ELLEN!!! I am doing the breast cancer 5K in September I know it's not the same but it's something. Kelly"
Carin Moore $13.10 "Good Luck girl. Maybe someday I will run one with you."
Roland Gomez $20.00 "You go get it!!!"
Gretchen Clark $13.10 "Good Luck, Tricia!"
Peggy Daub $25.00 "What a great cause! Good luck -- I'm a colleague of Emily's and rooting for you and Teddy!"
Mary Meredith Hidden "Go, Laird!"
Jennifer Carlson $20.00 "You go girl!!!! You inspire me : )"
George Friedland $100.00 "Thanks for the chance to help out. Love, Uncle Buzzy"
Beth & Evan Wallach $50.00 "Hi Donna, We'll be rooting for you from the New York sidelines all the way to the finish line! We're all so proud of you. Love, Beth, Evan, Dan & Hayley"
Mary Schindler $13.10 "good luck ellen! this is such a good cause. p.s. i'm in awe already. 9 miles? yup, awesome. "
John Maley $10.00 "Wear proper running shoes and get good rest. Good Luck and thank you. "
John Butts $50.00 "Great website! Good luck in the run!"
RONALD PARENTI $100.00 "Run, Run, Forest Behnke Mercury Ron."
donna gibbons $25.00 "what a mug! who could deny that face some support? "
Lajuan Wade $25.00 "God speed!"
Annabelle Annabelle Hidden "Roll Away The Dew!"
Jennifer Robson $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Gerry Hofflander $50.00 "What a wonderful thing you are doing!! I'm very proud and grateful. Love, GG"
Diane Ross $25.00 "Go, Chris!"
Elizabeth Czerepak $10.00 "Lookin good, go for it!"
Chris Rufener $50.00 "Good Luck Girly"
barbara kroschel $25.00 "Have a great run, you have all our support."
gina quatrochi $100.00 "YOU GO GIRL !!!!!!!!!!!!! YEA .......... DONNA ******* LOVE YOU, GINA (MIKE, TOO ) ;)"
Savontaye Brantley $15.00 "Good Luck Chris!!"
luisa fairborne $50.00 "Go for it! I'm running with you in spirit."
Jana Schreuder $210.00 "Have a good run for a great cause"
Kate Rataj $30.00 "Run Cathy run. To run is fun! (and for a great cause)"
Cheryl Nadelhoffer $50.00 "Chris - you are truly an amazing woman!"
Courtney Basiorka $30.00 "Chris and I wish you a fast run and great weather! "
michaela conway $30.00 "Well done, see you at the finish line, love Mum and Dad"
Suzanne Clair $25.00 "Run with a smile to match Sean's. Blessings, Sue :)"
Yvonne Stancil $10.00 "Good Luck!!!!"
Jim Hogan $210.00 "Dave, You will do fine. Jim"
Lisa Nora $50.00 "Donna- You are a great inspiration to all! What a wonderful person you are, and what a wonderful cause you are running for! You will be cheering you on! Vince & Lisa Nora & Family "
Mary Vizcarra $35.00 "I'm so proud of you and the cause you decided to run for!! Love you"
Sarah Ebel $25.00 "Go Jennifer! You're awesome!!"
Helen Harper $50.00 "You go guy's, I am so proud of you! "
Adriana & Dave Spellman $100.00 "Donna, Good luck with your first half marathon. Dave and Adriana"
Tracy Roller $20.00 "Good Luck Tricia!!! You're awesome!!"
Marie Anuta $25.00 "Congratulations in advance. I am excited to see you involved in such a worthy cause. Best of luck on race day! Marie"
Michele Young $50.00 "Cathy: I hope you guys have a great run! Great cause! Thanks, Michele "
Bonnie Abraham $50.00 "You're always amazing!"
Carrie Coonce $25.00 "Good Luck Chris...I'll be thinking of you and Lindsey"
Bill & Kelley Gries $25.00 "We will be cheering for you! You have worked so hard. Have a great run for a great cause. Also, Rock n' Roll in Chicago! The Gries Family"
Inge Lund $50.00 "Best of Luck, Donna! I look forward to running with you on your next half! Inge"
Mary Anne Calvello $50.00 "You go BFF. We will be waiting for you at the finish line. Love ya, John and Mare"
gina quatrochi $50.00 "So happy to support you and Donna on your quest to run the half marathon and raise money and awareness for your chosen charity. I know you will both finish with flying colors !!! Gina"
Bonnie Heneks $5.00 "Have a good race Laird!"
Corine Brown $5.00 "May God continue to bless you!"
Creig da barber $5.00 "Go get 'em big fella! It's a good cause."
Sheldon Buddah $5.00 "go get 'em big fella! Good luck."
Kevin and Marla White $25.00 "Good luck we will be rooting you on!!"
Kevin and Marla White $25.00 "Have a great time, we will be there rooting you on!!"
Erica Smith $25.00 "Have a great run Ky & Tom! We can't wait to see you after the finish line! Love, Erica & Dan"
Cynthia McAndrew $50.00 "Good luck!!"
Dave Wilson $20.00 "Tree... your a running fool!"
Lisa Powers $10.00 "Good luck and enjoy the view of one of my favorite cities! "
Mary Kate Rizzuto $25.00 "You're the best uncle Paul! !! xoxo Mary Kate"
Kimberly Oesterreich $20.00 "Good Luck!!! We're SO proud of you both"
Yvette Brown Hidden "Hello Laird, It was wonderful to see you as well. I had just written the address down to drop a check in the mail. This is a bit more convenient. Thank you. I hope this can help bridge the gap in your goal. What your doing is a great thing. A side from this, as I mentioned to you, I'd like to begin to train. Hit me again on my email if you can lead me in the right direction. Best regards, Yvette(Rhonda)"
Susan Hofflander $50.00 "Love you guys!!!!! "
Prasad Rallapalli $25.00 "Way to go, Krishna!"
Gwendolyn Brooks $20.00 "Good Luck El! Break an ankle!"
Arun Murthy $20.00 "Good luck! Krishna."
Valerie Miller $25.00 "Awesome:)"
teri and tim gigot $50.00 "Way to go Donna!!"
Deirdre Kosmin $50.00 "Way to Go!!"
Emily Campbell $50.00 "Thanks Ellen- you're amazing!"
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